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Issue 524 - 7th Dec 2020
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Ulster University Business School supports regional upskilling and reskilling with funded online courses
Funded by the Department for the Economy, the online business related courses will upskill and retrain individuals impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.
Ulster University Business School is deeply committed to supporting regional recovery from the current pandemic, ensuring that individuals can transform their careers through having the right skills and capabilities.
There are 200 places available on three courses, which are strategically aligned with emerging skill requirements, bridging skills gaps and building future talent pipelines. The courses provide practical and timely opportunities for those whose job role and / or business has been affected by the pandemic.
For course details, eligibility requirements and how to apply please visit:
Applications are now open, closing 14 December 2020.
Breaking the infection cycle… Re Covid -19 disinfection 30-day treatment.

We are specialising in high level disinfection of buildings. The system is micro particle fogging, a very fine mist applied in a dry state. Safe with computers, paper and electronics. Safe and nontoxic in kitchens and dining areas. We are supported with COSHH and laboratory performance data for the products and procedures used.

During the application we open commonly used items that are easily accessible like fridges, microwaves, key & broom cupboards to expose Covid to the disinfection. Some dust disruption will be caused by the power of the fogging. We use two machines, a revolving standing unit and a mobile unit to ensure complete access and speed of application. This strategy ensures a comprehensive aerosol coverage and miniscule detail coverage. With 2 units working simultaneously we can cover the area of a tennis court in an hour, it typically takes between 1 to 3 hours to complete a treatment. If well ventilated the building can be re-entered in 1 hour. Charged at £100 (plus VAT) per hour per unit working inclusive of materials and 7 days a week call out. To put it in perspective traditional hand cleaning would take 10 times longer and is still not as comprehensive.

The product we use (Sterizar) will kill Covid 19 immediately on contact and will continue to work on non-porous surfaces for up to 30 days. After our treatment normal Covid precautions and cleaning routines need to be observed as friction and handling will wipe off the treatment.
We are currently treating actual instances of Covid and doing preventive treatments in schools, doctor’s surgeries, banks, gyms, laboratories, offices, places of worship, farms, pubs and hotels.
To help break the chain of infection we are offering high level disinfection to small shops and barber shops for as little as £20 for a room. mob O7795242173

Contact Kim Harris   07851 838 219

Rising from the ashes of Covid-19, Caring Feet was born to help those that are most vulnerable find footwear solutions at a reasonable price. We provide shoe fitting and delivery services throughout Belfast and surrounding areas.

We have a wide range of slippers and shoes available in a variety of styles, fits and sizes to suit most foot types. Foot problems related to diabetes, club foot and bone deformities can all be catered for.
Given the current climate and our customers' needs, we are very Covid aware. PPE will be worn at all times during an appointment and any materials we bring with us will be cleaned and disinfected using a 5th generation Siquat sanitiser. Appointments are available Monday to Sunday, 10am to 8pm and all orders are fulfilled within 5 working days, subject to stock availability.

Act now - advice and support worth £2000/€2250

Are you a business looking to navigate your way through Brexit and are unsure what to do next? InterTradeIreland offers 100% financial support up to £2000/€2250 (inclusive of VAT) towards professional advice in relation to Brexit matters. This support can help your business get advice on specific issues such as movement of labour, goods, services and currency management.

Are you eligible?

To qualify for financial support your business must:
  • Be located on the island of Ireland (North or South)
  • Trade across the border (NI/ROI)
  • Employ less than 250 employees
  • Have an annual turnover of less than €50m (sterling equivalent)
  • Have a satisfactory trading history (we reserve the rights to request submission of financial accounts)
Note: There are certain exclusions in line with specific State Aid guidelines, such as primary agriculture – please contact the Brexit Team at InterTradeIreland for further information.
The Voucher is provided under the European Commission Regulation on De Minimis Aid as stated in the documentation for the Brexit Start to Plan. The business must provide InterTradeIreland with details of all other De Minimis aid which has been granted to the business within the past three years. It should be noted that a false declaration by a business resulting in the threshold of €200,000 being exceeded could later give rise to the aid being recovered with interest.

For more information and to apply CLICK HERE
For Northern Ireland specific contracts, there are a number of sources of information specifically for contracts within Northern Ireland. The Central Procurement Directorate (CPD) handles contracts for a number of government departments.

