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The 2020 edition of the Fertilizer Technical Working Group workshops has started with Ghana holding its workshop February 11 – 13, 2020 to validate 2019 statistics data on production, imports, exports, and apparent and actual fertilizer consumption in the country. This year’s workshop was co-organized with Development Gateway, an international development NGO that builds technology and helps people use data for evidence-based policy development. 

Read the Ghana fertilizer statistic overview, 2020 edition


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March upcoming events

ActivityFertilizer Technical Working Group workshop. 
Date: March 4 - 5, 2020.
Location: Abuja

ActivityIFDC international training: Linking Farmers to consumers
Date: March 16 - 20, 2020.
Location: Bamako

ActivityFertilizer Technical Working Group workshop. 
Date: March 25 - 26, 2020.
Location: Saly



Regional Fertilizer Retail Price February 2020




562 487 399   449 598  
542   418        
521 488 376 529 457 327  

Legend: Commercial Market Prices (com) vs. Subsidized Prices (sub)
             All prices in US$/ton. More on our methodology.

BURKINA FASO: The fertilizer market has relatively improved due to the dry season campaign that started in January for cereal and vegetable production. In the fertilizer stores monitored, an increase in fertilizer sales was noted. The 50 kg bag of fertilizer sells between 17,500FCFA and 18,000FCFA for NPK 14 23 14; 16,000FCFA to 17,500FCFA for NPK 15 15; and for Urea between 15,000FCFA to 16,500FCFA.  Read more

COTE D’IVOIRE: The fertilizer market is stable and remains the same as last month. In the North, due to the current dry season, trade is slow, with the exception of a few vegetable farmers who visit fertilizer outlets. In the South, there are a few sporadic rains but most of the time, it is rather a big heatwave that we can see in this part of the country. Here too, trade is slow and agrodealers prefer to wait before placing orders for fertilizers. Read more 

GHANA: The Ministry of Food and Agriculture, in order to complete the processes of contracting the selected companies to participate in 2020-Planting for Food and Jobs (PFJ) programme, has held series of meetings to discuss modalities for distributing the fertilizers. Barring any further unforeseen circumstances, the 2020 PFJ programme is expected to be launched early March, 2020 to ensure that companies carry out their distribution of the fertilizer products on time, and make subsidized fertilizers available in the market before the start of the farming season.  Read more

MALI: The fertilizer market remains very slow as in the previous month with a few exchanges, in general, in retail purchases for vegetable crops. In most parts of the country, wholesalers have slowed down or even stopped their supplies because some are waiting for May and June to build up their new stock to meet the demands of the next dry season Read more

NIGER: The month of February was marked by a drop in fertilizer demand in almost all areas where vegetable crops (onion, tomato, cabbage, potato, sweet potato, garlic, pepper, citrus, etc.) are still being harvested. However, demand has remained high in rice-growing areas with irrigated farming systems, as is the case in Tillabéri, Dosso, Tahoua and Niamey. The price of Urea has remained stable and there has been a break in supply of NPK 15 15 15 in all regions except Tillabéri and Niamey, which continue to be supplied from the CAIMA subsidised stock. Read more

NIGERIA: Generally, as agrodealers are gradually getting ready for another farming season, fertilizer prices are beginning to increase in most parts of the country, because some farmers are already purchasing fertilizers to avoid a possible price increase during the peak of the season. Read more

SENEGAL: In this period when harvests have come to an end, fertilizer sales have decreased in some areas including the zones of Zuiguinchor, Casamence, and Kolga. Sales of Uree and the NPK 10 10 20, however, are still good. Read more



Legend: Commercial Market Prices (com) vs. Subsidized Prices (sub)
             All prices in USD$/ton

KENYA: In Nairobi County, the demand for fertilizer is still low but gradually picking up. The prices of most basal fertilizers such as DAP were low in the previous months but increasing now as farmers are preparing their farms for planting. The price of Urea and CAN are still low. Agro dealers have enough stock to meet the anticipated demand.Read more

