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 USA Crowd-funding Stats, New Rising Tide Education Video, e-Residency
Dear Global Innovation, Entrepreneurial and Early Stage Investor Community,

Even though we said we would not do an EBAN Newsletter during August, some news is just too good to keep and so we will be doing EBAN Flashes throughout the month of August!

In this EBAN Flash summer issue we are super-excited to highlight the first statistics coming in from the USA Crowd-funding activity, two months after it was introduced as a regulated activity.

Also, we would like to point out the last Rising Tide video done by our EBAN President Emeritus, Brigitte Baumann - "Introduction to Managing Follow-on Rounds".

Our work with the e-Residency program continues and we are most pleased to feature the first "" conference taking place in Tallinn, Estonia in this newsflash.

Finally, we are so proud of our colleagues at ABAN as they gear up towards Demo Africa, 22 - 24 August in Sandton, South Africa, where the launch of SABAN will take place!

Continue to enjoy the summer!

With kindest regards,

Candace Johnson
Featured News
Statistics from USA Crowd-funding Activity
Angel Capital Association offers key insights on New Equity Crowdfunding Market Activity, based on analysis from Crowdfund Capital Advisors:
  • 70 companies registered offerings, requesting more than $35 million
  • Nearly $5 million in capital was committed
  • The largest sectors for investment include wine and spirits, technology-hardware, entertainment and media, food and beverage, and real estate.
  • The largest funded deal to date is $1M in Beta Bionics, maker of a wearable medical device that manages blood sugar levels in people with diabetes, from 780 investors
  • 14 platforms have been approved for crowdfunding, and the report shows the distribution of offerings by platform
Read the full article on the ACA website or check out the continually updated statistics here.
Rising Tide - Introduction to Managing Follow-on Rounds
EBAN Institute is happy to present the the next installment in the series of instructional videos and webinars from Go Beyond Investing, created by EBAN President Emeritus, Brigitte Baumann: Rising Tide - Introduction to Managing Follow-on Rounds.

The video provides answers to the following questions:
  • What are follow-on rounds?
  • When is it a good time to do one?
  • What are the different types of follow-on rounds?
  • What are warrants?
  • What is a Down round? 
To watch the video, follow this link.

To see all Rising Tide videos released so far, visit the EBAN Institute website.
The Future of Identity Conference is organising an exclusive conference in Tallinn on Sept 1-3 on The Future of Identity. The invitation-only conference is designed to be a meeting of minds on the future of Identity.  Future of Identity is a small and exclusive gathering of global experts in Identity in the country leading the way in e-Identity at a national level.  The conference is an opportunity to meet global experts in Identity, Blockchain, Fintech, and e-Government, as well as meeting the Estonian government team behind e-Residency, and e-Estonia. The conference offers a chance to hear directly from the people who built e-Estonia how e-ID impacts on taxation, healthcare, and policy, with focuses on topics like how the big data from e-Government can be used for predictive policy making.

Special 50% discount for all EBAN, MBAN and ABAN members! Find out more from

More information and tickets available here.
ABAN – Building a Continent of Angel Investors

After a successful series of Angel Investor Bootcamps and Masterclasses last year, ABAN, the African Business Angel Network, is looking forward to now launch the 2016 series of investor events. These investor sessions are part of a shared effort to connect the network, knowledge and capital needed to support the continued growth of Africa’s innovation sectors and to help maximize the continents entrepreneurial potential.

The series will focus on facilitating interactions between aspiring angel investors, experienced angel investors, promising high-potential entrepreneurs and other relevant stakeholders in the ecosystem from NGO’s government institutions and the academic world.

Read the full article on our website.

SABAN Launch - A Promising Step for South Africa

With the South African Business Angel Network – SABAN – launching in Johannesburg on August 24th, 2016, South Africa can claim its first national non-profit association whose purpose is to “galvanize and grow angel investing” in the country.