181457 - PCO/165C - Design, Development and Delivery of an Entrepreneurship Training Programme for Maynooth University
Publication date:  04-12-2020
Response deadline:  22-12-2020 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Maynooth University MaynoothWorks office requires a consultant to co-develop an entrepreneurial programme for delivery to students, postdoctoral researchers and staff. The participants will include students, and staff from the science and social science/humanities disciplines. The programme should be delivered over a number of days, to manageable numbers of participants, and include practical training on all aspects of commercialisation of research. The programme should build on the existing entrepreneurial training and commercialisation training courses in the University. All content that is developed for Maynooth University will be handed back to the University.
Buyer: Maynooth University

181162 - FCC/381/20 - Graphic Design of Fingal County Council Development Plan 2023-2029
Publication date:  30-11-2020
Response deadline:  14-12-2020 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: The Council is seeking a graphic designer to design and develop an identity for the new Development Plan 2023-2029 and ancillary documents, e.g. Local Area and Master Plans, and produce a suite of supporting materials in both print and digital format.
Buyer: Fingal County Council

181175 - JH/IGARS/11/20 - Irish Grown Apples; A Research Study
Publication date:  30-11-2020
Response deadline:  15-12-2020 11:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Irish Grown Apples; A Research Study
Buyer: Bord Bia (Irish Food Board)

Belfast City Council logo
T2132 Provision of a ‘St Comgall’s Outreach Programme and Exhibition’  12 noon on Friday 11 December
T1943 Tender for the manufacture, supply, delivery and installation of signage 12 noon on Monday 14 December 2020
T1991 Energy management services 12 noon on Monday 14 December 2020
ITT 35297  MTC for swimming pool filtration 12 noon on Monday 21 December
T2058(a)  Tender for the Development of a Fleet Strategy 12 noon on Monday 21 December
ITT 35302  Integrated Consultant Team for Reservoirs Safety Works 12 noon on Monday 4 January 2021
T1983 Framework Agreement for the delivery of various employment academies (this is a condensed version of the OJEU Notice sent on 24 November 2020) 12 noon on Friday 8 January 2021
T2124 Provision for the implementation and delivery of West Belfast District Policing and Community Safety Partnership’s Community Safety Initiative 12 noon on Monday 4 January 2021

Austrian health tech start-up is looking for distribution partners for an innovative digital nurse assistant in Western & Northern Europe

The Austrian start-up that develops tools for elderly care is looking for commercial agency or distribution services agreement for a multifunctional luminaire used in stationary and home care. The product helps taking care of fall-prone patients by sending a bed exit signal via app. At once, a guiding light makes patients' nocturnal ways safer. Those features relieve nursing staff and increase patients’ safety applying new technology and unique assistance features. It is a buy or rent product.

Italian manufacturer of gluten free pasta and potato gnocchi (allergen free factory) seeks distributors and manufacturing agreements

An Italian company producing exclusively gluten free foods is looking for distributors and manufacturing agreements. The dedicated 100% gluten free and allergen free factory is authorized by the Italian Ministry of Health and holds several quality certificates. The wide product range includes: potato gnocchi, dry and fresh stabilized pasta, flours, snacks (salty and sweet), cookies, ready to use sauces and baking aids. The company’s goal is to make "free from" products that taste good.

Japanese pipe fitting manufacturer looking for distribution partners and sales agents in the EU, particularly in Germany

An environmentally conscious Japanese company is looking for distributors and sales agents for its pipe fittings to enter the EU market. The company is offering high resistant fittings with a pipe enlargement system that is new for the EU market, although already on the market for over 40 years in Japan. Either a distribution or commercial agreement will be agreed with relevant partners able to support the company expansion in the EU, with a focus on Germany.

A Moldovan natural honey producer seeks partners to conclude a distribution services agreement.

The Moldovan producer is specialized in the production of multi-floral honey and sunflower honey. The company produces natural honey with the original packaging. The company is looking for partners to conclude a distribution services agreement.

A Polish SME offering automotive parts is looking for trade partners – agents and distributors

Polish medium-seized company from automotive parts production sector specializes in regeneration of AC (air condition) compressors, starters and alternators for various types of vehicles. The company seeks trade partners to collaborate with on the basis of commercial agency and distribution services agreements.

Swedish innovative company offering a complete range of product sortiment within oral care and skincare is looking for distributors preferably in Europe

A Swedish company based in southern Sweden is looking for partners interested in distributing the company's product portfolio consisting of oral care and skincare (acne) products. The portfolio of products within oral care category consists of various teeth whitening products. The skincare category consists of several acne products. Distributors are initially sought in the European countries.

Spanish company which manufactures and sells equipment for fitness and wellness centers is looking for distributors in the European Union and third countries.

This Spanish company manufactures and sells all kind of equipment for fitness centers, wellness centres and spas. They are specialist in equipment installation and turnkey projects. They are looking for distributors in the fitness sector in the European Union and other EEN countries; these distributors are expected to on sell to fitness centres, spas and wellness centres. They will also provide any needed technical service and maintenance.

Eureka: A Turkish biomedical company seeks partner to develop a multichannel Quantitative Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (QRT-PCR) device.

Turkish biomedical company is looking for partners to apply to Eurostars to further develop a multichannel Quantitative Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (QRT-PCR) device. By diagnosing infectious diseases using the QRT-PCR device, the type of pathogen, and the level of infection are precisely determined. The main objective of the cooperation is to develop a versatile and low-cost multichannel QRT-PCR device. The partnership is a research cooperation agreement to participate in Eurostars.

