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Newsletter | July 2015
Development Update

Group Bookings Redesign

The redesign of the group bookings screen for significantly faster perfromance has been more complex than we first thought and has therefore consumed a lot more development time which in turn has delayed its release. We expect it will be now be released in August.

New mobi Booking Screens Released

The new single property mobi booking screens have been released. Note that to use you need to have registered for the new generation front booking screens.

For a live preview visit on your smart phone.

More information on booking screen configuration is available in our help documentation at



Scheduled Outages

We have needed to arrange a scheduled outage of iBex for some necessary maintenance to our database.

This will take place on Monday 3rd August at 1:00pm (NZT) and Tuesday 4th August at 1:00pm (NZT). The planned outage will last for up to 60 minutes although we expect to require significantly less than this. 

While the system is down the entire iBex system will be unavailable. This outage will affect updates to sales channels (including receiving new bookings), any CMS websites hosted by us, and access to the bookings system.

Click here for full details.

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Change of Bank

We are changing our banking provider to BNZ to take advantage of better foreign currency facilities and for upgrade to preferred direct debit initiator status. If you are paying us by internet banking or automatic payment please amend our bank account number for payment to 021269-0027470-00

If you are paying by direct debit we will will send you a new authority to be signed and returned to us.

Please note that our bank accounts at ANZ will close on 31 October. If you are unsure as to how you are paying us and whether or not you will need to make any changes please contact us.


Staff News

We congratulate Steffen (Support Manager) who will marry Aya in Queenstown this week.

I was  in the '6 Items' express lane at the supermarket quietly fuming - the women ahead of me had had slipped into the line pushing a cart full of groceries. Imagine my delight when the cashier looked into her cart and asked sweetly, "So which 6 items would you like to buy?"


iBex Vault

For our upcoming annual audit for PCI re-certification it will be necessary for all customers to be using iBex Vault for credit card storage and access by mid September. 

Click here for more information about iBex Vault.

Tip of the Month

Did you know that you can set an on request threshold on room types in your iBex booking system?

Although we do all in our power to safeguard you from double bookings this situation can still occur due to factors outside our control such as processing queues at sales channels, network errors, etc. Having an on request threshold (for one to two room types - if not all) will provide you with a safety net in such situations.

Instructions on setting an on request threshold is available in our help documentation at


Websites & Widgets

Slideshow Program Change

We are currently working on a development to switch out the current slideshow software (Slidedeck) used in hosted websites to Soliloqy. Soliloquy provides all the features of Slidedeck however independent reviews state an average slideshow load speed for Slidedeck of 4.14 seconds versus 436 milliseconds for Soliloquy. Our own tests confirm these results.

We will advise you when the slideshow program change has been made and will provide updated help documentation.

XML Caching

We will be implementing XML caching on our website hosting server which will provide further load speed improvement to iBex integrated websites. This development will require a server change due to additional software being required and to avoid any downtime to customers' sites. At the time we are ready for changeover we will contact those of you who manage your domain registrars with changes required.

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Sales Channels

Current Pre-Registered Sales Channels 

Click here to view.

Channel Statistics  

At date our users have in excess of 5,000 active connections to sales channels for which we process in excess of 150,000 updates daily.

The list below shows the % of bookings a channel delivers according to total room nights booked and the active number of connections.

Top 15 performers for June 2015 were: 59.54%
Operator's website: 19.89%
Expedia / Wotif: 11.64%
Late Rooms: 2.93%
Agoda: 1.84%
reconline (GDS): 1.26%
Hostelworld: 0.98%
AA Travel: 0.55%
Bookit: 0.32%
Hostelbookers: 0.31%
Orbitz: 0.27%
NZ Apartments: 0.10%
Quickbeds: 0.10%
RoamFree: 0.08%
AADX: 0.07%

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