RWANDA: Harvesting of the “2020A” season crops, representing about 35 percent of the yearly crop production, is underway and will be concluded in February. Planting of beans and maize for season B will start in March/April. Currently, fertilizer demand is low. Read more

BURUNDI: Harvesting of the “2020A” season crops, representing about 35 percent of the yearly crop production, is underway and will be concluded in February. Planting of beans and maize for season B will start in March/April. Currently, fertilizer demand is low. Read more


      Average Urea Price per Country in February 2020


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Disclaimer: This section is published as an output of, in partnership with the Africa South of the Sahara Food Security Portal, facilitated by IFPRI. All opinion(s) stated herein are those of and are not necessarily representative of or endorsed by the Food Security Portal or IFPRI.  Click here for more information on sources and methodology used.




International Fertilizer Prices through January 2020



Product (US$/ton, FOB bulk)
Urea (granular, Middle East) 237 218 215 221
Urea (granular, Indonesia/Malaysia) 259 245 241 241
Ammonium Sulphate (China) 109 97 90 88
DAP (Baltic/Black Sea) 290 279 269 272
MAP (Morocco) 301 286 267 276
TSP (Tunisia) 313 303 293 293
MOP (Israel) 263 257 250 239
SOP (€, North West Europe)     460 440 438 432
NPK 15 15 15 ( (Baltic/Black Sea)     241 229 220 223

Source: Argus Media

Video of the month 

Mr. Malick Ndao, Senegalese Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Equipment, delivering  his remarks at the launch of the Feed the Future Dundël Suuf project in Dakar, Senegal, February 19, 2020




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NIGER : (February 10, 2020) 
The Nigerian Association of Fertilizer Importers and Distributors (ANIDE) held its first  general meeting of 2020. Read more

SIERRA LEONE : (February 23, 2020) 
Last Friday, the African Development Bank called on development finance institutions, NGOs, farmer cooperatives, and the private sector to develop more effective financing solutions for Africa’s fertilizer value chains Read more

SUDAN : (February 25, 2020) - Currently, only three prosecution witnesses are remaining to testify in a case where senior officials from the Kenya Revenue Authority and Kenya Bureau of Standards are charged with importation of alleged fake fertilizer  Read more

TOGO : (February 25, 2020) - On Monday February 24, 2020, the Togolese Ministry of Agriculture signed a partnership agreement with the Cherifian Phosphate Office (OCP) in Lomé, to continue the development of the fertility map of agricultural lands in Togo, which started in 2017. Read more

NIGERIA : (February 27, 2020) - Dangote starts pre-testing of his $2 billion fertiliser plant in Lagos, one of the world's biggest projects in the fertiliser industry. Read more

Up-Coming Events

Inclusive Agribusiness: Linking Farmers to Consumers
Date: 16 March -20 March 2020
Venue : Bamako, Mali
Conference Organized by IFDC/2SCALE

The main objectives of this one-week training are to:

  • Discuss and learn the theory and principles behind entrepreneurial farmer to consumer linkages and draw on lessons and cases of 2SCALE and Market System Development partner organization;
  • Develop demand driven BoP consumer marketing & distribution business models based on the experience of two successful cases in Ethiopia and Kenya; Read more 

New Ag International Conference and Exhibition
Date: 6 April - 8 April 2020
Venue : Marrakech, Morocco
Conference Organized by New Ag 

The 18th New Ag International conference programme of international speakers will cover the following topics:
Speciality Plant Nutrition – water soluble and fertigation, foliar spray and micronutrients – new formulations and technologies Biostimulants and Biofertilizers – new technologies and commercial products...Read more 


West Africa Fertilizer Forum
Date: 26 May - 28 May 2020
Venue : Abuja, Nigeria
Conference Organized by Argus Media/WAFA

The event is organised in collaboration with the West African Fertilizer Association (WAFA) and brings together over 170 people from 30+ countries representing all the links in the fertilizer supply chain, as well as global producers, technology developers and investors. It is the only place to meet with all the key industry players and stakeholders involved in the fertilizer sector in West Africa. Read more 



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