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Update for Readers

Issue 2/2015

An update for lovers of contemporary fiction from author Dave Cornford.
Flash Fiction February

The best ideas are crazy ones.

As I outlined in my February newsletter, I wrote a flash fiction piece every day in February. I also recorded a reading of each one for the Live-Fiction podcast, which was updated daily as well. Each piece was under 150 words, and was inspired by three “things” contributed by readers.

Check out the blog for the daily stories, or subscribe to the podcast and binge listen to some free audio. Or buy the book . . 

New Release

The writing is done and so the book is out! Thanks to those who contributed a set of "three things".  Launch Special JUST $0.99c

Flash Fiction Written Live

One very short story per day for a month

Three things. 150 words. 28 Days. This is the challenge I undertook in February 2015 - to write a very short story every day for a month, each story based on “three things” provided by someone else (a family member, a friend, a reader, a twitter follower). How short? Each story was subject to a strict upper word limit of 150 words.

Enjoy the crazy world that comes from the imaginations of the people who contributed their Three Things - even those who went for double-barrelled things, or tried to slip verbs in.

Flash Fiction Live is a fast-paced read that will delight and surprise.


Here's one of the stories. Thanks to Gillian Profaca for these three words: petrol, cattle, barbie dolls.


The road was flat and wide and straight.
The drone of the tyres.
The hum of the engine.
The whistle of the wind around the battered edges of the car.

The grassland was dotted with desperate trees crouching into the ground to avoid the sun. Hungry cattle huddled in the meagre shade.
The engine gave up first. It had sucked the last of the petrol from the tank and spluttered to a halt with thirst.
He pushed in the clutch and let the car drift on as far as it could. The sound changed as the wheels moved onto the road-side gravel and crackled to a halt.
“What’s happening, Daddy?”
“We’re just having a little stop, hun.”
“Does Barbie need to go to the toilet?”
“Off course not, Daddy.”
“Do you?”
She looked out the window.
“No, I don’t think so.”
His white knuckles clutched the wheel.
“That’s good.”

Off The Reading Pile
I confess to running out of steam reading The Dream Engine by Sean Platt and Johnny B Truant. It's kinda steam punk, it's kinda YA, kinda slow. I am currently enjoying The Frood, a biography of Douglas Adams. I was going to reread The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, but someone has my copy! 

What were your favourite books from your recent reading? Let me know and we can share the recommendations around.
Book Club Ideas
Lots of people are in book clubs and enjoy the discipline of the deadline to encourage them to read more fiction. Here are a few great books for your book club, if you're looking for suggestions.
  • Gone Girl
  • The Book Thief
  • The Help
  • The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
  • The Kite Runner
Just google the book name and "book club" together and you'll find some discussion questions to help you on the night.

There are also a few possibilities from among my portfolio that might work well for your book club.
  • Warm Honey. A family saga set under the blistering Perth sun. (60,000 words)
  • The Queensberry Rule. A thriller about how far a man will go for justice.(60,000 words)
  • Seven Deadlies. Seven novellas, each drawing on one of the Seven Deadly Sins for its theme.(70,000 words)
  • Guys Can Read. Eight novellas and short stories that might be assumed to be slanted towards a male reader.(60,000 words)
All are available as ebooks for kindle and kindle apple for ipad, iphone and android. The Queensberry Rule is also available in paperback, while Warm Honey and Guys Can Read are available as free audiobooks on itunes. Details of all the books here, and discussion questions available for all books on request.

If you're in Sydney, I'd love to come along to the discussion night for one of my books. I've done it once, and it was great fun.
Free Book Offer - Reviews

If you like reading - why not write a review of one of my books that you've read? There's a free follow up review copy of another title waiting for you. Details here

Happy Reading!

Next issue: First Wednesday of April, or there abouts.
Copyright © 2015 Dave Cornford, All rights reserved.

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