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June 2015: Celebrating 41 Years of PNASD
The Heritage: PNASD Newsletter                                                                
Newsletter Editor: LTJG Trishia Carinio, NC, USN
If you have any interesting PNASD events/activities that you would like to be included in our future newsletter issues, please send articles with pictures with “The Heritage” or “PNASD Newsletter” in the subject line to Trishia (, Marlon (, and our President, Maria Luisa (Merlie) Ramira (  
Maraming Salamat!
Featured Articles
  • Unveiling of the New PNASD Logo
  • Dream Come True for One PNASD Member
  • PNASD Celebrates 41st Anniversary
  • PNASD Souvenir Program 
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Past Events
  • Mabuhay Festival
  • Balboa Park Centennial
Upcoming Events
  • 41st Mira Mesa Fourth of July Family Fun Day in the Park
  • 36th PNAA Annual National Convention
    July 22-26 at Hilton Hawaiian Village
  • San Diego County 6th Annual Disaster Preparedness Partnership Conference Community Partners Innovative Programs and Support in Disaster
    July 8 from 9am-4:00pm
    Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla
  • San Diego Black  Nurses Association, Health Expo
    August 22
  • 10th PNAA International Nursing Conference
    January 26-30, 2016 at Diamond Hotel, Philippines
  • More events and information to come
Unveiling of the New PNASD Logo
To commemorate our 41st year anniversary, we are proud to officially unveil the new logo of the Philippine Nurses Association of San Diego County Inc. Ms. Chona Lutap, Chair of the Board of Directors led the unveiling of the new logo during the Scholarship Awards gala event. This new logo took more than 3 years of hard work of our members from our late past President, Erlinda Ortin, immediate past President, Marlon Saria, and now Dr. Ramira. The conceptual vision was to create a logo that reflects our inclusiveness and embracing the unique diversity of our members.
As we open our doors to all nurses, we also promote the mission, vision and goals of the organization in making PNASD visible and relevant to our community. We would like to thank the President of Greater Sacramento, Mr. Al Espinas, who designed our new logo. This logo represents an opportunity to update and modernize our branding, in a way that builds on our organization’s formidable past, identifies our current, and future priorities.
We thank our past leaders because without their commitment and resiliency, PNASD will not be strong, and effective organization as we are today.
We also thank our members and officers who collaborated in designing the new logo. We truly appreciate your fervent involvement and are looking forward for more interpersonal and global alliance in the future.
A Dream Come True for One PNASD Member
Lourdes E. DePerio MSN, RN
Lynette Bautista, a nurse who graduated from the Philippine Women’s University, came to the United States with a big dream of becoming licensed as a registered nurse. And a dream came true indeed for her after passing her California National Council of Licensing Examination (NCLEX) last June 9, 2015. The Philippine Nurses Association of San Diego (PNASD) is very proud to be a part of her journey to success.

