Merry Christmas from the Iversons

We rejoice in the hope of restoration through the life of Jesus that restores all lives, for all eternity, in every way imaginable. We pray this Christmas, that you too would find great joy in this Savior and King God has provided for His people and through His Spirit abiding in us, we too might find peace and live unto His glory.

Enjoy this update! Lots to share as we move into our new home and continue in our mission in Stone Mountain.


Many of you already know that we lost our ninth child at the end of September right at the end of the first trimester. We mourned greatly but also felt the love of the body of Christ and comfort of the Spirit. We named her “Sky Philia”. Kimberly wrote an amazing tribute you can read at the end of this update if you like… Thanks again to all our family and friends who wept with us and loved us through this time.


Seven years ago, when we first began praying about church planting and nonprofit work in Grove Park, one of the items on the prayer list, was “Whatever the Lord leads us into, may it be reproducible in other cities and communities throughout the nation and even world”.

I never thought that WE would be the ones moving on to reproduce it in the other cities.

But here we are.

Three weeks ago we moved our family to Stone Mountain, GA, uprooting ourselves from the ministry, community, friends and relationships we have held so dear throughout these past six years. Where doors were being shut for us to continue to grow our family in Grove Park, the doors were flung wide open for us to relocate to a huge new home just 10 minutes from a small church that Danny had been pastoring on an interim basis, and 8 minutes from a series of apartment complexes and and extended stay hotels full of families, leaders and individuals just waiting to be cared about and poured into. We have been watching gentrification completely change Grove Park. It is beautiful to see houses and businesses being restored and crime go down, but we also know that this process comes with a cost… the cost of low-income families getting pushed out to places like Stone Mountain.

Please take a few minutes to watch this video of Kimberly sharing about the incredible ways God answered months of prayer and how God put His goodness on display.

Learn about our big move!


Seeing God’s Kingdom advance, and all the new things He is doing to show His great love to this desperate world, continues to motivate us to wait on the LORD, trust in His power and bask in His presence as we listen for every movement He calls to for His Kingdom. When we neglect such a posture, we get so busy so quickly on things that really don’t matter, and ministry starts to become a chore or an ambitious activity linked to pride or selfishness… How my heart must repent for how quickly I try to take the wheel and “do” God’s work “for him” instead of resting in the finished work of Christ and allowing Jesus to simply live His life through me.

May your heart be encouraged this Christmas dear friend, as you rest in the reality of what God has done in Christ to reconcile all things back to Himself and include us as His people in this great redemption story of calling this world back to Him.

Till all is restored,

The Iverson 10

Danny, Kimberly, DJ (15 and driving), Trinity (13), Katy-Grace 11), Benjamin (10), Malachi (8), Judah (6), Gwennalyn (3), Joel (1).

End of Year Giving

I’d be lying if I said our personal finances were fine. 2020 revealed a lot of generous giving toward our community and by God’s grace and provision our team was able to serve hundreds of families in need of food, shelter and bill relief. Our No-One-Hungry: No-One-Homeless Campaign succeeded in its mission, and we are so grateful for all the support and continued care for those in our community bearing the brunt of generational poverty in the midst of a pandemic. God has been faithful.

Support Our Relief Fund

As many of you know, our family is sustained through support raised from family and friends. Restore Life distributes what we’ve raised based on a salary the board has set. Our support account took a hit in monthly giving this year and we are praying for $2000/month in recurring giving to come in as we go into 2021. We are praying for more monthly partners giving to our support fund and praying for us regularly. We know many are constrained in this season, so we ask only that you pray and let God lead you as he does. We are so grateful for all your prayers and love toward us.

Support Our Family Here

Kimberly’s Tribute to Sky Philia

I was six weeks pregnant with our ninth child in this picture above. Here in the desert that was so barren but so beautiful. We had traveled there to celebrate a marriage that represented God fulfilling the promise laid out in Isaiah 41 “I will open up rivers for them on the high plateaus. I will give them fountains of water ion the valleys. I will fill the desert with pools of water. Rivers fed by springs will flow across the parched ground.” (NLT) Little did I know that weeks down the road, I would find myself in a desert, and desperately hoping to find springs welling up in the midst of it.

I had been eagerly awaiting my first “meeting” of our ninth child via ultrasound. I was 11 weeks pregnant and I couldn’t believe I was already almost done with my first trimester. Some people had spoken that they thought I would be pregnant with twins, and I eagerly awaited to see if this might be true. I told Danny as I left the house, either way, I just want to see a heartbeat and a healthy baby.

I didn’t see a heartbeat.

Instead I saw a vastly underdeveloped baby. And no beautiful throb, throb throb on the ultrasound screen. The technician “captured” just straight lines going across the screen.

“There’s no heartbeat.” I told her.

She said she couldn’t talk about it but the doctor would see me shortly.

I sat in the waiting room and cried. Sniffled behind my mask, trying to not make a scene, sitting there by myself, knowing the inevitable but waiting what seemed like an eternity to hear the definite.

I choked through interactions with the rest of the office personnel. Waves of grief and loss and disappointment rushing over me. I left that office sobbing.

Now that I knew the reality that our baby had actually died three weeks prior, it all made sense. The sudden disappearance of nausea. The rush of returned energy I had the week prior. My hair falling out. My lack of a baby bulge that seemed like it should have been growing more by then.

I cried through the whole rest of the day. Distractedly I tended to children and helped online schoolers with their work. Danny started texting friends and family...

I couldn’t talk about it, I wanted to retreat into my own little world of grief and sorrow. I was in a desert, a parched place. The bleak surroundings all blurred together.

But streams of water started to well up in that place. I was powerless to move myself out of the barren heights, but the trickle of refreshment and sustenance sprung up right there. Meals delivered to the house. Cards. Stuffed animals for grieving older siblings. A hotel reservation from a friend so that I could get away for two days, take the medication to kick my body into “labor” and pass the baby. Special gifts, and extra spending money, and prayers and love and sympathy. Jesus, the Living Water, was welling up right there in the midst of our barrenness, and He was doing it through His people. “Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will from from within them.” (John 7:38)

We named “her” Sky Philia Iverson. SKY because we never got to meet her up close and personal but living life with the backdrop of her brief presence brought joy and life and beauty to ours. Philia because this Greek word means “brotherly love and kindness” and the passing of her life brought the Philia love of Christ’s family around us to encourage and support us in such a deep and powerful way. Her life had meaning, if not to simply show up the love of God’s family in the midst of this desert.

I don’t know how long it will feel barren here in this place of grief, but I know that the Lord will provide rivers to well up in this place to nourish us and refresh us along the way. Grief is not a place to be “gotten out of” but rather a place to find the ever-present comfort of our Savior IN.

Some Great New Music Recorded at Restoration Studios

Our studio and mentorship ministry under the leadership of St. Claire continues to blossom. Here’s some of our music videos produced in 2020. Enjoy!

Lamar Casey - Sorry Feat. 21staydown (Official Music Video)
Thirst (feat. Chasity Jenkins, Ryan Taylor, and Markeist Vick Warthen) - FRONTIER MUSIC.
YGS - White Tee Feat. Lil Fye, Dion & TJ
The Myre and The Myrtle (feat. Markeist Warthen and Ryan Taylor) - FRONTIER MUSIC
Gappstar St.Claire ft. Mr.217, 21 Staydown - Crash The Party Official Video
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