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Issue 493 - 27th Jan 2020
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A ‘Claghan’ of individual cottages at the foot of the Mournes
Hanna’s Close, Aughnahoory Road, Kilkeel, County Down,BT34 4AH

Hanna’s Close has ten traditional cottages from one to three bedrooms, all teeming with traditional features. From stone walls to feature fire places, holidaying in history is an immediate reality. Seven cottages are located in the Close. The Carthouse, The Barn and The Stables are one bedroom cottages. Two Bedroom Cottages include William John’s, Peggy’s and George’s. Also in the Close is Johnny’s, a three bedroom cottage. Not in the Close, but a short distance away is Sam’s (two bedroom), Murphy’s (two bedroom) and Callaghan’s (three bedroom).

Sailing close to the Wind?

Marketing Masterclass No 289
This appeared in a LIDL newspaper supplement recently and raises the question, can the consumer, when making an impulse purchase, realise that this is a major brand "lookalike" and not the brand that it was assumed to be. There is no doubting the quality of the lookalike product. Brand confusion is nothing new - remember Woolworths and Wellworths? 
Level 3-7 CMI Programmes in Management, Leadership, Coaching and Consulting

All programmes are delivered through one-to-one executive coaching and our online learning Academy and can be completed within 3 months.

Principles of Management and Leadership leads to a level 3 Chartered Management Institute (CMI) qualification and is ideal for the development of Supervisors, First Line Managers, Project Managers and Shift Managers.

Next Level Leadership leads to a level 5 Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Diploma. This programme can be completed within three months and paves the way for you to become a Chartered Manager.

This Masters Level qualification in Leadership Coaching and Mentoring is designed for individuals who have the strategic authority and responsibility for developing and implementing a coaching and mentoring strategy across the organisation.

These are postgraduate level qualifications in Professional Consulting developed by Institute of Consulting and the Chartered Management Institute. They are designed for practising or aspiring Consultants who want to develop their strategic consultancy skills.

Students can study at the Award, Certificate, and Diploma Levels.


A Bosnia and Herzegovina based ICT company is looking for agents or joint venture partners to sell their point-of-sale and reservation management software solutions for hotel, restaurant and café (HoReCa) sector.

Full service consulting and clinical research organisation is looking for service agreements in the field of pre-clinical and clinical trials and post-market surveillance studies

A German, independent full-service consulting and clinical research organisation (CRO) with more than 25 years of expert experience in planning and conducting international and national pre-clinical and clinical trials as well as post-market surveillance studies offers services and consultation from the initial idea to authorisation and health services research based on a service agreement.

More accurate method and apparatus for measuring blood oxygen saturation

A German university has developed a method that uses electromagnetic radiation to determine oxygen saturation in the blood more accurately than conventional methods. The university is interested in an R&D cooperation or a license agreement.

Recycling company from Greece is looking for a glass label removal solution for bottles under a technical agreement

A medium-sized Greek company is active in the field of solid waste recycling. The company is looking for a suitable technology for removing labels from glass surfaces, under commercial agreement with technical assistance.

A Macedonian company specialized in steel constructions is offering to act as a subcontractor

A Macedonian company with extensive experience in steel fabrication is offering to act as a subcontractor for variety of steel constructions. The steel structures are intended for both industrial and commercial buildings and provided under cost-effective, reliable and professional service. Partners sought are SMEs from the construction and metalworking industries interested in subcontracting agreements.

Dutch multinationals seeeking sustainable solutions and technologies for cost reduction in catering and food wholesale logistics

Two Dutch multinationals, active in the field of catering and food wholesale, want to contribute to the global aim to reduce waste streams and emissions.The companies want to explore innovative ways for return flows and logistics. For this the companies are looking for partners that can help them with technologies and solutions to decrease their distribution costs and optimize the return flows in the frame of a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Organic snacks from the Slovak company, looking for new ways to feed the world. The Slovak company seeks progressive distributors or agents

Organic snacks from the Slovak company have been on the market since 2009. During this time, they have become well-known for great taste and quality. The Slovak company is looking for new partners, mindful of the need for healthy lifestyle, organic and and natural quality products to cooperate with via distribution services agreement or via commercial agency agreement.

EUROSTARS: Spanish SME is searching rehabilitation centers and engine manufacturers to develop a device for rehabilitation cerebrovascular damages.

A Spanish engineering SME, which has developed a exoskeleton, is searching partners to submit an Eurostars proposal in order to develop a device for rehabilitation of patients who have suffered damage to their spine or brain for example after an ischaemic stroke. The SME is looking for two kind of partners; a health center with experience in rehabilitation to adapt the device and an engine manufacturer to design a suitable motor.

