The Coming of Age of Business Angel Investing - Learn all about it at EBAN Winter University in Copenhagen 2015, the first ever global Forum of Venture Finance in Science, Technology, Space and the Creative industries.

The EBAN Winter University and Creative Business Cup is only one month away. Come join us in Copenhagen!
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Meet some of the speakers participating:

    Albert Colomer                   Brigitte Baumann              Lars Thinggaard           Heidi Kakko
    Founder & Chairman         CEO Go Beyond                President & CEO          Managing Director
    BANC                                  Early-Stage Investing        Milestone Systems      EstBAN

     David S. Rose                    Julie Meyer                       Soren Hougaard           Jan Rosenbom
     Founder & CEO                 Founder Entrepreneur-    Business Angel            Equity Partner
     Gust                                   Country Global                  Professor at CBS         Keystone

Dear Innovation and Investment Community and Colleagues,

The news that Angel investors in the UK had invested 1 Billion Pounds in entrepreneurial and venture finance this last year, totally out-pacing the venture capital investment of 200,000 Pounds by a factor of 5 was news to some, but not to EBAN, whose 2014 statistics had shown that Business Angels across Europe had invested 5.5 Billion Euros as opposed to 2.2 Billion Euros of Venture Capital the year before.
Whether it is the OECD who has recognized Angel Investing as an asset class and included it in its yearly scoreboard; whether it is the European Commission and the European Investment Fund who have expanded their co-investment fund program to include Business Angel Syndicates and Networks; whether it is the World Bank or the EIB who are now actively seeking out Business Angels to co-invest with, the Age of the Business Angel is upon us.
And with it, it is no wonder that more and more Global Success Stories are coming out of Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Angel Investing and Success Stories go hand in hand. Entrepreneurs have a much better chance to succeed if they have smart money, mentoring, networking and experience from a Business Angel.
Not only this, but more and more private investors are realizing that their experience and networks in business can be invaluable to entrepreneurs in the digital universe.  
We at EBAN are welcoming all Business Angels, Business Angel Networks  and new private Investors who would like to become Business Angels to our EBAN Winter University - the world’s first global summit on Venture Finance in Science, Space, Technology and the Creative industries where they can learn the latest developments not only in venture and entrepreneurial finance, but also the latest trends in Space, Science, the digital Universe and the Creative Arts and how investments in innovation can yield huge returns not only in money but also for the global society and economy.
We are delighted to highlight a case below with our interview with Dr. Hansmann, who has had two great exits, as well as urging you all to get to know more about space and satellite activities with our European Space Agency Colleagues at their first ever TedX conference with Dutch Astronaut André Kuipers, in Noordwijk, Netherlands on 11 November. And we are pleased as well to share with you the successes in our recent Angel Boot Camps with our ABAN Colleagues in Lagos, Nairobi, and Capetown.

Kindest Regards,

Candace Johnson
News From Space

Something special is about to happen at the European Space Agency 

The first ever TEDxESA is taking place on Nov 11 at ESA's establishment in Noordwijk, The Netherlands! Under the theme of "Science Beyond Fiction", a diverse selection of international speakers will look at the fascination of space from various points of view. Moderated by Dutch ESA Astronaut André Kuipers, TEDxESA will point out to visionary space projects that will help to answer the most relevant questions about our universe, and TEDxESA will take a look at how space technology and space data can make a difference here on earth already now...[more]

Satellite Masters Conference

Centred around leveraging satellite-derived data and other space solutions for business and society, the conference will tackle global change with sustainable solutions, disaster and security management with data from space, and big data from space for business in the cloud. Speakers, including EBAN President Candace Johnson, will also discuss small satellites with a big impact on the new space economy, satellite services for European infrastructures, and smart cities: sustainable living based on data from space...[more]

In the Press

The Makings of a Successful Exit - An Interview with Johann Hansmann

2015 brought two successful exits for Austrian business angel Johann Hansmann, both mobile apps in health and lifestyle areas. His experience with Runtastic, sold to Adidas in August 2015, and Shpock, of which transaction details are not disclosed, demonstrates a few key factors playing out across successful exits...[more]

African Angel Investors Unite in Lagos

Following the successful edition of last year which resulted in the formation of the African Business Angel Network, the 2015 summit again brought together early stage investors, fund managers and opinion leaders from across the continent, Europe and the US. Tayo Oviosu, CEO and founder of Paga the largest online payment platform in Nigeria, helped set the stage by talking about his journey as entrepreneur and more recently of becoming an investor himself...[more]

Members Featured News

EBAN Continues to Promote Entrepreneurs with Hands On Startup Tour

Thanks to the cooperation with Hands On Start-Up Tour, EBAN is providing the possibility to eight entrepreneurs from around Europe to go for a week to Silicon Valley and work with Intel Capital and Draper Ventures. In the picture below, EBAN-sponsored company Optimiam won the Paris Start-Up Tour competition on 14 October.  The finals will take place on 26 November at the Microsoft Europe headquarters in Paris. 

Ionian Adriatic BAN/Association on its Way to Foster the Regional Entrepreneurship Ecosystem
by Baybars Altuntas
On 24 September, I was on the island of Corfu, Greece as the Vice President of EBAN to deliver a keynote speech on financing innovation at the Innovation Investment Forum, hosted by the European Regional Framework for Cooperation (ERFC). The forum hosted more than 100 participants from the Adriatic region’s early-stage investment and entrepreneurship market. Among the participants were the presidents and directors of business angel networks from Croatia, Greece, Italy, Kosovo, Serbia, Slovenia, and Turkey...[more]
EBN Opens Three New International Innovation Hubs
EBN, the Brussels-based innovation network, expands to China, Canada and India with the official opening of three local representatives. Innovative start-ups and SMEs can now safely grow their businesses into new markets, with the guaranteed quality of support offered by the EU|BIC (Business and Innovation Centre) label in Europe.. [more]

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6 - 8 October
NACO National Angel Summit
Albert Colomer, EBAN Board Member

23 - 25 September
ABAN Angel Investor Summit
Candace Johnson, EBAN President

24 September
Innovation Investment Forum of the Adriatic Ionion Macroregion
Baybars Altuntas, Vice President EBAN

21 September
European Innovation Day
Peter E. Braun, EBAN Board Member

18 September
Paulo Andrez, President Emeritus EBAN

10 September
Regus Kora Opening in Tampere, Finland
Ana Barjasic, Project Manager EBAN

1 - 2 September
Launch of Bulgarian Association of Business Angels
Baybars Altuntas, Vice President EBAN


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Please contact David Kirk, Co-Founder of Applyifi, at david.kirk@applyifi.com to schedule a time to speak.

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