Lynette attributed this through determination, persistence, patience and with a goal in mind…”I will pass the NCLEX”. Her experience to get to this milestone of her life was not without challenges. After filing the application to take the NCLEX, she was denied to take the test due to courses taken in the Philippines did not show concurrency of theory with the clinical practice. She was advised by the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) to take the Medical-Surgical and Obstetric Nursing theory and clinical in any approved nursing program in California to comply with the BRN’s regulation. She began her search for programs to provide her with these courses. She completed her Obstetric nursing course in Los Angeles and proceeded on to commute from San Diego to Fresno to get enrolled in the Medical Surgical nursing course under the recommendation of Nancy Hoff, President PNA Central California, who at the time has a group of Filipino nurses taking Medical Surgical Nursing course to comply with the concurrency regulation . Ms. Hoff, member of the Philippine Nurses Association of America (PNAA) Task Force on the concurrency issue had been working with the California BRN and Philippines Commission of Higher Education (CHED). During the PNAA National Convention in Las Vegas, I had the chance to discuss this issue with Nancy Hoff and she indicated that she has Lynette in her group who is from San Diego and is enrolled in Fresno, a long commute for her.
Lynette was introduced to me and to PNASD. Dr Merlie Ramira, PNASD President and I had long discussions about how PNASD can assist these nurses. We met with Ms. Cathy McJannet, Director of Nursing and Health Occupations Program at Southwestern College in San Diego and presented our proposal to take Lynette in the Medical Surgical nursing course in the Fall Semester 2014. Ms. McJannet readily accepted our proposal and Lynette began her course. Getting acclimated to the Western academia wasn’t easy for her but Lynette was determined to succeed. She passed her course and began her extensive review using all the recommended resources. Lynette states that this a life changing experience for her and her family and expressed her gratitude to PNASD, Nancy Hoff from PNAA concurrency task force, Southwestern College and her family who had been supportive throughout this exciting journey.
(L-R – Dr. Merlie Ramira, Lynnette Bautista, Lourdes Deperio, Zaydie Feria)
PNASD extends its warm congratulations to Lynette and wished her more opportunities to enjoy the life of being a nurse in the United States.
The concurrency of Medical Surgical and Obstetric Nursing theory and clinical practicum had been a big issue for some Philippine nursing graduates. BRN regulation requires all NCLEX candidates to show in their college transcripts concurrency of theory and clinical practice in their nursing courses. Most candidates did not show evidence of the concurrency of medical-surgical and obstetric nursing theory and clinical, thus were denied to take the NCLEX until these requirements are fulfilled.

Several inquiries from Filipino nurses having these issue contacted PNAA and the discussion began.  Last December 13, 2012, Philippine Nurses Association of America (PNAA) through the PNAA Human Rights Committee arranged a joint meeting with the Philippines Commission on Higher Education (CHED) representative and the California BRN to discuss this issue. PNAA issued a position statement to support the BRN regulation to support the BRN’s regulatory requirement (read PNAA Position Statement at website).

PNASD also began to receive inquiries locally as to how our organizations can help these candidates. Several PNASD members met with the Director of Nursing at San Diego City College on this issue. As questions from these foreign nurses continue to arise, Dr Merlie Ramira and myself met with Cathy McJannet, Director of Nursing and Health Occupations Programs at Southwestern College in San Diego and presented the issue that foreign nurses are experiencing. Ms. McJannet readily accepted our proposal and accepted Lynette in the Med Surgical nursing course scheduled last Fall 2014. We were very grateful to Ms. McJannet for this opportunity to help one of our very own become successful.

On June 4, 2015, PNASD members attended the meeting of the California BRN Board of Directors in San Diego. Michael Jackson, BRN Board Member expressed the Board’s frustration of not receiving any communication from the Philippines Commission of Higher Education (CHED) which regulates the different consumer affairs in the country including concurrency issues.

(L-R: Chona Lutap, Lourdes Deperio, Vivian Sanderlin, Cynthia Klein –BRN Board Member, Merlie Ramira, Nio Noveno, Emeline Yabut)

