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Vaaheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Vaaheguru Jee Kee Fateh!

The upcoming couple of months at DVN are all about power of ten! As you know, “dasvandh” means “one-tenth.”

What happens when the Guru-led and Guru-inspired idea of selflessly giving one-tenth of one’s time, resources, and earnings multiplies? It ensures that, through various Panthic projects, we are critically aware of areas we need to improve in and get right to work! It also pushes us to be forward-looking. We’ll discuss this two-part approach in an upcoming blog post; meanwhile, here’s a spoiler alert--we learned of this two-part approach from Gurbani!  

In an effort to be critically aware and forward-looking, we want to focus this newsletter on some big goals we have coming up at DVN. Below you’ll find details on newly added projects, other projects that need some of your TLC, how to be an activist to #PowerThePanth, and a look at our biggest goal to date for the Dasvandh Box Initiative!

Vaaheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Vaaheguru Jee Kee Fateh!

New Projects on DVN!
Fascinating Folktales of Punjab

Fascinating Folktales of Punjab is a set of three board books that were published last year as books for  children of all ages to preserve the ancient folk stories from Punjab for both Punjabi and English-speaking audiences. Punjabi folk tales came alive through vivid illustrations and fun language, and connected generations together with eachother to our Ma-boli, Punjabi. The project has now grown to adding two more board-books, completing the series! How exciting is it that your little ones can now enjoy the same vision of Punjab that our ancestors did? Please support this project of Five Folktales from the Land of Five Rivers. Your support ensures that our young ones learn and stay connected with Gurmukhi script and Punjabi language from a young age.
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Educate 10 Rural Children is a project by DeedADay. This organization is an initiative to draw support for children of impoverished families who are deprived of education. Primarily, the main focus is to provide cost-effective yet quality-oriented holistic schooling to rural and underprivileged children in India. To bring about positive change, the DeedADay team builds and runs schools in rural regions of Punjab, providing value-based education integrated with stark infrastructure, e-classrooms, & other amenities necessary for every day life, like drinking water and bathrooms. Please contribute to this fundraiser aimed at improving the lives of ten children in rural Punjab!
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DVN News!

Dasvandh Box Initiative

As the summer comes to a close, here at DVN, we are preparing for our most exciting time of the year! This fall we will be rolling out our Dasvandh Box Initiative in Gurdwaras across the country. A Dasvandh Box is a little box with a big meaning!  It is meant to show Sikh youth the importance of giving back to others and that every little bit counts. By raising just a few pennies at a time, collectively Gurdwaras can make a big difference. Over 20 Gurdwaras have signed up to participate this fall! Want to get involved or bring the program to your Gurdwara? Please contact us!

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Activist Corner


Our wonderful interns! 

We want to acknowledge and thank our dedicated interns, Keerat Kaur and Harleen Kaur, for their commitment to help us carry out the mission of DVN and help us inspire giving. Check out our blog for posts by both of these strong, wonderful Kaurs! As they venture back to college, it’s with gratitude we thank them and wish them continued success in their future endeavors.

Become a Dasvandh Ambassador!

Dasvandh Network is for all ages! We welcome Sikh students at colleges and universities to get involved by setting up fundraising pages for causes that they feel personally connected to. Log in with your DVN account, and under "my profile," start your own personal or an SSA-wide fundraising page. If you are part of your school’s SSA, we ask you to join us a Dasvandh Ambassador. Please contact us!

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Help These Projects Meet Their Goal!


Sikholars, a Sikh Graduate Student Conference organized by Jakara, has been active since 2009. Sikholars brings together graduate students working on topics related to Sikhi and serves as a platform for them to share their research. Additionally, Sikholars presenters get a chance to see that their community stands with them in their academic pursuits. Please help contribute and show your support for this project!
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Sundar Gutka
Chances are you have used or at least seen the Sundar Gutka app by Khalis Foundation. This app is being used by Sikhs across the world! Since its launch, the app has been downloaded 500,000 times! In this day and age, we have more accessibility to Gurbani than ever before in history, thanks to apps like this one! Please consider supporting this app so that its sevadars can create more such tools for all of us to benefit from!
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