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Here are the stories you made popular this year
What will you remember about 2012? Here at Growing Bolder, we launched several, exciting new projects, including Growing Bolder magazine; our new show, "Surviving & Thriving;" and the Healthy 100 Executive Challenge. As important as each one of those accomplishments is, they'd be nothing without the heart and soul of our company -- our stories. The stories we tell about people like you, people who constantly amaze and inspire us, keep us pushing forward and motivate us to help spread our message of hope, inspiration and possibility.

Below is a small sampling of the most popular stories of this year. We hope you'll take some time to watch these stories and see why it's never too late to start Growing Bolder. Thank you for making this year so special. Wait until you see what 2013 has in store for all of us!

10. A Rocker At 70
This summer, the legendary Roger McGuinn spent his 70th birthday in a very un-rock and roll way -- he took out the garbage. And he wouldn't have had it any other way. The Byrds co-founder reflects on his history in music, his strong relationship with his wife, Camilla, and how different 70 feels than he ever imagined.

9. Almost Famous
Even when they're pushed aside, dreams don't die. They can lie dormant for decades until old friends, old memories or old pictures bring them back to life. For a band called the Lazy Souls, it took 40 years. Watch how an encounter that almost didn't happen led to something incredible.

8. 'I Have No Age'
He's one of the best barefoot water skiiers in history, but Zenon Bilas wasn't sure whether he could make a comeback after more than a dozen years off the water. The seven-time national champion is now 50 but tells GB, "I have no age."

7. Want to Live Long? Stay Single!
Ruth Leiber was 110 years old when she passed away. But just six months before, she was mentally sharp and anxious to share her secrets. We attended her 110th birthday party and she shared her own special wisdom about love, life and longevity.

6. The Good Girls Club
With a growing number of dysfunctional celebrity wives capitalizing on little more than bad behavior on reality TV shows, Cookie Johnson and Simone Smith stand out for being thoughtful, successful and generous entrepreneurs.

5. Rachel's Bittersweet Year
Our videos on Rachel Veitch have been viewed nearly 12 million times. But this year, her 48-year love affair with her beloved car Chariot reached the end of the road. But, a surprise VIP visitor paid Rachel and Chariot a visit to honor their history.

4. Why Tom Rush Refuses to Hurry
Musicians like James Taylor and Joni Mitchell call Tom Rush one of the most important musicians and songwriters of our times. Yet for most of his career, he chose stability over celebrity. Now, 50 years later, he may be on the verge of achieving both!

3. 'Makeup Is My Wig'
Talia is 13 years old and has spent more than half of her life battling cancer. After realizing wigs weren't for her, she discovered the magic of makeup and that she was good at it! She started posting her how-tos online and quickly developed a worldwide following. See how this extraordinary girl is using her newfound fame to fight for others' lives.

2. World's Oldest Yoga Teachers
This spring, we introduced you to Bernice Bates, the 91-year-old who had just been named the world's oldest yoga teacher by the Guinness Book of World Records. After we shared that story, our viewers rushed to tell us about an even older yoga teacher, 96-year-old Adela Choquet, and we had to tell her story, too! We'll leave the record-keeping to the experts; we were just thrilled to prove yet again it's never too late to keep moving!

1. Never Leave the Playground
We knew Stephen Jepson was going to be a great story when we first heard about his backyard playground, but we had no idea how much his message of lifelong fitness and play would not only impress us but wow people across the world. Over the past few months, nearly 400,000 people have watched his story. See for yourself why Stephen believes the key to never losing your balance -- or your mind -- is in the games and activities of our youth.