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Dear Valued Customer,

Happy September! It's back to school season and we are looking forward to many exciting new things this fall, including the release of our new collection, Slavery in America: History, Culture & Law.

In August, nearly one million pages were added to HeinOnline! This release includes more than 1,890 new titles in U.S. Congressional Documents, more than 45 new titles in Religion & the Law, more than 130 new titles in Legal Classics and over 100 UNC Press titles which are available in all U.S. Core subscriptions at no additional cost. HeinOnline has now surpassed 2,300 journals this month in the Law Journal Library and now includes more than 120,000 titles in total!

Be sure to check out important information about HeinOnline systems; a recent post on the growth of the U.S. Congressional Documents library; this month's Oral Histories update; and September's Trivia!

Please take a moment to read the August Newsletter.

Kaylyn Zurawski
HeinOnline Marketing Department



Below is a summary of some of the notable titles included in this month's release.
  • Law Journal Library
    • Irish Business Law Review
    • ISIL Year Book of International Humanitarian and Refugee Law
    • Journal of Law and Public Administration
    • Journal of the Australasian Tax Teachers
    • Law & History
    • Law: Journal of the Higher School of Economics
    • Notre Dame Law Review Online
    • Pravni Vjesnik
    • Trinity Law Review
  • Legal Classics: 132 new titles added, including:
    • American Law of Property: A Treatise on the Law of Property in the United States - 4v. Boston, Mass: Little, Brown, 1952 - James A. Casner, Editor
    • Enforcement of the Selective Service Law - Washington: U.S. Govt. Printing Office, 1950
    • Fessenden of Maine, Civil War Senator - Syracuse, N.Y.: Syracuse University Press, 1962- Charles A. Jellison
    • Library of American Law and Practice - 12v. Chicago: American Technical Society, 1919
    • Report to the President and the Attorney General of the National Commission for the Review of Antitrust Laws and Procedures - 2v. Washington, D.C.: The Commission, 1979
    • What Every Person Should Know about Jury Trials - New York: Vantage Press, 1953 - Samuel W. McCart
  • Congress and the Courts: 7 new titles added, including:
    • Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Circuit Court of the United States for the Second - 24v. Auburn, N.Y.: Derby and Miller, 1852-1888
  • Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS): 3 new titles added, inlcuding:
    • Toward Thorough, Accurate, and Reliable: A History of the Foreign Relations of the United States Series - Washington: U.S. Department of State, 2015 - William B. McAllister
  • History of International Law: 3 new titles added, including:
    • Codex Juris Gentium Diplomaticus, in Quo Tabulae Authenticae Actorum Publicorum, Tractatuum, Aliarumque Rerum Majoris Momenti - 2v. Hannover: Literis & Impensis, Samuelis Ammonii, 1693-1700 - Wilhelm Gottfried Leibniz
  • Religion and the Law: 47 new titles added, including:
    • Ecclesiastical History of England - 5v. London: Jackson, Walford, and Hodder, 1867-1874 - John Stoughton
    • Institutes of Ecclesiastical History, Ancient and Modern - 3v. London: Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts & Green; etc., 1863 - Von Mosherim, John Laurence, James Murdock, et al., Editors, Translators
    • Islam: Beliefs and Institutions - London: Methuen & Co., 1929 - H. Lammens & E. Denison Ross, Translator
    • Shorter Encyclopaedia of Islam - Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1953 - H.A. R. Gibb & J.H. Kramers, Editors
  • Selden Society Publications and the History of Early English Law: 1 new title added:
    • Law Journal Reports (New Series) - 127v. London: E.B. Ince, 1822
  • Spinelli's Law Library Reference Shelf: 25 new titles added, including:
    • Up from Slavery: An Autobiography - New York: Doubleday, Page & Co., 1901 - Booker T. Washington
  • State Reports: A Historical Archive: 11 new titles added, including:
    • Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of Appeals in Colorado - 7v. Denver: Mills Publishing Co., 1912-1915
    • Massachusetts Appellate Decisions - 59v. Boston: Wilson-Hill Co., 1941-1978
    • Report of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of Appeals of Alabama - 17v. Montgomery: Brown Printing Co., 1911-1921
    • Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in Ohio Courts of Record except Supreme and Circuit - 31v. Norwalk: Laning Co., 1895-1923
  • U.S. Federal Agency Documents, Decisions, and Appeals: 14 new titles added, including:
    • Reports of the Subversive Activities Control Board - 4v. Washington: U.S. Gov't Printing Office, 1918-1920
    • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Reports - 1993-2007
    • Monthly Catalog of United States Government Publications - 1895-1939
  • U.S. Congressional Documents: 1,893 new titles added, including:
  • Women and the Law (Peggy): 17 new titles added, including:
    • Bride-Bush: Or, a Direction for Married Persons: Plainely Describing the Duties Common to Both - London: Imprinted by Felix Kyngston for Thomas Man, 1619 - William Whately, Compiler
  • World Treaty Library: 3 new title added:
    • Codex Juris Gentium Recentissimi: E Tabulariorum Exemplorumque Fide Dignorum Monumentis - 3v. Lipsiae: Apvd haer. Weidmann, et Reich, 1781-1795