At the meeting, Dr Merlie Ramira, President of PNASD, delivered a statement to the Board members supporting BRN’s concurrency requirement and will continue to provide resources for foreign nurses seeking approval to take the NCLEX. A group of members, Vivian Sanderlin (PNASD President elect), Chona Lutap (PNASD Chair of the Board), Emeline Yabut, Nio Noveno and Lourdes DePerio also attended the meeting. It was a great meeting with the President of the BRN and their Board Members and a great opportunity for PNASD to understand the various regulatory requirements of nursing practice
PNASD Celebrates 41st Anniversary, Scholarship, and Excellence Awards
Merlie Ramira, DNP, FNP-BC, CEN
On June 20th, 2015, the Philippine Nurses Association of San Diego (PNASD), Incorporated celebrated its 41st Anniversary, Scholarship and Excellence Awards at Sheraton Hotel Mission Valley, San Diego, CA. Vivian Sanderlin, President-Elect chaired the successful event. The program was started with Ms. Abigail Narisma Estabillo singing the US and Philippine National Anthem, followed by invocation provided by Deacon Manny Porciuncula. Dr. Merlie Ramira, PNASD President shared her message with emphasis on leadership diversity and inclusiveness and the importance of being involved with PNASD’s outreach community projects, educational initiatives, leadership and scholarship programs. She further added the importance of keeping the organization visible and relevant to the evolving needs of its members and the community. Benita “Beets” Valle, President PNA Riverside Southern Riverside sub-chapter introduced her officers and members.
Chona Lutap, Chair of Board of Directors unveiled the new PNASD logo assisted by Dr. Merlie Ramira. The new logo reflects our inclusiveness embracing the unique diversity of our members. The logo will provide an opportunity to update and modernize our branding in a way that builds on our organization’s formidable past and identifies our current and future priorities. Mr. Al Espinas, President PNA Greater Sacramento was also recognized for designing the new logo. Guest speaker, Ms. Mindy Ofiana, PNAA Regional Vice-President of Western Region greeted everyone with her message of the common vision of “Lead, Empower, Transform, Let’s Do It”  under the 18th PNAA President, Dr. Leticia Hermosa as we face with the challenges and complexities facing our organization. Philippine Honorary Consul of San Diego, Atty. Audie J. de Castro recognized PNASD for its contributions to the community and to the nursing profession.
Opportunity drawing portion obtained a tremendous participation from the attendees, all were inspired to win that “special item.” The PNAA Executive Board Members, Mila Velasquez, current President of National Coalition of Ethnic Minority Nurse Associations (NCEMNA) and PNAA Past President, Vickie Berbano and Dr. Maria Gonzales, PNAA Board Member, By-Laws Committee were also in attendance. Ms. Josie Villanueva, PNAA past Regional Vice-President, Western Region also attended the event. Ms. Fem Ramirez, founding President of PNASD was also present.
The highlights of the evening were the presentation of the awards to nursing student scholars and the nursing excellence.  The scholars were as follows: Amelia Buenvenida – MSN, FNP Program United States University; Arianna Vargas – ADN Program, Southwestern College; Derek Velasquez – ADN Program Southwestern College; Diana Pineda - MSN Program, University of San Diego; Christine Eser – ADN Program, Southwestern College; Virginia Aguayo – MSN Program, University of San Diego; Ryan Leo Flores – MSN Program, Azusa Pacific University; Maricel dela Cruz – MSN, FNP Program, United States University; Mollie Nunn - BSN Program, Boise State University; Opal Ragucos- MSN Program, Azusa Pacific University.
The Nursing excellence awards were also awarded to the following: Clinical Nurse of the Year – Maria Luisa “Marisa” Dunn, BSN, CCRC from VA San Diego, Health System; Trishia P. Carinio, BSN, RN from Naval Medical Center San Diego. For the Advance Practice Nurse, the award was given to Cynthia “Cindy” Caluza, MSN, FNP from Veteran’s Home of Chula Vista; Nurse Entrepreneur award was presented to Mari Des Cid, MSN, PCCN, CNL from Rejuvenate Hospice Care; Angela Oh, BSN, RN from Department of Health Care Services, Mariagida Mamaril, AS Nursing, BSHA, MASM from Naval Aviation Enterprise, United States Navy, and Dorothy Macavinta, BSN, BC from UCSD were awarded the Administrators of the Year. Mayor Faulconer’s office presented the award recipients with certificates of recognition. Ms. Lynnette Bautista, PNASD concurrency issue, foreign graduate nurse passed her California National Council of Licensing Examination (NCLEX) last June 9, 2015 was also recognized. Congratulations Lynnette! PNASD is so proud of you!
The surprise number of the program was the dance of the R and L Dance Group with members of PNASD, “Lawiswis Kawayan and Tinikling.”Attendees participated in learning how to dance Tinikling, the Philippine National Dance and line dancing as taught by the dance group. The event was hosted by Mr. Jay Larrosa, and Flordelis Delacruz. Photographers were Bob and Dorothy Brown. Jose Samson and Trishia Carinio were in charged with the Audio-visual. The music was provided by DJ Renato Dizon. Everyone had a great time in dancing, networking, camaraderie and picture taking. A big thank you to the PNASD Gala event Steering Committee for a job well done! Thank you to all our corporate sponsors and donors for your continued support to PNASD and its mission, vision and goals. for supporting PNASD: UCSD, Prime Health Care Paradise Valley Hospital, United States University, Sharp Health Care, Kaiser Permanente, Scripps Health, Rady’s Children Hospital, Mr. and Mrs. Manny Porciuncula, William and Alicia Flores Family Scholarship Fund, and Mercedes Benz of El Cajon! We will see you next year, June 2016! More power to PNASD! Mabuhay!