Turkish IT company with online reservations systems for hotels offers license agreements

A Turkish IT company has developed an online reservation software for hotels, since 2007. With the company's product, the booking engine, visitors can book their rooms directly on the hotel's website. The channel manager, the company's other product, helps hotel owners sell their rooms through online sales channels. They are looking for license agreements to reach new markets and customers.

LC-GD-10-3-2020 : A Consortium led by a Turkish University is looking for universities, research centers and companies to create a learning community and an interactive project-based learning platform.

The consortium consisting of NGOs, SME, university and municipality led by a Turkish University would like to apply for LC-GD-10-3-2020 call. Target of the project is to create a learning community and an interactive project-based learning platform to increase European Citizens' Innovation Skills. Therefore they are looking for different types of partners to establish this platform. Partners' role will be designing of interactive web platform and prepare the educational document.

Reprogram microorganism technology for biological sensors

A Spanish biotechnological research institute offers expertise and equipment in synthetic biology on industrially relevant microorganisms (Fungi and Actinobacteria), omics analysis, isolation and characterization of microorganisms, protein purification and characterization, and process development of microbial high-value products. A research cooperation agreement with companies, research centres or universities is sought. Collaboration in European funding programs will be welcome.

A Ukrainian producer of dried fruit and fruit candies seeks distributors

A Ukrainian company from Kiev specialised in production and supplying of wide range of dried fruits including plums, apples, pears and others is interested in finding distributors of healthy food in EU countries. In order to meet new customers at new markets, the company is looking for partners under distribution services agreement.

A UK SME specialising in online merchant payment solutions, has developed a digital wallet online payment solution using blockchain technology and is now seeking an investor for up to 40% equity share.

An online merchant payment solutions UK SME, is offering a digital wallet (E Wallet) online payment solution using blockchain technology as part of an e-commerce solution, and they are now looking for an investment of up to 40% equity share to add value and for the further development of their e-wallet solution via an acquisition agreement.

UK SME offering ‘vision control sensor’ solution for robotics seeks commercial agreement with technical assistance and joint venture partners.

A UK R&D company specialised in an industrial electronics engineering has developed an innovative ‘vision control sensor’ solution for any robotics application. The VCS is a solution that can be used for incorporating state-of-the-art vision devices, control commercial of the shelf (COTS) actuators, interface a wide range of sensors and accelerate artificial intelligence algorithms. The company offers commercial agreement with technical assistance or a joint venture partnership.

Agents and distributors are requested by a Romanian company specialized in manufacturing handmade natural soaps.

The Romanian company is specialized in manufacturing of wide range natural soaps based on vegetable oils is looking for agents and distribution partners under commercial agency and distribution services.

Romanian company specialized in IT solutions and services seeks outsourcing agreements

The Romanian company offers an extensive range of services in the development and programming of customized software IT solutions for businesses, online business applications, websites, online stores, mobile applications as well as IT related services. The company is interested in outsourcing agreements with foreign partners.

Innovative SME offers complete industrial automation solutions, industrial robotic cells, SCADA architecture, telemetry under an outsourcing agreement

A Romanian company experienced in automation of technological processes is offering full scale technological process automation solutions and services for various industries such as wood processing, water treatment, energy industry, zootechnical farms, dairies, etc. The company is interested in an outsourcing agreement

Romanian IT company specialised in software development and business consulting is offering its services under outsourcing and/or subcontracting agreements

The Romanian company provides consulting and technology services in IT field for Enterprise Application Development and Mobile Application Development. The company is looking for cooperation to foreign partners within outsourcing and/or subcontracting agreements.

Russian manufacturer of high-temperature and wear-resistant coatings for various equipment is looking for distributors.

A Russian company has developed a powder from high-entropy alloys to provide a long-term stable functional surface for various hot forming equipment (rolls, dies, forming tools, cutting knives, plungers, fan blades, etc.). The company is looking for partners under a distribution services agreement.

Slovak company, engaged in the export of food (pasta), soft drinks and energy drinks, is looking for wholesalers

The company from Slovakia operates in the field of export of dry goods. The company offers a wide range of pasta (egg, non-egg and semolina) of various types and sizes, soft drinks, energy drinks and various types of consumer goods. The Slovak company is looking for a long-term partner - food wholesaler. The required type of cooperation will be a distribution agreement within the EU market.

A Slovenian developer and manufacturer of quality control cables and tension wire ropes for industrial use (automotive, aircraft, construction, agricultural machinery, etc.) offers manufacturing agreement to companies operating in these sectors.

Slovenian small company from Primorska region, manufacturer of (automotive) control cables and tensioning wire ropes for industrial use, construction machinery, agricultural machinery etc. offers manufacturing agreement to foreign manufacturing companies from sectors of motorhomes / mobile homes production, construction and agricultural machinery production, small aircraft and other industrial machinery production. The company offers prototyping, custom made or semi serial production.
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