Notable Titles Added to the Law Journal Library

The Law Journal Library now contains nearly two million articles and more than 2,300 law and law-related periodicals. Some notable titles added this month:

Irish Business Law Review: Vol. 1 (2013-2014). The Irish Business Law Review will build on the success of the Irish Business Law Review with a change to the format and frequency. As a bi-annual publication each issue will contain several articles, case notes and reviews on a wide range of subjects that will be of interest to both the legal practitioner and the legal academic.

Journal of the Australasian Tax Teachers Association: Vols. 1-10 (2005-2015). JATTA is an electronic double-blind, peer-reviewed journal. The Association is a non-profit interdisciplinary organization established in 1987. Members include taxation law, accounting and economics academics, writers, and administrators from Australia and New Zealand. JATTA is normally published once a year after the Association's annual conference. It is common for each issue of JATTA to be based on a theme for which a specific call for papers will be made.

law&history: Vols. 1-2 (2014-2015). law&history is a fully refereed journal, of original research and contribution to scholarship. The Editor welcomes submissions on any law and history-related topic but is particularly keen to publish material on Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific and expects to receive papers presented at the annual Australia and New Zealand Law and History conference for consideration. At all times the journal will maintain the highest standards of academic integrity, with articles undergoing.

Law: Journal of the Higher School of Economics: 2008-2015 Title Varies: 2008-2010 as Law: Journal of the State University - Higher School of Economics. The journal "Pravo. Zhurnal Vysshey shkoly ekonomiki" ("Law. Journal of the Higher School of Economics") is a publication of the National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE) to broaden the involvement of the university in the dissemination of legal culture and legal education.

Notre Dame Law Review Online: Vols. 90-91 (2014-2016). The Notre Dame Law Review launched Notre Dame Law Review Online in December 2014. This online supplement to the print edition contains a variety of content, including essays, recent case summaries, case comments, and legal analysis from leading practitioners. Notre Dame Law Review Online expands the scope of the Law Review, and allows the journal to work inclusively with all students at Notre Dame Law School.

New Titles Added to Religion and the Law

This month 47 new titles were added to Religion and the Law including some new titles on Islam. These titles include:
  • Islam: Beliefs and Institutions - London: Methuen & Co., 1929
  • Shorter Encyclopaedia of Islam - Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1953

UNC Press Titles Added to U.S. Core Subscriptions

More than 115 University of North Carolina Press legal titles have been added to all U.S. Core subscriptions free of charge! These titles cover a wide range of subjects, including the AIDS pandemic, slavery, religion, immigration, and more. Both current and historical titles are included, and all books are available as full-color PDFs.
Some titles included:
  • Black Abolitionist Papers - 5v. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1985 - Ripley, C. Peter; et al., Editors
  • Captive Nation: Black Prison Organizing in the Civil Rights Era - 1v. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2014 - Berger, Dan
  • Commerce Clause under Marshall, Taney, and Waite - 1v. The University of North Carolina Press, 1937 - Frankfurter, Felix
  • Racial Discrimination and Private Education: A Legal Analysis - 1v. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1957 - Miller, Arthur S.
  • Working Knowledge: Employee Innovation and the Rise of Corporate Intellectual Property, 1800-1930 - 1v. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2009 - Fisk, Catherine L.
For a complete list of titles, click here.


Enhancements to Session Laws Library

Our monthly update of Session Laws continues as we index to the chapter level or act level in 10-year increments, in reverse chronological order, starting with the states that are ranked highest by access for HeinOnline users. 

