June, 2016 Student Newsflash
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June 2016 Student Newsletter
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Chapter Event Highlight, AMWA Advocacy Info, and Upcoming June Events
Last month the Penn State College of Medicine AMWA chapter held their annual networking breakfast, an event where students met with physicians from a variety of specialties including pediatrics, surgery, radiology, and internal medicine.  

While enjoying bagels and coffee, students were able to get a personal glimpse into the lives of practicing women physicians.  Additionally, students were given the opportunity to explore their current specialty interests and connect with physicians in those fields, building new mentoring relationships.
Upcoming Scholarship and Award Deadlines
Child Family Health International (CFHI) Global Health Education Program Scholarship

One AMWA student member will be awarded a $500 scholarship towards participation in any CFHI Global Health Education Program.
Application materials are due June 10th, 2016.
More information regarding this award can be found here.

For more information about available scholarships and awards, see the Awards page.
AMWA has joined with the organization UsAgainstAlzheimer's for the
We Won't Wait Campaign launch.  
This campaign was created to unmask the economic injustice women face with Alzheimer's, either as patients or as caretakers.
To learn more, check out the article here
AMWA's New Resident Membership Special Ends June 30th!!!

Student members, as you transition into residency don't forget to purchase your AMWA Resident membership! For only $50 you receive membership throughout your entire residency!

For more information about this offer click here.
AMWA's Advocacy Corner
AMWA is passionate about advocating for women's health.  
Here are a few of the recent initiatives that AMWA has been involved with...
Access to Contraception:
In May, the Supreme Court decided in a unanimous opinion that it would not rule in a major case, Zubik v. Burwell, No. 14-1418, on access to contraception. This case debated an accommodation offered to religious groups that do not want to offer this insurance coverage to their female employees as would normally be required under the Affordable Care Act.
Care for Pregnant Women With Substance Abuse:
H.R.3691, the Improving Treatment for Pregnant and Postpartum Women Act of 2015, was passed by the house in March 2016. The Center for Substance Abuse Treatment under this law would make grants to state substance abuse agencies to support pregnant and postpartum women with substance abuse disorder.
New York Increases Access to Insurance for Pregnant Women:
In March 2016, NY S 6429, Enrollment Periods for Pregnant Women, was enacted. This law allows pregnant women to enroll in the state health insurance exchange at any time, regardless of specified enrollment periods. It repeals certain provisions of the insurance law and the public health law, and provides for written certification by a health professional that the person is pregnant.            

For more information regarding AMWA Advocacy check out the Advocacy page here.

"Guess Which Woman Is Having A Heart Attack (Hint: You Can't)"

"A Med Student Decides To Be Upfront About Her Mental Issues"

NPR Article
Come on!  Get involved this month!
June is National Safety Month.
National Cancer Survivors Day is June 5th,
World Sickle Cell Day is June 19th,
and National HIV Testing Day is June 27th.
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