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Bye, bye Summer. Hello Fall

It’s been an interesting and exciting summer. After leaving the Caribbean at the end of July I visited Florida, St. Louis, Iowa and Vancouver, Canada, attending conferences, meeting with clients, lecturing at MUM, promoting my book and making new friends.  Now the trees are changing color and the air is getting cooler as I head back to the Caribbean for a while. Hope you also had a great summer.

New treatment brings relieve and joy to many.

I recently studied with Dr. Koren to learn a new  breakthrough in healthcare  called "KST". Tedd Koren, DC, is the discoverer of Koren Specific Technique (KST).  Dr. Koren’s years of suffering after an accident, resulted in his development of KST, where he applied the universal principles of chiropractic to create a breakthrough in patient and self care. He has trained thousands of doctors and healthcare professionals around the world in KST. In August I was at a KST conference with Dr. Koren, in Las Vegas.  Over forty medical doctors and other healthcare professionals, who are using KST in their practice, were upgrading their knowledge and sharing the amazing results they have experienced with KST.

What is KST?

 KST is a quick and powerful neurologically – based system for achieving and maintaining greater health. KST practitioners locate and correct interference to optimal body function easier and more quickly than ever before. KST care is highly specific – you know what and where the problem is for each client every time they visit.  KST clients commonly see immediate changes in health and in chronic problems.
KST is non invasive. It requires no cracking, twisting, turning or popping of joints. Instead you receive gentle specific corrections that are done either sitting or standing. In KST we are correcting a serious form of nerve stress caused by distortions in your spine and structural system. This stress is known as sublaxations. Subluxations can cause physical and mental/emotional malfunction. They are often associated with loss of energy, pain, weakness and disease of all types.  Removing the stress from your mind/body complex  allows you to become physically and mentally healthier.

What people are saying

 Here are some testimonials from my clients in Canada and USA who have received KST.
"After the first session I felt extremely tired and fell asleep. But I work up with energy and a clear head that I haven't felt for a long time. The fogginess in my brain has disappeared and I feel lighter. Also my sinuses feel clearer and my allergies have subsided."..D G

" When I came for my session I was very depressed. After a few minutes of KST my depression lifted and I have been in a good space ever since. Also the pressure I had in my eye due to macular degeneration is less after a few treatments and I can now feel my eye ball moving easier in the eye socket and vision is a bit better." ...D.C 

" For the first time in years I have been able to sleep without the aid of prescription drugs! This happened after my second KST session. My neck and shoulder pains have been reduced considerably."...K.A 

" I was in a car accident many years ago that left me with a lot of neck and shoulder pains as well as a tight feeling in my head. After KST I felt like a weight was lifted off my head. My anxiety is gone and my pains have been considerably reduced. I feel light and free for the first time in years."..D R 

“ For some time I have been experiencing severe restrictions in my rib-cage, as if the rib-cage was tightening and collapsing inward. This has sent me to the emergency room on a few occasions but the doctors were unable to determine the cause or even give me relief. I was recommended by a friend to try KST with David. After my first session I felt immediately relief. My breathing felt easier and that night I slept soundly without any tablet for the first time in eight months! I have continued to improve with every session and now I am sleeping soundly every night without tablets. My rib cage feels less tense, breathing is better and my emotions are stable. I can now have a happy day again”. F.F 

These are just a few of the remarks from clients.
KST is a very good addition to  pulse and energy consultation.
KST balances you, releases stress and promotes healing. It turns on your "inner healer." I'd like you to experience KST.
I'll be offering consultations KST, Light Therapy with Gems and Pulse in Trinidad from 8th October. Call 868 717 7540 to schedule an appointment.
It is recommended that you check with your health care provider before undertaking any new procedure. 


I love butternut squash. Here's a simple recipe that's delicious and can fit in with any meal.

Take one large butternut squash. Cut it length ways. Remove the seeds. Rub coconut oil or ghee on the inside and outside. Heat the oven to 350. Place on a tray in the oven and leave to cook until tender. (About 20 mins ). Remove. Sprinkle salt, black pepper  and cinnamon on the top. Or have it plain. That's it. Serve with your favorite vegetables, rice or meat.

Did you order your copy of " Awaken To Your Divinity: Creating Your Emotional Fitness: The Missing Link To Spiritual Growth"? It's available on Amazon and Barnes&Noble. Here's what some people are saying:

"Refreshingly practical !! Dr. Lee Sheng Tin has bridged the gap between the deeper esoteric, and simple practical living, by creating an easy to understand road map to solving the emotional challenges, of simple day to day living. After meditation, after wider yoga techniques, after philosophy, eastern or western, one has to live. One experiences daily challenges, the response to which is often guided by one's own emotional build. This book adds nicely to the menu of practical options available to the individual and will hopefully, become the useful guide that it is to many who are so challenged. Good work !"...Hayden Kublalsingh

"David's book is packed with easy to understand insights on removing the emotional blockages that may be hindering spiritual development. This is not just another book telling you that Meditation is the key to everything, and all need to do is meditate. David illuminates problem areas of human perception, and how we have mistaken our selves as separate from the source of all life, but with the right way of viewing the nature of reality, these misperceptions can be cleared. He gives practical, and tangible ways, we can change the way we view our selves and our relationships with others. This is an enjoyable books to read!"...Luke Rogers

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