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Is the way we farm animals and turn them into food part of the problem or the solution to the myriad of social and environmental issues we face today? 
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ARC2020 July Newsletter

Hello and welcome to our July Newsletter.

Last month in this newsletter we pondered how farming, food and rural places would be effected by Brexit. Well, as everyone knows full well, the Brexit bombshell has happened. Europe is in a different place now. Below, Hannes Lorenzen, ARC2020 president, gives us a conciliatory, calm reflection on the future for Europe post Brexit. We have a dedicated section on what Brexit means for farming and food for you to help stay informed.
As you can see from the rest of this newsletter, the Commission has been busy below the radar. While Brexit distracts, the Commission has done and said some very controversial things regarding  CETA and glyphosate. This is hardly the best way to restore faith in the EU and its institutions. See the sections below for more.

We also have:

In these ever-changing and turbulent times, agroecology remains a great example of how a number of supposedly divergent things and practices can work together. Agroecology is greater than the sum of its parts. Perhaps there is a lesson for us humans and our politics in this too.

Take care,

Dr. Oliver Moore and Luise Körner (Communications Team, ARC2020)
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Brexit - Open Letter by Hannes Lorenzen

"The European dream appeared from a nightmare of wars between our people. The iron curtain between East and West came down 27 years ago. Now new mental and barbed wires are being drawn between old and new neighbours, even within the European Union, to keep people out. They will not protect us from any of those challenges we might be afraid of. They will just be the source of new divisions and conflicts between us.....

...First there is an open mind and creative thought; then come encouraging language and dialogue; further appear gatherings, democratic decisions and good practices; and out of all that may appear a new European project." â†’ Read more...

Following a long and fractious process, it appears the herbicide glyphosate will have its approval extended for 18 months, pending another agencies’ assessment. The issue has divided and infuriated both the agri lobby and environmental campaigners.  The latter have mobilised considerable interest in and momentum behind what initially seemed very unlikely – an outright ban. It was highly unexpected that the initial 15 year approval would be so contentious. However, opposition came from many political fronts. Most of all, the unprecedented mobilisation of European citizens around such a specific agri-industrial product seems to have had an effect. â†’ Read more...


In what has been an absolutely tumultuous time for the EU and its institutions, Jean Claude Junker has announced  that the European Commission intends to approve the EU-Canada trade deal CETA without national parliament approval. CETA – The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement – is, according to the Commission President, an EU only agreement, which does not require input from Member States’ or regions’ parliaments. He intends to rush it through via a simple procedure on 5th July. That's today! â†’ Read more...
CAPSELLA  is a participatory agrobiodiversity project, funded under Horizon2020. It works in three main spheres - field, seed and food, focusing on real farms and with many stakeholders in the agrifood system. We in ARC2020 are supportive of this approach in general and this project in particular. At their opening event in Tuscany, Communications Manager Oliver Moore went to make a presentation, and here he reports on the project and event. â†’ Read more...
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