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Welcome to the Quarterly Marketing Report from the team at Grampians Tourism.

These reports are sent out quarterly and we hope they are of interest to you. Please let us know if you would like more detail on any aspect of the report.


1. Quarterly Activity Summary
2. Website Results
3. Facebook Results
4. Instagram Results
5. Digital Advertising Results | Social Media | Google Display Advertisements
6. Other Advertising & Partnerships | Urban List
7. PR Highlights


The Marketing focus for the quarter was the continued roll-out of the ”The Grampians Way” campaign. The campaign launched on September 25 and aims to:

• Raise destination awareness
• Drive visitation all year round including off-peak periods
• Encourage dispersal around the region by promoting the diversity    
• Increase social media following and traffic to website
• Show value to our partners and connect tourists with operators

The campaign targets ‘Lifestyle Leaders’ primarily in Melbourne, followed by Adelaide and then regional Victoria.

The following information is based on January 1st – March 31st 2019.


Visit Grampians Website

Traffic to continues to grow, attracting 109,165 users during the quarter, an increase of 27% on the previous period. For the same period in 2018, the website had 60,167 sessions – so we’ve seen an 81% increase!

It is great to see so many new users finding our website, with 71% of the sessions in this quarter being new users. An average of 2.31 minutes was spent on the site and 3.24 different pages were visited.

Total Sessions:


Visit Grampians Facebook page grew to 31,038 likes in Jan - Mar 2019, an increase of over 3,000 people from the same period in 2018.

During this period, the posts reached 390,115 people, +28% growth on the period prior.

2 of the Top Performing Facebook Posts:

REACH: 30,527
REACH: 33,116


@thegrampians Instagram account grew in followers from 25,902 on 1 January to 27,413 by 31 March 2019, an increase of over 1,500 followers.

During this period, the posts reached over 487,000 people, +10% growth on the period prior 03/10/2018 - 31/12/2018.

2 of the Top Performing Instagram Posts:

Likes : 2,660

Likes : 2,550


Social Media Advertising

“The Grampians Way” campaign continued to effectively utilise Facebook Carousel and Video ads to create awareness and drive website traffic. The campaign during this period reached 886,768 people, with 90,398 of those users engaging with the adverts. Whilst awareness is the main objective, these ads generated 4,423 website sessions – up from 2,192 last quarter.

Google Display Advertising

Google Display advertising proved an overwhelming success this quarter, with a significant boost in clicks and excellent cost per click value.

Similar to the last period, Google Display campaigns have been used to drive sessions and conversions on the website, and targets users in the discovery, consideration and decision stages of the user experience.

”The Grampians Way” creative switched from Summer to Autumn messaging on March 1st, which provided an additional boost to performance. Google Ads generate 25,083 users to the website – up an incredible 70% compared to last quarter. Google Ads resulted in 23% of the total website traffic – compared to 15% last quarter. The Google Search campaign was also effective, resulting in the highest clicks from ‘Grampians’, ‘Camping’ ‘Walking’ and ‘Hiking’.


U:L | The Urban List

Our partnership with Urban List continued this quarter, with the objective of raising awareness of each ‘patch’ across the region with our key target market of ‘Lifestyle Leaders’ in Melbourne.

‘East’ was featured in an article that went live on February 7, and was then amplified via Facebook. The article on the ‘West’ went live on February 28.

The ‘East’ article achieved 93% to benchmark (11,737 page views) during its time in market. Although this article didn’t reach 100% of benchmark the very high time on page of 8:07 minutes (U:L average dwell time = 3 minutes) indicates the reader’s high engagement with the content as they stayed on the page to consume the information in its entirety.

Based on the success of the articles for North and South (both over-delivering on benchmarks) the ‘road-trip’ angle and scenery imagery resonates much more. The content angle combining regional escapes and wineries is a tried and tested approach with the Urban List audience who have a strong love for food and drink and uncovering local hidden gems.

The display advertising delivered 46,515 impressions with a CTR of 0.05% during the campaign activity. The Facebook Amplification reached a total of 145,491 people and generated an engagement of 7,295 likes, comments, shares and link clicks.

The audience split was 54-46 Female to Male and 54% of the audience sat within the 24-34 age bracket. The initial Facebook post (A Test) using an image of the art gallery failed to gain traction with our audience, possibly due to its niche appeal. The post was subsequently optimised with an image with a wider appeal (vineyard - B Test), and then the post began to see strong results.

There was a total of 209 outbound clicks to Visit Grampians and 60 clicks to Pomonal Estate, showing that the content was actionable and sparked interest amongst readers. TAMA only received 13 clicks, further illustrating that the art angle does not resonate with the Urban List audience.

The article on the ‘West’ went live on February 28. Unfortunately there has been a delay with this report from Urban List, so we will include in the next report.


PR coverage during the period of January – March reached a cumulative audience of 603,201 people and had an advertising value of $96k. This figure was significantly down due to the high amount of coverage received surrounding the launch of ‘The Grampians Way’ campaign.

Print coverage accounted for 91% of the cumulative audience (Newspapers 54%, Magazines 37%). A piece by Dan Imhoff in the Herald Sun on Autumn in Victoria featured the Wimmera Mallee Silo Project, Mt Abrupt Walk, Mt Arapiles, Mt Rosea Loop and Grampians Grape Escape.


Grampians Grape Escape is coming up on May 5th, and we are continuing to promote the event via our own social channels and work with our PR team to generate coverage.

e are in the final stages of planning all the details around our Postcards television program episode which will be filmed from the 6 to 10 May with the episode scheduled to air on 2 June 2019. We look forward to watching this wonderful collaboration between local government, industry and Grampians Tourism unfold!

Thanks for reading and please contact us if you have any questions!

Contact Us:

Marc Sleeman, CEO 
p: 0437 530 148
Sarah Myers, Marketing & Brand Manager
p: 0417 156 695
Amanda Cochran, Digital & Marketing Assistant
p: 0438 003 163
Caron Fraser, Account and General Enquiries
p: 03 5356 4865
f: 03 5356 4238

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