The following have been further indexed this month from 1994-2004.
  • California
  • New York
  • Maryland
  • Florida
  • Illinois

Learn more here.
Most complete legal collection on slavery documents ever assembled

General Editor: Paul Finkelman

Slavery in America and the World: History, Culture & Law brings together, for the first time, all known legal materials on slavery in the United States and the English-speaking world. This includes every statute passed by every colony and state on slavery, every federal statute dealing with slavery, and all reported state and federal cases on slavery.

For the last half century, scholars in the United States and elsewhere have focused enormous attention on the impact of slavery on the development of the modern world. Scholars in many disciplines agree that, to a greater or lesser extent, the modern industrial economy was in part (some would say in large part) a result of the system of Atlantic slavery that began in the 1450s and ended in the 1880s. Historians have of course long been interested in slavery. But today slavery scholars are found in law schools, business schools, public policy schools, and medical schools. In universities we find slavery scholars (and courses on slavery) in various departments including economics, political science, literature, sociology, anthropology, fine arts, art history, and archaeology. Movies, television programs, best-selling novels, and museum exhibits illustrate how slavery has become a fixture in American popular culture. Universities have sponsored scholarly investigations into whether their history was tied to human bondage. Slavery comes up in political debate over issues of flying the Confederate flag, building monuments, and reparations.


Can your library help?

Click here to see the materials we are looking for.

If your library is in possession of this type of material and is willing to donate to us for digitization, please contact Shane Marmion at or 716-882-2600. Please note: we would prefer to be able to cut the material for scanning and would provide electronic copies (PDFs) and/or credit in return.



As HeinOnline continues to grow, we have expanded the size and depth of our server platforms, and enhanced security and failover mechanisms behind the scenes. These enhancements enable our users to have a seamless and positive legal research experience when we perform routine server maintenance or encounter unexpected downtime.

HeinOnline operates using numerous hardware and internet connection redundancies. During periods of server maintenance, it is necessary to move database functionality between servers and internet connections. Therefore, we have developed the following recommended configurations in order to ensure that customers are not affected by changes in HeinOnline operations. Please pass this information to your library's technical services department to ensure your library has uninterrupted access.


In 2015, HeinOnline partnered with the American Bar Association (ABA) to offer access to the current content of 100 ABA-published journals. In addition to the titles available with the former ABA Package Plan, 44 new titles which were formerly available only to section members were included in the ABA Law Library Collection Periodicals.

Both HeinOnline and the ABA are committed to continually increasing the value of this collection. Last month, publications from the ABA Center for Professional Development's National Institutes from 2012 to date were added. These publications cover a wide range of topics, from Gaming Law to White Collar Crime, and include original analyses of legal developments assembled by the faculty for these in-person programs.


HeinOnline is a politically neutral, image-based, fully searchable legal and government document research database. It happens to be the largest such database, with more than 136 million pages, more than 120,000 titles, nearly 2,300 scholarly journals from inception to current which contain nearly 2 million articles and sections, comprehensive coverage of United States statutory documents, all United States treaties and an entire database of international treaties, all of the world's constitutions, a collection of more than 7,400 classic legal treatises, nearly 50,000 Congressional hearings, and more. All of this self-promotional information can be backed up with actual facts and tangible lists, found here. Due to the aforementioned political neutrality, the content of this post will not be inflammatory and is therefore suitable for work (SFW) and social gatherings.

As with most current and historical events and notable public figures, there is a wealth of information on both Presidential candidates in HeinOnline. A search for "Donald Trump" across all collections produces 2101 total results, with 765 results in the Law Journal Library751 hits in the U.S. Congressional Documents collection, a number of cases* at both the federal and state level, and more. Searching for "Hillary Clinton" produces a total of 7,257 results, with more than 3,000 hits in the Law Journal Library, more than 2,400 results in the U.S. Congressional Documents collection, and a number of federal and state cases*.


Melody Lembke and Melissa Beck presented the new 4th Edition and database version of Cataloging Legal Literature to standing-room only audiences at the AALL Annual Meeting & Conference in Chicago just a few weeks ago. We are pleased to announce the official availability of this incredible resource!

