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Which Beads, Which Way?
Tricorns and Lovebud Vines Styled as a NecklaceYou're reading issue #57. Wait - 56 issues and none of them are about crocheting beads into stitches? Odd, because I love using several methods (separately and together)! This issue is about three of them, described below.

All three beading methods show in the photo at left.

This week I took a deep breath and then formally introduced my Lotus yarn to my bread stash. I took the plunge with an open mind because crocheting with beads can get hitchy. I never know exactly how a batch of beads will work with a yarn. It could turn out to be a fabulous pairing, but I often can't get more of the same exact beads later, so I've learned to be cautiously optimistic.Matches between bead stash and Lotus yarn colors

I have several seed bead sizes in my stash, especially size Large. This size may also be labeled Size 6/0, or E-Beads. It's an easy size to find, and it works with most yarns up to sport weight (CYC #2 category & size #3 thread) using most beading methods most of the time.
Candied Pony Beads: one bead color, 5 different Lotus coolors
Lotus is a standard sport weight yarn, so it should work with most of my 6º seed beads. I'm here to report results: I had fun! You can tell because of the brand-new set of FIVE little Candied Color Charms patterns. Lovely new photos are sprinkled all over this newsletter. Most of my large seed beads play nicely with Lotus yarn, and I had enough bead colors to go with the yarn colors.

The Big Three Beading Methods

Five charms to combine different ways.

Until almost ten years ago I knew only ONE way to crochet with beads (#1 below). #2 is becoming more widely known and used. I don't know how well known or used #3 is.

1. String 'em all on before crocheting, then slide at least one bead up near the hook so that it's incorporated into the crochet stitch as you complete it. This method requires a beading needle, planning ahead, and constantly sliding most beads down and out of the way as you crochet. Each bead ends up on one strand of yarn at the backs of stitches (unless you employ a tweak). See the Candied Pony Beads in the right column.
Steel crochet hook ready to hoist some seed beads


2. Hoist 'em on any time. Not sure when I first learned this method, but I associate the term "hoisting" with Doris Chan, who uses this method often. She was the first designer I knew who used beads in the hem of a lace kimono invisibly to improve drape, not for embellishment. This method requires a crochet hook small enough to fit through the bead's holes, and yarn thin enough for a loop of it to be pulled through. Beads end up on two strands of a stitch. See the Flounces and Lovebud Vines in the right column. No steel hook small enough? See this tatting photo tutorial for a workaround!
Sweet Almonds Jewelry Set that combines 2 beading methods

Beading methods #1 and
#3 were used in the Sweet Almonds Set shown at left.

Beads of several sizes "super-hoisted" onto a chain strand of Lotus yarn.3. Super-Hoist 'em to prominence. It's my term for a hybrid of #1 & #2. Use a fine crochet hook like with method #2 to hoist a pre-strung bead over an entire crochet stitch (usually a chain). The bead must have a large enough hole.
The unique benefit of this method is that the bead is prominently visible from every angle, because no stitch strands cover the bead. See the Tricorns design (right column).

That's it for #57! If you know someone who would enjoy this kind of newsletter, please forward this to them so that they can subscribe. (Click here to subscribe: ) If you have any comments or suggestions, please email me. Thanks!      --Vashti
Candied Crochet Stitches
Sometimes beads are like big sugar sprinkles all over my crochet.Candied Pony Beads stacked
Candied Pony Beads: 100% slip stitch bead crochet. Another view:
Candied Pony Beads as Pendant in black and purple Lotus yarns.

Above: Beading method #1.
Below: Beading method #2:

Flounces: Color Charms with hoisted beads
Flounces: Pastel Lotus Color Charms
Next: Beading method #3:

These Tricorns want me to devise a game and they'll be the game pieces.

Every-Which-Way Beading
These Lovebud Vines mix beading methods #1 and #2:
Lovebud Vines: two beading methods combined.I use these to help me visualize how four similar-colored beads look different on the same yarn color.

+ DesigningVashti News +
CGOA CONFERENCE CLASS GRID IS UP: I'm excited be teaching six more crochet classes from July 24th-26th in Manchester NH
front page of new downloadable Candied Color Charms crochet pattern

NEW PATTERN SET of six little patterns and 3 beading methods is ready: Candied Color Charms Booster Pack and in Ravelry
It's a booster pack for the Lotus Chips Kit that was announced in the last issue.

STUNNING: Doris Chan's Andromeda Dress (from her newest bookcrocheted and modeled by Raveler kristinlynn in 4.6 skeins of Lotus yarn!

FEBRUARY CAL! CROCHET ALONG in Ravelry for the Frostyflakes Scarf/ Wrap
Frostyflakes all-yarns-&-amounts corner-to-corner wrap
It's not at all too late to join in. Thanks to 783Nora for inspiring it with her three lovely wraps (please go take a look!)

Links I Enjoyed This Week
Thanks to Korina in the DV Ravelry Lounge for a link to a YouTube video in English. It shows a way to weave in ends from color changes that I mentioned in the last issue.
SNEAK PEEK! It's Lotus lusciousness.
 "Starpath" new crochet design; link goes to its new Ravelry project page.
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