February 2019 Edition


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FertiNews, your reliable source for the latest information on the fertilizer market in sub-Saharan Africa welcomes you to its February 2019 edition!

This month’s edition is full of exciting events that took place in February and other events that will be taking place in March.

In February 2019, the West Africa Fertilizer Association (WAFA), held its 2nd Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Bamako, Mali, which saw the election of new executives to run the affairs of the association for the next two (2) years.

In March 2019, the Fertilizer Technical Working Groups (FTWG) which brings together fertilizer players from both the public and private sector, will meet to validate 2018 annual fertilizer trade statistics for  Ghana and Nigeria in Prampram, Ghana, on March 13-14.

The same FTWG from Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire, Mali and Senegal will meet in Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso, on March 27-28 for their validation workshop.

Just relax as you read the details of these exciting events!

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The Register of Fertilizer Plants in Sub-Saharan Africa has officially been launched!!! The register lists 14 fertilizer manufacturing and 80 blending plants known to be operational across 24 countries as of January 2019.

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Regional Fertilizer Retail Price  February 2019



599 493 429 546 430 480
    423   343  
548 488 398 498 371 561

Legend: Commercial Market Prices (com) vs. Subsidized Prices (sub)
             All prices in US$/ton. More on our methodology.

BURKINA FASO: Water reservoirs (dams) that waters vegetable production are experiencing a significant drop in water levels this month, and consequently the demand of fertilizers from market gardeners has slowed down in some localities. Overall, retail prices have increased in some places, this increase was explained by the actors to have affected the entire supply chain. Read more

COTE D’IVOIRE: The fertilizer market prices was generally stable. Prices were rather stable at the retail points. Indeed, the harvests are finished and the country activities remain concentrated on the maintenance of their farms towards the preparations of the new season.  Read more 

GHANA: Observations at agrodealer shops shows that urea is in short supply, while the other fertilizer products are in good supply at the various retail shops  awaiting the start of the farming season. Until a drastic reform or expansion in the country's irrigation system, agrodealers will continue to wait for the rains before any sizeable sales can be made. Read more

MALI: The fertilizer market is stable this month. In this period, the actors have finalized the subsidy repayment plan. They are also preparing the next campaign with exchanges between agro dealers and producer organizations, and between suppliers and retailers. Read more

NIGERIA: Production of PFI fertilizer for 2019 is yet to commence, it is likely to start after the Nigerian presidential election but there are products (NPK 20 10 10) on ground for sale from carryover of 2018 production.  Read more

SENEGAL: There is no significant change in the level of sales in the Groundnut Basin and Casamance. On the other hand, in Saint-Louis, with the preparation of the off-season campaign, demand for DAP remains strong. Apart from small marginal variations, fertilizer prices remained generally stable at the retail level monitored. Read more


  596     751 570 790  
610       642      
  658     845 566 803  
667       550      
  559 588 675 695 498 670 526
543       487     125

Legend: Commercial Market Prices (com) vs. Subsidized Prices (sub)
             All prices in USD$/ton


BURUNDI: In general, the fertilizer prices are high in most regions of the country. This is mainly because subsidized fertilizer by the government is almost running out. Read more

KENYA: In Rift Valley region, there was low sale of fertilizers. Farmers have harvested maize and they are busy preparing their lands for the next planting season which starts late February to early March. Read more

MALAWI: There is good rainfall which has led to increased demand and sale of fertilizers. In the Northern region of Malawi, characterized by low population and mountains, there is no significant change in prices except for CAN which is on high demand now. Read more

MOZAMBIQUE: In Tete province, the price of fertilizers increased. Fertilizers are being used for potatoes, tobacco, cereals and vegetables. Tete is the region where the consumption of fertilizers is high and climate in Angonia enable production all year-round. Read more

RWANDA: The registration of farmers in Smart Nkunganire System SNS is ongoing and farmers are buying seeds and fertilizers. In Nyagatare and Gatsibo districts of the Eastern province, farmers who planted maize beginning of September 2018, are currently harvesting. Read more

TANZANIA: The demand of Urea is quite high now because farmers are planting rice which uses a lot of Urea. Tanzania government through government procurement system announced tender for only one company to import once in bulk then other companies purchase and distribute around the country. Read more

UGANDA: Production of bio-organic phosphate, rock phosphate and organic compound fertilizers has started in Tororo district in the Eastern region by a Chinese based firm called Sukulu. The factory has stated that they will be offering the Ugandan market crop specific fertilizers. Read more

ZAMBIA: The farming season is almost coming to an end as most of the crops have been planted. The rains are good in most part of the country, but the Ministry of Agriculture has reported floods in 35 districts that damaged crops. Read more


      Average Urea Price per Country in February 2019


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Disclaimer: This section is published as an output of, in partnership with the Africa South of the Sahara Food Security Portal, facilitated by IFPRI. All opinion(s) stated herein are those of and are not necessarily representative of or endorsed by the Food Security Portal or IFPRI.  Click here for more information on sources and methodology used.




International Fertilizer Prices through January 2019


Product (US$/ton, FOB bulk)
Urea (granular, Middle East) 323 299 278 268
Urea (granular, Indonesia/Malaysia) 331 329 303 287
Ammonium Sulphate (China) 118 118 117 116
DAP (Baltic/Black Sea) 431 423 417 409
MAP (Morocco) 443 443 443 443
TSP (Tunisia) 363 363 363 361
MOP (Israel) 296 298 296 296
SOP (€, North West Europe)     443 450 453 456
NPK 15-15-15 (Baltic/Black Sea) 287 290 284 272

Source: Argus Media

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GHANA: (February 22nd, 2019) - Yara has launched its new fertilizer terminal in Tema, Ghana. The for the new investment cost is US$15million and the aim, the company said, is to make Ghana the hub of its operations in West Africa. Read more


WEST AFRICA: (February 15th, 2019) - The annual general assembly of the West Africa Fertilizer Association (WAFA) was successfully held in Bamako, Mali at the Toguna premises. They also held elections for a new board of WAFA. Members from over 10 West African countries were present for this meeting. Read more

ETHIOPIA: (February 12th, 2019) - OCP teams up with Ethiopia to boost agriculture. The Moroccan government has approved the creation of Pan-African Fertilizers, the Moroccan OCP company’s subsidiary in Ethiopia. Funded in part by the Ethiopian government, the newly-established company is expected to boost the East African country’s agricultural productivity. Read more


Up-Coming Events

West Africa Fertilizer Forum 2019
Date: 24 April- 26 April 2019
Venue : Lome, Togo
Forum Organized by WAFA and Argus 

As the only conference representing the voice of the West African fertilizer industry, it is the only place where you can see for yourself how the market will develop and what that means for you. Read more


Delivering Balanced Crop Nutrition to Small-Sacle Farmers
Date: 27 May- 31 May 2019
Venue : Accra, Ghana
Training Organized by IFDC 

IFDC is organizing a workshop to assist participants, in their various roles, to bring balanced crop nutrition to smallholder farmers. Topics to be addressed includes Soil-SMaRT, Soil analysis and mapping, Policy and regulations, The fertilizer industry, Markets, etc. Read more | Register



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