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A Summary of World Ocean Radio

"We are, today, in the midst of one of the most extensive and exciting periods of ocean science and technological advancement ever. For the first time we have reached the deepest point in the Marianas Trench; we have extended charts and maps beyond the coasts to a full digital profile of the ocean floor; we have discovered millions of marine species and microbes never known before; we are transforming that knowledge into medicine, synthesized protein, energy production, and much, much more--all persuasive manifestations of ocean relevance now."
~ From World Ocean Radio 242: Ocean Relevance


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World Ocean Radio in October

World Ocean Radio 241: What Price Extra Oil?
245: Maritime Silk Road
About this episode: The "silk road" of Marco Polo's 13th century journey to the East is being revived, as is its ocean parallel, the "maritime silk road" which is fast-becoming a major player in China's rise as a global economic power. In this episode of World Ocean Radio host Peter Neill will discuss China as the emerging world market and trade partner and the role of the ocean in the presence of rising demand for oil, goods and services.

World Ocean Radio 240: Hydropower
244: America's Cup
About this episode: The spectacle of the America's Cup concluded in September in San Francisco Bay, bringing to a close the high stakes game of capital enterprise and extreme sporting. In this episode of World Ocean Radio host Peter Neill will argue that extreme sport is no sport at all and will give examples of recreational sea experience the world over that showcase traditional vessels and maritime culture for everyone,  as a means to provide access and entertainment while building community.

World Ocean Radio 239: Waves' Collision
243: Globalization
About this episode: "Globalization" is a term embroidered in meaning and often misunderstood. Is globalization a modern phenomenon or a function of history? In this episode of World Ocean Radio, host Peter Neill will present three compelling examples to argue for the idea that globalization has existed since the first intrepid sailors left land for destinations unknown.

World Ocean Radio 238: Weather Enterprise
242: Ocean Relevance
About this episode: Maritime Museums are one of the key conduits for modern day understanding of maritime history, yet many are struggling. In this episode of World Ocean Radio, host Peter Neill will outline some possible causes for the decline in interest and visitation and what steps maritime museums might take to evolve in a time when maritime contributions and connections are as relevant to modern life as ever before. Image: Crew members aboard SS Norco in England during WWII. Courtesy of the Marstal Maritime Museum.

World Ocean Radio
About World Ocean Radio
Peter Neill, Director of the World Ocean Observatory and host of World Ocean Radio, provides coverage of a broad spectrum of ocean issues from science and education to advocacy and exemplary projects. World Ocean Radio is a weekly series of five-minute audio essays available for syndicated use at no cost by community radio stations worldwide. You may also subscribe to the weekly podcast on ITunes or find us on, and at We'd like to welcome our newest broadcast affiliates, WZRD 88.3 FM, Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago and KKFI 90.1 FM, Kansas City Community Radio.

World Ocean Radio
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World Ocean Observatory | Our Cultural Ocean


Three Educational / Cultural Resources
from WorldOcean Observatory.Org

Cultural diversity impacts our lives in countless ways every day – as a source of identity, conflict and crisis, and as context for civil discourse, community, and spiritual development. It is the outcome of thousands of years of contact among people of different customs, beliefs and ways of life, and of our personal and communal interactions with nature. The ocean has played a powerful role in this process throughout time—sustaining us, connecting us, and shaping us as nations, tribes, and individuals. WorldOceanObservatory .org/cultural-ocean links to a variety of demonstrations of this social perspective. It offers a window into the richness and expansiveness of the cultural ocean.

World Ocean Observatory | Ocean Literacy
1. Maritime History
Our maritime history can be found in museums, libraries and archives around the world, many with searchable online collections. In addition, there are many social groups, list-serves, magazines, journals, and other collections of material culture that evoke the wide spectrum of life by and on the sea. At WorldOceanObservatory .org/maritime-history we share a vast directory of maritime museums, libraries, archives, watercraft and special collections; links to traditional working vessels; and online collections and resources related to a wide variety of maritime topics.

World Ocean Observatory | Ocean Health Index
2. Ocean Art & Literature
The ocean has been described in pictures and words in every culture at every time in history. Images of sailors and vessels appear in paintings and drawings, in the decorative arts, carved in rock walls of mountains and deserts, in utilitarian items and ephemeral objects. Museums, of course, are predictable sources for these works, but they can also be found in expressions of popular culture, past and present, in fiction and non-fiction, in film, poetry and song. At WorldOceanObservatory .org/ocean-art-and-literature we provide information and links to classic and cutting edge expressions of visual art and mastery of the written word.

World Ocean Observatory | Cultural Ocean - Maritime Traditions
3. Maritime Traditions
Maritime traditions are as varied as the human experience of the sea. Some traditions are tangible, others not, but all express the spirit of our interactions with the sea over time. At WorldOceanObservatory. org/maritime-traditions we present links to archaeology, boats and boatbuilding, fishing and seafaring, music and poetry, people of the sea, and more.

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