Environmentally friendly packaging solution for concentrated soap detergent are sought

A SME from Northern Sweden specialized in manufacturing and selling soap detergent made of recycled vegetable cooking oil is looking for a supplier of environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging solution in EU. Package size 450 ml. The company are aiming for a long-term manufacturing agreement.

Inhibition of formation of toxic chemicals in the manufacturing process of polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

A Turkish company developed a method of inhibiting hazardous chemicals such as acetaldehyde, carboxyl end groups and diethylene glycol chemicals which are come out during the PET process. It prevents the formation of harmful chemicals that are released. They are looking for license and technical cooperation agreements.

UK based wholesale and design company who offer branded work wear clothing and footwear is seeking distributors

UK based wholesale and design company who specialise in branded clothing, footwear and accessories for the tradesmen/women work wear sector is seeking distributors via a distribution agreement with routes into independent high quality retailers and organisations involved in the work wear apparel.

Low power, robust communications technology for smart metering, transport management etc.

A UK company has optimised communications technology for price-sensitive devices that still need quality of service. These include smart metering, lighting and similar internet of things (IoT) applications. The company has established a significant partner eco-system encompassing multiple meter manufacturers and system integrators. They are seeking further integrators supplying into utilities, IoT, smart cities, for licensing and technical cooperation.

Ukrainian manufacturer of upholstered furniture is looking for distributor

Ukrainian producer of upholstered furniture offers a wide range of its products - sofas, sofa-beds, modular sofas, armchairs, beds and mattresses - to distributors and aims to contract a long-term distribution agreement with potential partners. The company is able to offer the high level of quality and design by using European components and production equipment.

Ukrainian sewing company is looking for partners or customers under manufacturing or subcontracting agreement

Ukrainian sewing company is located in Odessa, South of Ukraine. The company is specialized in the production of textile articles for women, men, children and home textile products. The company is offering high-quality tailoring: building patterns, sewing samples, sewing large and small lots. The company is ready to work under the manufacturing, subcontracting or distribution services agreement.

UK-based SME offering their appless web-based augmented reality services under an outsourcing agreement or subcontracting agreement

A UK-based SME has developed a platform that enables companies to add augmented reality content to their marketing materials that can be accessed using a QR code, no app needed. This can be applied to business cards, flyers or banners making these materials more informative, immersive, and have more impact. The SME is looking to develop new markets for this technology and seeking partners in the marketing, public relations and advertising sectors under an outsourcing or subcontracting agreement.

Spanish company is looking for a foundry and/or forge manufacturers specialized in wear parts for earth moving equipment in order to outsource part of its production

Spanish manufacturer of wear parts for earth moving equipment (construction, mining, drilling and agriculture) is looking for foundry and/or forge companies in Europe, primarily in the EU, for manufacturing its products, according to its quality standards and always aiming at the optimization of its performance. The company is looking for outsourcing agreements.

Cloud solution for delivering and monetizing video across every connected device

A Spanish TV producer and broadcaster, has developed a cloud solution for delivering and monetizing video across every connected device.This tool is a suite of products and services that reduce the complexity and increase the profitability of publishing,distributing,measuring and monetizing multi-screen video.Content distributors agencies are sought for commercial agreements with tech assistance(explore and distribution) and technology partners for technical cooperation (upgrade and integration)

Building energy efficiency improvement and benchmarking tool.

A Spanish University has developed a building benchmarking tool for energy efficiency improvement, energy controlling and forecasting in buildings using simplified models that calculates energy parameters. The tool is based on spreadsheet implementation, reducing license cost and making possible its use in many different systems. Companies or public organizations are sought for services and/or research cooperation agreement, in order to use and improve the system.

Romanian SME company, producing textiles for home and HoReCa (Hotel/Restaurant/Catering) sectors, is looking for distributors.

Romanian company, located in the North of Transylvania, operating in the textiles industry – producing tablecloths, bed linens, runners, napkins, pillowcases and sheets for home and HoReCa sectors – is looking for new partners in order to establish distribution services agreements.

Conflation of datasets into higher quality Digital Elevation Models, at low cost

Slovenian researchers have developed an intelligently conflated Digital Elevation Model (DEM). Instead of a single data source, the algorithm uses a multi-data approach. In this way, elevation models of unprecedented quality can be created. The associated cost saving (factor 25!) gives the tool another decisive competitive advantage. Industrial partners in topography are sought for licensing and commercial agreements, with technical assistance.

Spanish manufacturer of wire mesh cable trays with own patented designs is looking for commercial partners abroad

The company is a SME in northern Spain, and the first one in this country, specialized in manufacturing wire mesh cable trays. Their products are used for driving power and data wiring in all kind of buildings, civil and industrial plants and infrastructure constructions. Their own designed and patented tray stands out from other trays in the market for its easiness and speed assembly. Commercial partners are sought abroad to reach a durable agency or distribution agreement.


