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Virtual Keypad Offers New iPhone Home Screen Widget
Showing System Arming Status at a Glance
Imagine a customer is driving out of town for the weekend when he thinks about his business and can’t remember if he armed the system before leaving. Now, with Virtual Keypad’s new arming status widget, he'll know if it's armed with just a quick glance at his iPhone home screen. 
Your customers get fast system status. Plus, the widget also gives them quick access to the app’s arming/disarming screen. 
What’s a widget?
The new home screen widget is available with Apple iOS 14 and later. Widgets provide a window displayed on an iPhone home screen, giving specific information from the app without having to open it.
Promote Your Brand
The widget is available in two sizes — the larger ones features your logo. With the Virtual Keypad widget, you can also view the arming status of one or more systems, making this a great feature for customers with multiple systems. To take up less space, these widgets can be stacked, allowing the user to flip between them. 
Be sure your customers know how easy it is to add a home screen widget with Virtual Keypad. It’s a convenient and safe way to see your arming status — and a great way you can reinforce your service with your logo featured on the larger of the two widget sizes. 

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