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Back by popular demand -- Growing Bolder Minutes! We're glad you're enjoying these short nuggets of tips, motivation and inspiration. We know you're busy, and now there's no excuse not to add an instant shot of boldness to your day. Check out the Minutes below featuring some of the brightest and most interesting people we know, and let them guide you towards a healthier, happier and more satisfying life.
  The 5-Minute Plan to Reduce Your Pain

As we age, we become more sedentary and lose our range of motion, which significantly increases the risk of lower back pain, knee pain and shoulder pain. Find out how a simple 5-minute-per-day activity can dramatically improve your health and well-being.
Pursue the Passions of Your Youth

Instead of the Olympics, three-time gold medalist Rowdy Gaines now trains and competes at Masters Swimming events all over the country. And he says you can follow in his wake, just by asking yourself one simple question -- what did I love to do as a child? Then, go do it! Get his tips for recapturing the joy and spirit of youth.
  Tips for Safely Wearing High Heels

No matter how great they may make your legs look, high heels are a prescription for problems. If you must wear high heels, orthopaedic surgeon Mary Lynn Brown, M.D., wants you to take a few precautions. Find her tips to helping your feet last a lifetime, even in heels.
This Father's Day, Get to Know Dad

Have you ever wondered about your family's past? Joanie Schirm did, and after uncovering hundreds of letters following the deaths of her parents, she learned the amazing story of her father's escape from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia. Get her tips for researching your family history and discovering who you really are.
  Focus on This Moment Right Now

In nearly 1,500 interviews, NBA executive and author Pat Williams unlocked the key of basketball megastar Michael Jordan's success -- focus. Learn how to be like Mike and focus on this moment right now and start soaring to new heights in your own life.
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