Towne Station HOA Newsletter Vol 5 Issue 16 - July 2015
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Towne Station HOA Newsletter

Volume 5 Issue 16 - July 2015

Dogs & Leash Laws  

The HOA has received multiple
  complaints about dogs running loose in the neighborhood, as well as dogs doing their business on other Homeowners' properties. We all understand "when a dog's gotta go, a dog's gotta go." BUT PLEASE be courteous and clean up after your pet. 

We do NOT have an HOA Covenant to address this issue. Should you see a dog in the neighborhood that's not on a leash, or is affecting your lawn, feel free to contact the City of Brandon Animal Control Unit. They may be reached by calling the City of Brandon Police Department. It's our understanding the Animal Control Unit works on weekdays from 8am until 5pm. 

Please keep in mind, the City of Brandon has strict leash laws... dogs not in a fenced yard MUST be on a leash at all times. Your dog may be cute and friendly, but if it's in your front yard or driveway without a leash, it can be uncomfortable for those walking in the area, particularly those walking their own dogs. So PLEASE be SURE to keep your dogs on a leash. 

Don't forget! Get out an VOTE this coming Tuesday August 4th 2015!

Official Collection Policy has been adopted

At our recent Monthly Board Meeting on July 7th 2015, the HOA Board officially adopted an official Collection Policy. This is intended to create a consistent, stated policy regarding Assessments and collection of such. The Collection Policy document will be added to our website soon, as well. 
Here is the context of the Collection Policy:
Towne Station HOA
Collection Policy

Adopted July 7th 2015
  1. Towne Station HOA Assessments are due and payable ANNUALLY on or before February 28th of each year (or, in a Leap Year, on or before Feb 29th).

    NOTE: An Assessment may be billed and due during the calendar year as well. For instance, a Homeowner may be billed for their Annual Assessment at a different time during the year (such as moving in or buying a home in the neighborhood during the calendar year), thus a Due Date may apply that is different than previously stated. In this case, the different Due Date will be reflected in the billing notice to the Homeowner. An Assessment may also be in the form of other items, including but not limited to: Special Assessment, Late Fee, Covenant Violation Fee, Legal Fee, Lien Fee, Lien Filing Fee, Rental Fee, etc.
  1. If an Assessment remains unpaid after the established Due Date, the Assessment will be deemed to be delinquent and a delinquency notice will be mailed to the last known mailing address of the Homeowner. Such accounts may be subject to a $25 Monthly Late Fee.
  1. If an Assessment remains unpaid after ninety (90) days or more after the established Due Date, a lien may be filed with no further notice required and the account will be assessed the charge of a reasonable fee to  cover the costs associated with processing the lien, filing the lien, as well as costs of collection, releasing the lien, etc. All charges will be added to the account.
  1. If an Assessment remains unpaid after one hundred eighty (180) days or more after the Due Date, legal action may be filed in a court of competent jurisdiction for the collection of all sums due including, but not limited to, the delinquent assessment, lien charges, legal costs, and any and all other charges associated with the collection. All charges will be added to the account.
  1. Hardship cases may be heard on a “case by case” basis, if initiated by a Homeowner, and approved or disapproved by the HOA Board of Directors, in their sole discretion.
  1. Returned check charge of $35 is applicable, regardless of the reason (including, but not limited to, insufficient funds, NSF, closed account, invalid account, stop payment, account not found, etc).
  1. If a payment is rejected, stopped, returned, reversed, or charged-back by Homeowner’s bank or credit card issuer (whichever may be applicable), such payment will be considered to have never been received. As such, the account may be subject to Late Fees and any other fees and/or action(s) that may have occurred, as if the affected payment had not been paid.
Next Board Meeting

Due to a scheduling conflict, our next Board Meeting is on MONDAY August 3rd, not our typical Tuesday. In addition, this meeting will be held in the Small Conference Room at the City of Brandon Public Library (next to the Police Station)

WHAT: Towne Station HOA – Monthly Board Meeting
WHEN: Monday August 3rd  2015 at 6:00pm CT
WHO: HOA Board Members (The public is welcome)
WHERE: Small Conference Room at the City of Brandon Public Library
Expenses Last Month,
June 2015:

Utilities: $2.04
Lawncare: $1,537.25
Postage & Delivery: $20.02
Merchant Services: $17.70
Repairs & Maintenance: $485.22
Total: $2,062.43

Books have been reconciled through 06/30/2015

P.O. Box 392
Brandon, MS 39043




2015 Assessments - Are you Past Due?

Remember, full payment of 2015 Assessments ($200) was due by 02/28/2015. As of March 1st 2015, a $25 Monthly Late Fee applied to any unpaid Invoice. If you've not  yet paid, please do so as soon as possible. Another $25 Monthly Late was applied on April 1st, then again on May 1st, again on June 1st, and again on July 1st.  
July 1st 2015: 3 Homeowners were assessed a  fifth $25 Monthly Late Fee.

3 Homeowners will be mailed an official "Intent to File Lien" notice, via Certified Mail. The notice provided 15 Days in which the respective Homeowners may pay their 2015 Assessments in full. If the total amount is not paid within 15 days of the Notice, the HOA will have no choice but to file a lien on the Homeowner's property, as well as passing along the costs of such to the Homeowner.
2 of these Homeowners then paid their Assessments and delinquency in full. 1 Homeowner has still made no payment toward their 2015 Assessments. As such, a lien will be filed on the property in the coming days. 

Payments may be mailed to our PO Box, or you're welcome to pay online via credit card. No, there's no convenience fee or anything like that added in. 

Towne Station HOA's official Collection Policy - Click Here
Click Here to Pay Online
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2015 Towne Station HOA Board Members

Robert Graham - President
David Morrow III - Vice President
Al Latham - Treasurer
GyElla Hinton - Secretary
Tony Gregg - Director At-Large
Neighborhood Resident

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