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Members Top Tips

Wendy Lloyd Curley

BNI All About Business - Sydney
Wendy the Candle Lady

Wendy's top tip for finding referrals for fellow members:

'My top tip is listening! Listening to friends and clients and trying to help them to apply the idea of Givers Gain [by giving business to others, you will get business in return], and extend that to your friends and family, your network outside of BNI.'

'By listening to what they need and helping them with solutions to their problems, you are in turn helping the people in your chapter too.'

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Dear  <<First Name>>

Welcome to the June 2016 edition of your BNI Australia Newsletter. 

We all know the importance of relationships and connections, both in our personal and professional lives, but how do we know when these relationships are toxic to us and our success?

In this newsletter, I’d like to encourage you to take the time to reflect on how healthy or unhealthy your relationships are. If you find yourself surrounded by people who treat you unfairly, take advantage of you, or just never have time to repay the many favours you do them, perhaps it's time to take action.

But first, congratulations to all the regions on a great result last month. The image is included below in case you missed it on our Facebook Page.

Emotional Intelligence Is The Key To Success 

Contrary to popular belief, there is much more to being successful than just having a high IQ. Emotional intelligence is the link between taking what you know and understanding how behaviour, personality and social complexities affect the success of your idea or business. You need to be self-aware and able to manage your own behavior and emotions, while also doing these things for others as best you can.

Travis Bradberry, co-author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0, writes for Entrepreneur about personality, interaction, relationships and being successful. Why You Need Emotional Intelligence to Succeed in Business looks closely at the link between emotional intelligence and successful business.

Never Turn Down A BNI Invite

BNI is much more than your average networking meeting. If you receive an invitation to a BNI meeting, it means that the group has an opportunity for someone in your field to join. The best part of all, though, is the non-competitive nature of it. You may share a business category and a target market with others in the group, but you won't be direct competitors - and this is what sets BNI apart from other networking groups.

Why I would never turn a BNI invite down is all about how BNI can help your business and how it sets itself apart from other networking groups.


Take Action and Succeed

We're all a little guilty of getting distracted sometimes when there is a task at hand. Scrolling through Facebook for twenty minutes before starting your work is not actually as productive as you might hope it is, unfortunately. Action is the key to success, and being proactive is vital. No amount of positivity, studying or reading could ever replace taking action - action trumps everything.

The One Thing That Will Determine Your Success talks about what it really means to take action, and how to take control of your thoughts and emotions to increase your chance of success. 


5 Things To Do This Month To Make The Most Of Your BNI Membership

1. Book a one-to-one with the member you have the least amount in common with

2. Make a LinkedIn introduction for someone's specific referral request
3. Invite a visitor to see the next showcase speaker
4. Prepare a specific referral request for your dream client
5. Turn up to the meeting early and stay late


Do you have toxic people in your life who are holding you back? What are your thoughts on emotional intelligence and its role in a professional environment? How do you make the most of your BNI membership?

We are looking forward to sharing your thoughts and ideas on BNI’s social media channels. Email for a chance to see your comments on our Facebook page or blog.

Until soon, in your next BNI newsletter edition.

Warmest regards,

Frederick Marcoux
National Director BNI Australia

BNI Australia PO Box 298 Hillarys, Western Australia 6923 Australia 
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