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Welcome to the October 2017 edition of FERTINEWS!
IFDC will exhibit at SARA, the Agriculture and Animal Resources Fair which will be held in Abidjan from 17th to 26th November 2017. We will be happy to welcome you to the International Booth to learn more about our projects in Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa, and in the World.
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Regional Fertilizer Retail Price October 2017



608 564 486 579 438 489
433   262 397   304
    483   402  
528 552 427 506 427 586
433   216 397    
Legend: Commercial Market Prices (com) vs. Subsidized Prices (sub)
             All prices in USD$/ton

BURKINA FASO : The fertilizer market remained dynamic in terms of transactions for agro-dealers. Generally, sales have been on the rise for most formulas such as NPK 15 15 15, NPK 14 23 14, and Urea. Read more

CÔTE D’IVOIRE : The Ivorian fertilizer market was characterized by a slowdown in purchases in most of the farming areas. Almost all markets prices remained stable for all formulas. Read more 

GHANA : Prices remained stable with a marginal drop in sales compared to the previous month. Farmers still have access to cheaper fertilizers under the planting for food and jobs program for the minor season and irrigation farming. Read more

MALI : The Fertilizer market in Mali has seen a decline in trade intensity compared to last month, although prices have remained stable in local markets. There is an increasing tendency towards the end of the agricultural production season as the first harvests are expected in the coming weeks. Fertilizer demand has been met, apart from a few lagging farmers who remain active on the market.Read more

NIGERIA : The Mokwa bridge which collapsed about 2 months ago has led to increases in the price of some imported fertilizer. Urea prices have not been affected as the truck routes from Eleme, South of Nigeria, differ. Read more

SENEGAL : In Senegal, sales of fertilizer have declined in intensity for groundnuts, cotton and cereals, except those used in food crops which have sold well. Read more


909   602 746   685  
625     633      
917   617 802 496 704  
649     523      
802 531 480 624 379 566 531
579     438     118

Legend: Commercial Market Prices (com) vs. Subsidized Prices (sub)
             All prices in USD$/ton

BURUNDI : At this period, fertilizers prices were expected to go down because of the cultural activities. However, the rain didn't start as expected. Compound fertilizers (NPK) were not available on time as well as (MOP) fertilizer. Read more

KENYA : With the onset of the rains most retail shops have restocked most of the fertilizers in preparation of the second planting season.Read more

MALAWI : There has been a slight reduction in fertilizer prices because of increase in fertilizer supply in the market as the rainy season is expected to start from late November to early December. Read more

RWANDA : All over the country the season has started, farmers are planting and the quantity increased for all types of fertilizers on various crops. Read more

TANZANIA :The planting season for the short rain season has just begun, fertilizer sales are on the increase. Recommended prices are almost the same in most areas as government has resolved to make bulk procurement for DAP, UREA and CAN this year. Read more

UGANDA : There has been an increase in fertilizer sales countrywide especially granular fertilizers (DAP and NPK’s) due to the rainy season. Read more

ZAMBIA : There was increase in fertilizer sales as the government subsidized vouchers were activated in August 2017. Most of the farmers who did not get the subsidized inputs during the 2016/17 farming season continued collecting this month through the Farmer Input Support Program (FISP). Read more


      Average Urea Price per Country in October 2017


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Browse National Retail Prices on website 

Disclaimer: This section is published as an output of (AFO), in partnership with the Africa south of the Sahara Food Security Portal, facilitated by IFPRI. All opinion(s) stated herein are those of AFO and are not necessarily representative of or endorsed by the Food Security Portal or IFPRI.


International Fertilizer Prices through September 2017


Product (US$/ton, FOB bulk)
Urea (granular, Arab Gulf) 178 175 201 237
Urea (granular, Indonesia/Malaysia) 209 193 209 249
Ammonium Sulphate (China) 102 104 105 108
DAP (Baltic/Black Sea) 336 334 329 328
MAP (Morocco) 365 352 340 342
TSP (Tunisia) 283 283 283 301
MOP (Israel) 242 244 250 251
SOP (€, North West Europe) 435 435 435 434
NPK 16-16-16 (FSU) 251 260 260 266

Source: Argus Media

Ethiopia's ministry of agriculture instructed buying agency Ethiopian Agricultural Business' (EABC) to purchase only NPS under its 13 September tender and avoid making any awards for urea. EABC issued a new tender, closing on 26 October for 550,000t of granular urea in eleven 50,000t lots for November-January delivery. Morocco OCP was awarded all 15 lots of EABC 750,000t NPS tender after the firm submitted the lowest offer prices. OCP began shipping the cargoes in October, with two lots for October delivery, three for November and three for December scheduled so far. The vessels will be shipped to a variety of ports, including Djibouti, to ensure all of the NPS arrives on time given the tight delivery timeframe — EABC requested all of the shipments to be made by the end of January. Mali CMDT closed a tender on 26 September for 48,500t of urea, plus NPKSB. Cote d'Ivoire Intercoton issued a tender for 30.000t of urea, plus NPKSB, which closed on 10 October. Burkina Faso Faso Coton issued a tender for 8,000t of NPK 14 18 18 + 6S + 1B and 3,000t of urea which closed on 16 October. Delivery was requested to be between 1 January and 31 March 2018 in 50 kg bags. Nigeria Ameropa was to load 30,000t of granular urea in Onne for Brazil from 6-10 October, bought at $285/t fob from Indorama. Nitron will load a 30,000t cargo in the second half of October. Read more

Find more information and analysis on the international market on


Publication of the month The state of Food and Agriculture: Leveraging food systems for inclusive rural transformation  

FAO has published The State of Food and Agriculture reports annually since 1947. This report outlines a strategy that would leverage the enormous untapped potential of food systems to drive agro-industrial development, boost small-scale farmers' productivity and incomes, and create off-farm employment in expanding segments of food supply and value chains. 

