So many things have developed as we grow as a family and the ministry expands.

An Iverson Family update is long overdue and I am sorry we have not written you. I promise it’s coming soon. But in the meantime I desperately need your help to face this challenge we have.

Exponential growth. New ministries launching. New leaders equipped. An awesome staff team. Studio #2 being built. Youth entrepreneurship. It takes resources, vehicles, insurance, and people to operate. We are so grateful for all of you who have helped us so far on this journey through your faithful prayers and sharing, and we are excited for what the future holds. But right now we have a desperate need for our summer program, I want to invite you to pray for and give into this need as you are led.

Back in the summer of 2015, we first felt the burden to provide constructive activities for the youth of our community after watching a young man in the seventh grade get locked up for running drugs for a neighborhood drug dealer - a coward of a man who wouldn’t do his own dirty work himself. This kid was hungry, and trying to earn a few bucks. This kid was wandering, trying to find his identity and learn what type of man to become. A kid who was bored… with no one investing in his future and giving him an opportunity to thrive. A kid who had endless potential as an image bearer of God, full of intrinsic value and dignity. I’ll never forget his mother’s tears… an overworked and underpaid single mom of 5 who loves her son just as much as I love my sons and longs to see her kids flourish in the midst of these broken systems of this world… just like I do.

Operation End The Boredom unofficially began with the first group of 7 kids from the Grove Park neighborhood going to Camp Highland… thanks to a connection that significantly helped scholarship their camp fees. Yes, that started it all. Even though we didn’t come up with our awesome name for this program till 2017, the essence has been the same… To give our community youth a fun and safe summer where they can stay well-fed physically and spiritually, and have plenty of healthy activities to keep their minds, hearts and hands engaged. 6 years later, here we are.

And that’s why I’m asking for help. The need is still there. We have new kids signing on and veteran kids on the verge of becoming our first adults to come out of this ministry… So many of them developing into fine young men and women, needing work, and training, and vision for their futures.

Some of our kids are in college now (no longer kids), the first in their family line to ever go. Some are already working full time, learning to self sustain and work hard for their future. Some of the new kids are just getting started with us and at their first week of camp ever as I write this. Our program has expanded in scope and impact, but the mission is still the same. It’s all about these kids. We love them and we will not stop advocating for them.

So what’s this desperate need you might ask… I’m glad you did ask… because I need your help with this one, and I need your help soon.

It’s a big need for us that we are looking to God to provide for through His people. We love these young future community leaders God is raising up for our city, and we want to see them flourish in their true identity in Christ. We invite you to join us, as we join Jesus, and unite to His heart to redeem and restore lives that have been devastated by generational poverty.

Coming into 2021 we have seen a lull in our monthly giving across the board and our program budget has taken a hit. While we grow in impact and post COVID needs, the resources to sustain us have simply not been coming in. Grants we thought for sure we would win have yet to even give us responses. A few key monthly donors facing their own financial challenges have scaled back or dropped off.

So I’m asking you… Would you invest in this vital summer program?

A gift of $3,000, $1000, $500, $200, $100, $50, $20 can add up quickly when we come together on behalf of our youth. Recurring donations of any amount help us sustain, plan and grow. Please prayerfully consider partnering with our team today so there can be no lack of resources for these immediate and ongoing needs.

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Our team at work for our kids

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