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Saying Farewell to Another Amazing Year

On July 31st, the Year 20 Members graduated from the Emergency Response Team.  Spending the day together as a team was a great way to recognize each other's strengths and recall the memories that made this year great.  We are fortunate to have 7 members of the team continuing on as Team Leaders for Year 21!  Be sure to check our website to meet the new members of Year 21.  

However, it is never goodbye with AmeriCorps St. Louis.  

Until next time, Year 20! We will see you again!


ERT Deploys to Clarksville, MO

The Emergency Response Team deployed to Clarksville, MO on July 2nd for the 3rd time in 15 months to protect the town from flooding.  The Mississippi River crested on July 9th at 34.78 feet. Our team and countless volunteers were able to successfully build walls of sandbags around homes and businesses, preparing for a flood height of 35.4 feet.  AmeriCorps St. Louis continues to have a close relationship with the town and residents of Clarksville.
Find out more about our relationship with the city.

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Member Reflections
Fixin' To Sandbag 
by Dathan Tinney

Come on all my AmeriCorps kin, 
State of Missouri needs your help again,
Got themselves in a terrible jam,
Flooding on the river by #24 Lock 'n Dam,
So put on your vests and pick up a spade,
We're gonna move a whole lot of sand,

It's one, two, three - how high are we plannin' for?
Don't know, just keep on baggin',
Shore up those walls before they're saggin',
And it's five, six, seven - Nature's opened up the floodgates,
Ain't no time to wonder why,
Keep fillin' and stacking high,

Finish Dathan's Poem

Wrapping It Up
by Chris Stauffer

We started this year together and we will end it the same way--there are not many jobs that can claim that sort of retention. I feel like that is what made this year such an amazing experience. Through thick and thin we stuck together and that camaraderie, I believe, is what drives AmeriCorps St. Louis to success. Thank you one and all for the memories. We came, we saw, we conquered... we overcame.

Read all of Chris's Story

Alumni News
On September 26, 2014 the Junior Board will be hosting a fundraiser for AmeriCorps St. Louis.  Rockstars of Service is a concert featuring 3 bands with AmeriCorps St. Louis Alums.  The concert will be at the Gramaphone.  Doors open at 7pm and the first band will go on at 8pm.  

For tickets, order in advance for a discount.  They will also be available at the door. 

For more information on the bands performing, check out the event on Facebook and our website
On July 26, 2014, alums Adam Brok and Lori Glantz were married in the UAC at AmeriCorps St. Louis.  They were joined by family, friends, and fellow alumni of ACSTL to help celebrate such a wonderful occasion.  Congratulations Lori and Adam!
*If you are an alumni with big news, let us know! We want to keep your AmeriCorps family updated.  If you have any announcements, please email them to
Please consider making a financial donation to AmeriCorps St. Louis to ensure our Emergency Response Team is able to continue responding. Every dollar you give means that our team is able to be out there, meeting the needs of people whose lives have been turned upside down. 
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