Click on this link to download the publication


Company of the month Farmers World Ltd 

Farmers World Ltd (FW) services the central and northern region of Malawi. Its initial core business was the importation and distribution of inorganic fertilizers, but the last 15 years have seen the addition of many other agro-inputs to the company products list such as fertilizer, maize seed - Mdzaza Nkhokwe Demeter Seed - a maximum yield producer. 
Farmers World also provide linkages between farmers and urban consumers of farm output commodities such as maize, soya beans, groundnuts, sunflower and pulses in large quantities.  Most of these commodities are bought to supply forward contracts with local grain processors and export customers.
Apart from its outlets, Farmers World also supplies its products on a wider scale in the form of supply contracts with different agents and organizations including the Malawi Government Ministry of Agriculture, tobacco processing companies.  Farmers World also tries to assist local groups and agro-dealers by providing them with fertilizer and maize on credit. 

FWL is also expanding on the international scene with several supply contract agreements signed with different international companies, and several projects in the pipelinesr.

Website :

Video of the month CARAVANE: Fertilizer Deep Placement and Micro-Dosing Project

The CARAVANE project is a strategy developed by IFDC in the Mopti region in Mali to facilitate producers' access to urea briquettes during the period of high demand (July-August). This video presents the project in its various stages and its impact in the community.


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ZIMBABWE : (October 09th 2017) - With the goal of bringing more support to the agriculture, the Government through the National Security Authority (NSSA) is set to create revolving fund for local fertilizer manufacturer… Read more

AFRICA: (October 16th 2017) - Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz delivered the Inaugural Babacar Ndiaye Lecture in Washington D.C. during which he argued that African countries should adopt a coordinated strategy… Read more

KENYA: (October 16th 2017) - 76,153 tons of fertilizer worth Sh2.6 billion to be distributed at cheaper prices by the Kenya Tea Development Agency.… Read more

AFRICA AGRI-FORUM : (October 18th 2017) - ) On 18 and 19 October, the Africa Agri-Forum was held in Abidjan for the fourth consecutive year on the theme "Agricultural Development Plans" ....Read more

RWANDA: (October 19th 2017) - 4,700 tons of fertilizers to be distributed to coffee farmers through The National Agricultural Exports Board (NAEB) and stakeholders countrywide campaign… Read more

International Fertilizer Industry Association : (October 20th 2017) - According to expert, as about 40% of the soil on the African continent faces widespread nutrient depletion, more efforts need to be made to increase fertilizer use… Read more

AFRICA: (October 21st 2017) - World Food Prize awarded to the President of the African Development Bank Mr Akinwumi Adesina… Read more


Up-Coming Events


Date: November 17 – 26 2017
Venue: Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire
International Exhibition Organized by MINADER

The 4th edition of the International Exhibition of Agriculture and Animal Resources (SARA) will be held in Abidjan, with South Africa as the country in the spotlight. The theme of the event will be: "Structural transformation of the agricultural economy in the face of climate change ".
On the program, besides meeting areas, several conferences and workshops are planned to allow the actors to exchange on the dimensions of the agricultural sector. Click here to join

4th Global Science Conference on Climate Smart Agriculture
Date: November 28 – 30 2017
Venue : Johannesburg, South Africa
International Conference Organized by NEPAD

The 4th Global Science Conference on Climate-Smart Agriculture (The 4th GSC-CSA)" takes forward the initiative on research and science started in October 2010 with the aim to bring science to bear on practical advances in scaling up climate smart agriculture. 
Click here to join

Developing Private Sector Agro-Input Markets – Designing and Implementing Targeted Subsidy Programs
Date: February 19 - 23 2018
Venue: Kampala, Uganda
International Training Organized by IFDC

IFDC is organizing a five-day training intended for key stakeholders involved in designing or implementing targeted agro-input subsidy interventions. The training program will showcase success stories from different countries and build on realistic examples through the use of case studies. It will include presentations and discussions on input subsidies – concepts and practices – from different contexts and various perspectives with a focus on fertilizer and seed subsidies. Click here to join

Argus Africa Fertilizer 2018
Date: February 26 - 28 2018
Venue: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
International Conference Organized by Argus

The 9th annual Argus Africa Fertilizer conference will take place 26-28 February 2018 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – the number one meeting place for the African fertilizer supply chain.  Over 520 participants from 63 countries of which 23 are African attended the 2017 event in Cape Town. At the annual Argus Africa Fertilizer event, you will join a cross-section of stakeholders including government leaders, finance providers, NGOs, regional distributors and global producers. Click here to join

Improving Fertilizer Quality for Highly Productive Agriculture and Balanced Nutrition
Date: March 19 - 23 2018
Venue: Arusha, Tanzania
International Training Organized by IFDC

IFDC is organizing a five-day training program, which will include formal instruction covering theoretical and practical aspects of fertilizer quality and hands-on practice of methodologies in commercial fertilizer warehouses. Interactive discussion involving the technical leaders and participants from diverse backgrounds (e.g., agricultural researchers, fertilizer manufacturers, agricultural producers, government officials, etc.) will be integral parts of the program to ensure that specific interests of the participants are covered.
 Click here to join




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