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Awaken To Your Divinity: Creating Your Emotional Fitness Course

It's time to act!

Call 633 7016 or 749 6297 to register

Course starts on 27-28th June

9.30- 4.30 pm

28 Geridot Crescent, Diamond Vale,D/Martin

Cost: $1875. includes lunch

E mail: davidl@psychedonlife.net

When meditation is not enough

Over 25 years of working with people who want to grow materially and spiritually I have come to realize that the biggest obstacle to  growth is their emotional state. I have seen how feelings and emotions can affect the state of our health, relationships, career and spiritual growth. Most people lack the tools to help them overcome the  negative emotions that are hindering their progress in life.

When I first started out on my spiritual quest I thought that through meditation all my problems will be solved and I would experience rapid material and spiritual growth. No doubt meditation has played and continue to play a vital role in my own development but I also realized that it is important to understand how the physiology functions and to learn how to take better care of my physical and emotional health in order to enhance my progress.

Impact of emotions on your health and Wellbeing

Negative emotions usually manifest as physical ailments affecting various organs of the body. For instance, grief and sadness affect the lungs. Anger, resentment, frustration, irritability, and bitterness, affect the liver. Worry and focusing too much affect the spleen. Lack of enthusiasm and vitality, mental restlessness, depression, insomnia, and despair affect the heart. Fearfulness, weak willpower and insecurity affect the kidneys.  Digestive problems, back pain, colon issues, heart problems and insomnia could be due to imbalances in the emotions. Emotions also block the flow of energy through the chakras resulting in ill health and hindering our growth to higher states of consciousness.

A woman who recently attended the Emotional Fitness course, discovered that she was unable to find a proper companion because she made a key decision not to show her love after her former husband whom she loved dearly rejected her. To others, she appeared contented with her life but she suffered from loneliness, occasional bouts of depression, and digestive problem.  
We all make key decisions during times of crisis.

Do you know what key decisions are keeping you back?

To find out, join us on 27-28th  June.  
This decision could transform your life. If you haven’t signed up yet you still have time.

Act Now!
 This course on Awaken To Your Divinity: Creating Your Emotional Fitness, will
  • Provide you with the tools that will empower you to understand and remove the emotional blocks that prevent you from living a life of success, happiness and fulfillment -  a life free from suffering
  • Help you create a crystal clear vision for the ideal life you'll be living as you set goals and unleash your vision for awakening your Divinity 
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your   effort to  create positive relationships with yourself and others

Copies of "Awaken To Your Divinity" are available for purchase. Call now to reserve your copy

If you have any questions regarding the course call  633 7016 or e mail me at davidl@psychedonlife.net.
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Dr. David Lee Sheng Tin is a Board Certified Holistic Health and Strategic Intervention Coach/Lifestyle Consultant and author of "Awaken To Your Divinity: Creating Your Emotional Fitness- The Missing Link To Spiritual Growth".  He is an Adjunct Professor of Physiology and Health at Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa, USA and National Director of the Maharishi Institute of Science and Technology in Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.
He has been lecturing and leading courses on Consciousness, Health and Spiritual Development for over 20 years and he has helped thousands of people achieve  emotional freedom, better health and spiritual growth.
He works with clients in Europe, the USA, the Caribbean and New Zealand.   
To learn  more visit www.psychedonlife.net  www.awakentoyourdivinity.com

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