Pictures courtesy of Photographybydori (Dorothy Brown)
Past Events
2015 Balboa Park Centennial Philippine American Celebration
Vivian Sanderlin and excerpts from UT June 7, 2015
The Philippine Nurses Association of San Diego was one of the Filipino-American organizations that contributed offstage during the Balboa Park’s Centennial celebration last June 5, 6 and 7, 2015. PNASD nurses and volunteers participated during the 3-day event rendering first aid, blood pressure screening and health education to the public who attended the celebration. Nearly two years ago, then acting Mayor Todd Gloria proposed a Filipino Cultural Fest as part of the park’s centennial celebration. While plans of an elaborate yearlong bash collapsed, representatives from 10 Filipino organizations pressed on. The result was one of the largest ethnic groups - 182,248 Filipinos in San Diego County hosted one of its largest celebrations. The event marked the 117th anniversary of the Philippine Independence from Spain. Among those who participated in the Filipino Cultural festival were headline singer and actor Martin Nievera, American idol finalist Jessica Sanchez, fellow Idol contestant Marvin Calderon Jr., the Philippine Performing Arts Company, and dozens of other performers, musicians, dancers and comedians. They performed at the Organ Pavilion area or at the House of Philippine Lawn. It celebrated the entire Filipino Community of San Diego and the first time we had this kind of celebration. This is the first time PNASD was asked to participate as a First Aid Center and PNASD shines once again by helping out in the community.

(Pictures – PNASD Officers, Members and Volunteers)
Mabuhay Festival
June 13, 2015
Kimball Park, National City, CA
The Mabuhay Festival took place June 13, 2015 at Kimball Park in National City, CA. The theme of the event is Honoring Philippine Independence, “People Helping People”. The festival included various events, awards and cultural performances with over 5,000 spectators. It was participated by business groups, civic organizations, local government, educational institutions and agencies and non-profit organizations. The event was well attended by Filipinos and other ethnic groups of the community.
The Philippine Nurses Association of San Diego, Incorporated participated as a First Aid Station, Blood Pressure screening booth and provided health education to individuals. There were over 100 blood pressure readings done by PNASD volunteer nurses that day.
Picture: L-R: Genaro Falaminiano, Belzhar Ramos, Cris Ramos, Cinthya Perez, Vivian Sanderlin, B. Halstead-Togwell
Upcoming Events

Mira Mesa 4th of July Parade and Family Fun Day in the Park 2015

This 4th of July, PNASD will be at Mira Mesa Park manning the First Aid Booth between 9:00 AM until 9:30 PM. This event is a family fun day with fireworks to be displayed at night. We will be performing blood pressure screenings and need to be ready for possible minor injuries.

If you are interested in volunteering or know of potential volunteers, please contact Cris Ramos at


The Mira Mesa Town Council is honored to once again present the annual Mira Mesa 4th of July Parade and Family Fun Day in the Park.  This 41 year tradition allows Mira Mesa to come together in celebration of Independence Day and our rich and diverse community.

