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Now in the Bolder Movies spotlight -- a topic that’s been debated, discussed and dreamt about for all of human history: what happens when we die? And given the choice between a joyful, loving afterlife and a excruciatingly painful return to life, which would you choose?

The movie is 90 Minutes in Heaven, and it’s a true story, based upon the New York Times best-selling memoir by Pastor Don Piper, who was declared dead by four sets of EMTs after his car was crushed by a semi-truck in a horrific car crash. For 90 minutes, his body lay under a tarp while Don says he went to heaven, where he experienced love, joy and peace like he’s never known before. Another pastor stopped at the crash scene and asked the rescue workers if he could pray over Don’s body. To everyone’s shock, Don came back to life. What happened next is dramatic, inspirational and thought-provoking.

90 Minutes in Heaven, opening TOMORROW, SEPTEMBER 11, features Star Wars’ Hayden Christensen as Don and Superman Returns’ Kate Bosworth as his wife, Eva. Take a look at our exclusive sneak peek at the film, plus, enter to win a Fandango gift card so you can see 90 Minutes in Heaven for free!
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