Each month, we share ideas and insights you can actually apply to your marriage. So try a few of the tips below and see how little things can turn into something big. You've got this—because you are better at marriage than you think!

How do you navigate the chaos in marriage?

Holly: We navigate the chaos of marriage the best when we remember to treat each other as friends. Sometimes we find ourselves giving each other less grace and higher expectations than we do our close friends.

When I give my spouse the preferential treatment of a best friend, and he does the same for me, we come toward each other naturally and easily.

Ben: Instead of keeping score, we find ourselves trying to get on each other’s score board by choosing to trust, not thinking for each other, and always wanting to make life easier for one another.  

Holly & Ben Crawshaw have been married for 11 years.


Protecting Your Spouse From Yourself


Maybe this is just a southern saying, but I’ve heard it all my life—“I can say what I want to about my family, but you better not.”

To some degree, I get this saying. We are being protective of our family. I like that. We feel like we have a level of closeness with our family that gives us the right to be more open and honest. We can even speak hard truths when we need to.

But this statement breaks down because on one level it is saying: “I protect my family members from others’ hurtful words, just not from mine.”

Protecting Your Spouse From Yourself

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One Tip That Will Bring You Closer in the Bedroom


True intimacy involves an exchange. Someone offers vulnerability, and the other honors that vulnerability.

Then the other person reciprocates that vulnerability, creating a beautiful cycle. That bond is exclusive and hidden; it’s only for the two people to behold and be a part of. 

The Ultimate Enemy of Intimacy


During one meal this week, ask each other this question: 

What's something you've always wished you could invent?


The Best Gift You Can Give Your Spouse Is a Healthy You

Every once in a while, a movie line lands in such a way that sticks with a generation. In the classic movie Jerry Maguire, Tom Cruise’s character proclaims to Renée Zellweger’s character, “You complete me.”

I understand why this phrase resonates. It gives a language to what many of us have been taught about marriage—our soul-mate should be able to fix our gaps, cracks, and broken parts.

Marriage Can Be Way Better Than “You Complete Me”

MP 002: Why do we have serious fights about silly things?


Every couple has disagreements. But why do our most serious fights always seem to be about the silliest things? Maybe there's more to these conflicts than meets the eye.

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