For Northern Ireland specific contracts, there are a number of sources of information specifically for contracts within Northern Ireland. The Central Procurement Directorate (CPD) handles contracts for a number of government departments.

163594 - 2019/31 - Pathfinder for Education Ireland Brand in West African Markets
Publication date:  25-01-2020
Response deadline:  28-02-2020 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: Restricted Procedure (OJEU)
Description: Establishment of a Single Party framework agreement for Pathfinder for the development & implementation of a plan for the Education in Ireland brand in Nigeria, and additional market development work in West African markets
Buyer: Enterprise Ireland

164393 - - Provision of Technical Internal Auditing Services for the Sea Fisheries Protection Authority
Publication date:  24-01-2020
Response deadline:  21-02-2020 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: The Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority (SFPA) intends to establish an agreement with one service provider for the provision of Technical Internal Audit services. The SFPA is required by EU legislation to monitor and assess the performance of its official controls on Seafood Safety & Sea Fisheries Conservation. The Authority develops and refines its technical internal audit capability on an ongoing basis to benchmark the suitability, compliance and effectiveness of the discharge of its duties in performing official controls in the areas of sea-fisheries conservation, seafood safety and trade certification. Audits are designed based on a risk-assessment methodology and implemented on a multi-year roadmap that is informed by this principle. All audits carried out are subject to independent scrutiny and oversight and implemented in a transparent manner designed to deliver increased consistency in operations with an overall objective of driving continuous improvement in internal systems and processes.
Buyer: Sea Fisheries Protection Authority

164412 - 14LDRKLD110873 - Food Network Training
Publication date:  24-01-2020
Response deadline:  24-02-2020 17:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: County Kildare Leader Partnership CLG, in collaboration with Kildare Local Enterprise office wish to train food and beverage operators to develop the skills and knowledge to set up and run a county wide food network, with its own structure and brand to support the development of food in Co. Kildare. For more details please read the Request for Tender document.
Buyer: Cill Dara ar Aghaidh Cuideachta Faoi Theorainn Ráthaíochta

164352 - RFT 02.2020 - Supply of PR & Communication Services
Publication date:  23-01-2020
Response deadline:  20-02-2020 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: Negotiated Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Dublin Bus seeks to engage the services of a qualified agency to provide public relations and communications support to our Media & Communications Department. Some of the objectives will be to provide PR & Communication in the implementation of new strategies, planning & maximising positive publicity and organising launches etc. The contract will be for three years
Buyer: Dublin Bus / Bus Atha Cliath

164127 - MK/FTESSB/01/20 - ITT for Fencing, Trackway and Event Support Services for Bloom 2020 & 2021
Publication date:  21-01-2020
Response deadline:  25-02-2020 14:00   Irish time
Procedure: Open Procedure (OJEU) post PIN
Description: Invitation to Tender for the Provision for Fencing, Trackway and Event Support Services for Bloom 2020 & 2021
Buyer: Bord Bia (Irish Food Board)

164200 - TCC00816E - Development and implementation of a dynamic tourism marketing campaign for Tipperary 2020
Publication date:  21-01-2020
Response deadline:  11-02-2020 17:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: In 2020, Tipperary Tourism & Tipperary County Council wishes to inspire the Culturally Curious and the Connected Families segments to visit Tipperary. We are currently in year 2 of the Tipperary Time to Take it all in Marketing Plan available at the following link This tender will result in the appointment of a creative agency responsible for Media Planning and Buying to develop and implement promotional campaigns. We wish to conduct an advertising campaign across a range of media (i.e. radio, press, and digital including social media and relevant social influencers) for spring and summer 2020. The objectives are as follows; Ø The primary objective of the campaign is to raise awareness for the range of activities available in County Tipperary, the call to action should be to draw consumers’ attention to the website and the Discover Lough Derg website. Inspire visitors and ultimately increase the number of domestic holiday trips being taken each year in County Tipperary. Ø Secondarily Tipperary Tourism’s marketing plan will need to run spring, & summer campaigns to help extend the length of the tourism season The successful agency will be expected to build on the current success of the brands and deliver a communications strategy that effectively meets the needs of our target markets and segments. The following requirements are outlined in detail in the RFT – newspaper and radio advertising, print, digital marketing, PR and videography.
Buyer: Tipperary County Council

