Each month, we share ideas and insights you can actually apply to your marriage. So try a few of the tips below and see how little things can turn into something big. You've got this—because you are better at marriage than you think!

When do you feel closest to your spouse?

Brittany: I feel closest to Ryan when are just being silly with one another. It could be when I start a tickle fight, or simply sitting there making fun at each other and cracking jokes.

Ryan: I feel most close to Brittany when we are alone and not around our kids—whom we love dearly. It’s when we go out, just the two of us, or simply sit together and watch a few shows on TV. Those are the moments that we connect the most. 

Ryan & Brittany Gernand have been married for 10 years.


Simple Things That Can Dramatically Impact Your Marriage


Not that long ago, men didn’t have to think about what to do for Valentine’s Day. We knew what we were supposed to do. We bought a card, candy, and flowers. Those gifts were as certain as putting up a tree at Christmas—it’s just what you do for that holiday.

For many of us, being a Valentine’s generalist is no longer enough. Why? I believe it stems from our wives’ interest in Pinterest—the portal of confusion and anxiety for a man. Pinterest is all about unique, custom, and often DIY.

3 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Each month, we justify surfing the Web to bring you random awesomeness. Here are some coincidences that are too good not to be true.

Get Awesomeness

I love watching you _________ . 


One Tip That Will Bring You Closer in the Bedroom

A common issue for many couples that results in frustration and disharmony is missing the beat with your sex drive. One wants it more than the other creating a sense of rejection and loneliness every time a pass is batted away.

Then you have the other person who wants it less and now feels like it's a chore or marital duty.

Reality is that you will rarely be on the same level, so how do you keep this sensitive issue from ruining other areas of your relationship?

What to Do When You Have Different Sex Drives


During one meal this week, ask each other this question: 

If you could eat only one thing without any consequence, what would it be?


The Best Gift You Can Give Your Spouse Is a Better You

There are a lot of marriage statistics out there. Stats are great for providing a big picture context. But they can also misrepresent marriages.

Because each individual marriage is more than just another number. Every marriage is unique. Every marriage is a story.

Every Marriage Is a Story



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