The day begins at 8 am with a Pancake Breakfast at the Epicentre, hosted by the Black Mountain Masonic Lodge.  Family Fun Day in the Park opens at 11 am with carnival rides, food vendors, and entertainment.  The annual 4th of July Parade steps off at 11:30 am from the corner of Mira Mesa Blvd and Greenford Drive, traveling down Mira Mesa Blvd to Camino Ruiz.  Family Fun Day continues until 9 pm, and the Park provides a front row seat for the Fireworks Extravaganza.  The annual fireworks are produced by Scripps Mesa Fireworks.

San Diego County 6th Annual Disaster Preparedness Partnership Conference
Community Partners Innovative Programs and Support in Disaster

Hosted by
Scripps Health, Kaiser Permanente, Sharp Healthcare
UC San Diego Health System , Palomar Health
July 8, 2015 9am-4:00pm
Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla, Schaetzel Center Shepherd Great Hall
Registration was June 26, but it is NOT too late attend this conference.
If called, they are likely to accommodate. For more information, please click on the following links:
DPP Conference 2015 Flyer
DPP Conference2015_ Agenda
Philippine Nurses Association of America, Inc. (PNAA)

National Convention_Sponsor_Letter_2015.pdf
Convention Brochure


36th PNAA Annual National Convention, July 22-26, 2015 @ Hilton Hawaiian Village, Honololu, Hawaii. Please register by June 15, 2015. Visit for information.

The nomination for the PNAA Nurse Excellence Award is now open. A new award category was created: Perpetual PNAA Award to a member who had made an indelible contribution or outstanding achievement  to PNAA. Here are the related links:
PNAA Nursing Excellence Award Nomination form
PNAA Nursing Excellence Awards Timeline
PNAA Awards Committee Scoring Tool

Tina Salvador, the Immediate Past President of Hawaii would like to find out from our chapter who will be attending the conference, the date that you will be arriving and departing, if you will stay at Hilton Hawaiian Village or other hotels, or if you are celebrating your wedding anniversary. Please let our President, Merlie Ramira ( know as soon as you can. Please share this information to other members.
The 10th PNAA International Nursing

Conference in cooperation with  the Philippine Nurses Association, Inc. and
Association of  Deans of Philippine Colleges of Nursing, Inc. -Lead Empower and Transform-Let’s Do IT!!
January 26-30, 2016
                  Roxas Blvd, cor, J. Quintos St.
Preconference Activities:
Tues:       Jan 26 PNAA Balik Turo
Wed:       Jan 27  Research Day, VENUE: TBD
International Conference Proper
Thu:        Jan 28 Conference Day 1 at Diamond Hotel
Fri           Jan 29 Conference Day 2 at Diamond Hotel
Sat           Jan 30 PNA GK at Piel, Bulacan Visit ( optional)
Updates in newsletter and website to follow by July 2015!!
Inquiries!! Please email  to May Mayor, Chair , 10th International Conference @
Dr. Rey Rivera, PNAA Education Committee Chair for interest in podium and poster presentations.

Hello Current Members of PNASD, we are issuing you a challenge!

This year of 2015, the PNASD is striving to gain at least 50 new members into the PNASD before the end of this year.  

We are working toward our Association’s transition into a 503c tax status for our San Diego Chapter.   The PNASD accepts members who are of any race, color, religion, creed, gender, national origin, disability, marital or veteran status, or any other legally protected status. 

We are strongly encouraging each of you to reach out to a minimum of TWO:

Co-workers   -   Colleagues   -   Nursing students   -   Retired nurses
  • Both non-Filipino and Filipino nurses 
  • LVN – BSN – MSN – Ph.D. – DNP status
  • Any field of nursing practice
  • Anywhere in San Diego County
Provide them a hard copy membership form or this PNASD website link and encourage them to join.

We want to see an increased number of members and for all members to volunteer, attend business meetings, join committees, and attend our functions throughout the year.

Please keep track of what nurses you refer.  A special treat will be given to the current PNASD member who recruits the most new members!

Thank you to everyone,

Mollie Nunn, RN                       Merlie Ramira, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, CEN
PNASD member                       PNASD President 2014-2016, 

Thank You to Our Bronze Corporate Sponsors!

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