While the books are currently in production, the database is available immediately. Both the print and online versions have been updated to the latest Resource Description and Access (RDA) standards, and the database will be updated quarterly to ensure users have access to the most current information. The book and database describe the authors' understanding of current cataloging and classification practices for legal materials. Throughout the manual, illustrations of descriptive or subject cataloging and MARC tags are offered. The product is designed to help the law cataloger deal with the ambiguities of 21st century cataloging.

Although the 3rd edition of Cataloging Legal Literature has been available digitally in image-based PDF format for several years, this is the first time the title has been converted into an interactive online resource, composed of two parts.


In June 2007, HeinOnline released the U.S. Congressional Documents collection, which featured comprehensive coverage of theCongressional Record and its predecessors: the Annals of CongressRegister of Debates in Congress, and the Congressional Globe.

Since then, the collection has grown exponentially. In January of 2012, it contained 127 titles, 12,572 volumes, and 4,657,026 pages. Today, U.S. Congressional Documents has 66,547 titles, 83,437 volumes, and more than 18 million pages!

Shortly after its release and at the request of a customer, a Congressional Record Daily to Bound Locator was developed, allowing users to quickly locate pages from the Congressional Record Daily in the more official bound version. Check out this blog post from November 2007 which describes the tool.


Although librarians are information superheroes, it's impossible to help everyone or be everywhere at the same time. In order to assist with the mission to spread knowledge, the HeinOnline support team has created several short videos to help all types of users with searching and navigating in the world's largest image-based legal research database. Below is a snapshot of some of the more recent help videos available.

1. What Is HeinOnline?

For new law students or associates who may not have had the opportunity to use HeinOnline before, this video explains the basics of what HeinOnline contains and how to use the database.


The National Football League made the news recently when a former player sued the league for $5 million after the player was preliminarily diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, which is caused by repeated head trauma. This lawsuit follows a 2015 class-action lawsuit settlement between the NFL and former players which provides up to $5 million per retired player for medical conditions caused by repeated head trauma.

HeinOnline's partnership with Fastcase provides access to state and federal case law to all HeinOnline Core subscribers free of charge. Users can obtain the full text of case law from all federal district and circuit courts, bankruptcy courts, and state courts for all 50 states. Check out the full scope of Fastcase's coverage at


New video interviews now available!

New video interviews are available in An Oral History of Law Librarianship in Spinelli's Law Library Reference Shelf, which now includes more than 200 videos!

The video interviews this month feature:

  • Riva Laughlin - Librarian - Haynes & Boone, LLP - Houston, TX
  • Brandon Quarles - Director of the Law Library and Professor of Law - Baylor University - Waco, TX
Not subscribed to Spinelli's Law Library Reference Shelf?
Click here to view a complete brochure>>

Remember to check out our newly available Oral Histories on HeinOnline's Youtube Channel as well as on the Hein Blog every Friday!


War Powers Resolution: A Special Study of the Committee on Foreign Affairs
Kept:  hein.leghis/wrpowres0001
Deleted:  hein.comprint/wrprs0001
Telephone 900 Services: Hearing before the Subcommittee on Telecommunications and Finance of the Committee on Energy and Commerce: House of Representatives: One Hundred First Congress Second Session on H.R. 5671: A Bill to Protect the Public Interest by Providing for Regulation and Oversight of the Development and Application of the Technology Known as Audiotext, and for other Purposes
Kept:  hein.cbhear/teleserv0001
Deleted:  hein.cbhear/teleserva0001
Chemical Facility Security (RL31530)
Committee print regarding patent quality improvement : hearing before the Subcommittee on Courts, the Internet, and Intellectual Property of the Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives, One Hundred Ninth Congress, first session, April 20 and April 28, 2005.
Kept: hein.cbhear/cbhearings90040
Deleted: hein.cbhear/ptntqlty0001
Dispute Settlement in the World Trade Organization (WTO): An Overview (RS20088)
Treatment Of Battlefield Detainees in the War on Terrorism (RL31367)
U.S.-centric Chronology of the International Climate Change Negotiations (R40001)
U.S.-EU Cooperation against Terrorism (RS22030)

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact
Where in the World Is Hein? We will be attending the following meetings in September and October
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  • Ohio Regional Association of Law Libraries (ORALL) - Dayton, OH
    • October 19-21 (Steve Roses attending)
  • Frankfurt Book Fair - Frankfurt, Germany
    • October 19-23 (Shannon Hein attending)

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Congrats to:
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August Trivia:
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A: Cloud Gate.


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