When this whole world starts getting you down...what do you do?
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May 2015

Speaking on the discovery of Vedic Devatas in Human Physiology at a temple in Trinidad

What a month!

 Sudden unexpected events kept occurring during the course of last month that made me truly understand what the phrase, “take it as it comes”, meant. First it was learning that a good friend was very ill. While visiting him and helping to work out where he should go for surgery I got the news that a family member just suffered a massive heart attack and was in the ICU in a serious condition. 
Over the years I have learned to adopt an attitude that everything is going to be alright as nature knows best. This allows me to settle down and look for the opportunities that are about to appear rather than sink into despair.
With so much uncertainty and every situation appearing to be getting worse I braced myself hoping to see some light at the end of the tunnel knowing that somehow, no matter what, it all works out in the end.
Fortunately, by month end all the health situations started to improve and everyone was safely out of the woods and on the way to full recovery.  It feels like the sun has finally started to shine after a very cloudy and stormy month. Hallelujah!  



 In my book “Awaken To Your Divinity”,( scheduled to be released on Amazon by the 14th of this month), I speak about Metamorphosis, - dealing with change. Very often in life we are served some curved balls. Sudden, unexpected events appear and send our life into a crazy spin in which we seem to have no control. How we deal with these unexpected events sometimes determine how the rest of our life will be. 
My advice is to use these times as an opportunity to examine your life. See where you have been and where you were heading before the event. Perhaps you need to change directions or ramp up your activities.
Most people just wait in the hope that the situation will past quickly so they can return to their normal life. When we assume this attitude and make no effort to learn from the event we set ourselves up to experience another and sometimes worse crisis later in life.
You don’t necessarily have to be directly involved in a crisis in order to re examine your life. It could be that someone you know is going through some unexpected change that may surprise you and cause you to pause and think. You can use this as a queue from nature to look at your own situation and see where you may need to improve. Doing so could enhance your future.  
These are the opportunities to assess, rejoice, be grateful and learn. These are the moments that life sometimes teaches us our greatest lessons on love, relationship, friendship, humility and faith. It’s a great time in life. Use it wisely.



My Daughter Devina with a copy of "Awaken To Your Divinity- Creating Your Emotional Fitness, The Missing Link to Spiritual Growth". Click here and go to Awaken To Your Divinity page  to read an excerpt from Chapter 1

The book will be available on Amazon later this week so make sure you get a copy. A workbook will soon be available for download. 
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