Chris Campbell is an entrepreneur based in South Africa who has been on the front line of SABAN’s creation. Through his experience pitching and going through funding rounds, Chris saw the need to make it easier to connect South African entrepreneurs and business angels. The inspiration for him to get involved personally came after the EBAN Winter University 2014 in Helsinki, Finland, which enabled him to see what was being done in other countries and that it could be possible for South Africa as well.

Chris is quick to mention that ABAN – the African Business Angel Network – has been instrumental in providing support to get SABAN off the ground. ABAN spans the whole continent and is envisioned as a “network of networks”. However, it is also in the unique position of helping develop national and regional networks itself, in which regard SABAN will certainly be a testament to its success.

Read the full article here.

Pirate Summit 2016
September 6-7, 2016, Cologne, Germany

Every year 650+ rockstar startup founders, 250+ leading investors and a bunch of media- and corporate executives gather in a scrapyard-turned-outdoor-art-gallery in one of Europe’s most underrated cities – Cologne, Germany.

In it’s sixth year, Pirate Summit stays true to its core principles and values: no nonsense and startup superficiality, a hand-picked crowd (the event is application only) and solely interactive formats. The mission: to foster meaningful connections across the world’s startup ecosystems and celebrate true entrepreneurship. 

Founded by entrepreneurs, Pirate Summit is an event from the startup community for the startup community with reasonable prices for all attendees. Don’t miss your chance to attend this year’s edition.

10% Discount for EBAN followers! Use the code: eban_ref_10.

For more information, visit the EBAN and Pirate Summit websites.

UPRISE Festival Europe 4
October 20, 2016, Dublin Ireland

UPRISE – Europe’s largest startup festival began it’s life in Amsterdam on March 26th 2015 and was founded by Irishman Paul O’Connell (not the ex-rugby player). The kickoff event started with bringing growth-stage companies together with 4000 attendees, enterprise and national media. Partnered by Facebook, Startup Amsterdam,, Paypal, IBM and Microsoft.

In the first year UPRISE brought 15,000 attendees to their festivals consisting of European CEO, CTO and Founder level to corporate managers and recent relevant university graduates. They also attract the interest of the general public with our accessible ticket pricing approach.

Now they grow again and move the most accessible festival to show off talent and tech to the RDS in Dublin on October 20th. UPRISE brings the world to Dublin’s door in a practical, fun and relaxed atmosphere where they won’t talk at you but with you.

15 discounted tickets available for EBAN members, giving full access to one-on-one matching and investor clinic sessions! Contact if interested.

See the full event at EBAN and UPRISE Festival websites.

This month's Section of the month features 5 startups that are participating to the ePlus ecosystem projects, one of the European projects that EBAN is a partner of. Click on their logo to watch their video pitch!
Textile Energy makes humans independent energetically anywhere through their portable solar solutions. Don't run out of power!
Motion-S builds Smartphone-based Telematics Solutions that make your driving experience Smarter, Safer and more Efficient!
Gloneta from Snapswap is a free way to send money to people internationally, from one currency to another.
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27 September 2016
EBAN Impact Webinar
29-30 November 2016
EBAN Winter University
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August 24
South African Business Angel Network Launch Breakfast
Johannesburg, South Africa

September 1-3
The Future of Identity Conference
Tallinn, Estonia

September 6-7
Pirate Summit 2016
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September 15
E-Xcelerator InsurTech Investor Day
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September 27
EBAN Impact Webinar

October 20
UPRISE Festival Europe 4
Dublin, Ireland
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Important Early Stage Market News

In Swan Song, EU’s Venture Markets Get a Boost
Web Summit 2016 in Lisbon
Web Summit is “Europe’s largest and most important technology marketplace”. This year there are 50,000+ Attendees, 7,000+ CEOs, 65% Senior Management, 20,000+ Companies, 150+ Countries.
20% discount for EBAN MEMBERS (Get in touch with us!)
EmTech  Venture Point 2016
Tech startups can participate at an investment forum with the aim of gaining visibility and to meet investors who can be interested and can accelerate their projects.

20% discount for EBAN MEMBERS (Get in touch with us!)


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