164179 - CORU AV Presentation equipment - Audio Visual Presentation equipment and Conferencing solution
Publication date:  21-01-2020
Response deadline:  21-02-2020 15:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: CORU hosts meetings and conferences with users who need to share presentations from their laptop. CORU requires a solution that will allow CORU staff and guests to share presentations via the CORU overhead projector in the main CORU conference room. CORU also wish to procure a conferencing solution that will allow CORU staff and guests to dial in to WebEx and other conference meeting services and to share the audio with attendees in the conference room.
Buyer: Health and Social Care Professionals Council (CORU)

164143 - - Design and Print for the Letterkenny Plan 2020-2026
Publication date:  21-01-2020
Response deadline:  28-02-2020 16:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Donegal County is preparing the Letterkenny Plan (LP) 2020-2026 in accordance with the relevant legislation (Planning and Development Act 2000, as amended). The Letterkenny Plan sets out an overall strategy for the proper planning and sustainable development of Letterkenny and consists of a written statement and plans indicating the development objectives for Letterkenny. There are two relevant stages which include the publication of a draft LP for consultation and, following this, the publication of a final version of the LP. The successful Tenderer will be responsible for: - (1) the Graphic Design, Printing and Delivery of the DRAFT Letterkenny Plan 2020-2026 (English and Irish versions) and, following the period of public consultation; - (2) the Graphic Design, Printing and Delivery of the modified FINAL Letterkenny Plan 2020-2026 (English and Irish versions). It is anticipated that the overall design and layout of the FINAL Letterkenny Plan 2020-2026 will remain substantially the same as the DRAFT Letterkenny Plan 2020-2026 but will be subject to modifications and minor alterations as required arising from the period of public consultation.
Buyer: Donegal County Council
164118 - - Research Study on Women in Digital Technology
Publication date:  20-01-2020
Response deadline:  07-02-2020 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: This Request for Tenders has been issued by the Technology Ireland Software Skillnet to seek proposals to carry out a research study on the roles, expereinces, attitudes, ambitions and challenges of women in digital technology and associated roles. It also will review employer goals, ambitions and practices to realise the full potential of women in Digital Technology.
Buyer: Technology Ireland Software Skillnet

164123 - MK/PSB/01/20 - Plumbing Services at Bloom 2020 & 2021
Publication date:  20-01-2020
Response deadline:  04-02-2020 14:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Invitation to Tender for the Provision of Plumbing Services at Bloom 2020 & 2021
Buyer: Bord Bia (Irish Food Board)

164167 - AC/2020/03 - Coordination & Development Services for Culture Night 2020
Publication date:  20-01-2020
Response deadline:  07-02-2020 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Culture Night is an initiative of Temple Bar Cultural Trust and Dublin City Council in 2006 which was developed into a national event in partnership with the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht (DCHG). In 2019, the decision was made to move to Culture Night from the Department to the Arts Council. This Arts Council tender requirements include but are not limited to: • Coordinate with local organisers of Culture Night events, particularly Arts Officers and Local Authorities; • Ensure that participating regions, including the Dublin region, in conjunction with their designated contact persons, collate material, for the design and publication of their programmes in hard copy and online; • Register participating groups and activities online; • Propose and deliver programming that adds value to the programming of participating institutions/venues, as agreed with the awarding bodies; • Collate promotional material, design, publish and distribute a programme in hard copy and online; • Develop a Communications Strategy including marketing and PR, Advertising, Social Media and other online outlets; • Coordinate with and report to the Arts Council and Dublin City Council. • Maintain quality control of the Culture Night brand; • Develop and maximise existing and new sponsorship opportunities; • Liaise with the production of a flagship event(s)/projects for Culture Night 2020 (details to be agreed / finalised);
Buyer: Arts Council
164083 - 2742 - Contract for the Development and Provision of a Kidney Transplant Patient App and a Lung Transplant Patient App
Publication date:  19-01-2020
Response deadline:  07-02-2020 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: Open Procedure (OJEU) (ANNEX IIB)
Description: As a summary of the Contracting Authority’s requirements, the successful tenderer will be required to undertake the following: • The development of a kidney transplant app; • The development of a lung transplant app; • The development of a kidney transplant clinician portal; • The development of a lung transplant clinical portal; • The provision of an API licence to read / write data to external systems, including the Electronic Health Record (EHR) system; • The provision of API / HER integration services; • The provision of associated hardware, including blood pressure monitors, weighing scales and spirometers; • The creation of associated educational content; • The provision of ongoing software support and maintenance services following the initial development and delivery of the two required applications; • The provision of technical support to patients and clinicians by way of e-mail and telephone; • The provision of account management services, to include the carrying-out of review meetings with relevant clinicians and administrative staff of Beaumont Hospital and Mater Misericordiae University Hospital.
Buyer: Beaumont Hospital
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