Support O’Connor, DeWine, and Fischer on Nov 8! | Infant mortality bill clears Senate
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Ohio ACEP Announces Supported Supreme Court Candidates

Chapter urges support for Chief Justice O'Connor, Judge Pat DeWine, and Judge Pat Fischer

On Tuesday, November 8th Ohioans will decide three of the seven justices on the Ohio Supreme Court. Ohio ACEP is pleased to support three candidates for Supreme Court Justice: Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor, Judge Pat DeWine, and Judge Pat Fischer.

While each race on the ballot is important, the most important contests for Ohio physicians are for State Supreme Court. Emergency physicians need a stable, predictable medical liability environment in order to provide the best care for their patients. That is what’s at stake in this election, and that’s why Ohio ACEP supports the re-election of Chief Justice O’Connor and the election of Judges DeWine and Fischer. 

In her time on the bench, Justice O’Connor has consistently ruled in favor of common sense medical liability reforms and against “legislating from the bench”, and Judges DeWine and Fischer are dedicated public servants who believe strongly in judicial restraint. All three candidates are steadfast allies of Ohio’s physicians, and we encourage Chapter members to support them.

More on Justice O'ConnorJudge DeWine and Judge Fischer:

O’Connor, DeWine, and Fischer are also backed by the Ohio State Medical Association, who have made this card with their endorsements—feel free to print the card or bookmark the link on your phone to take with you to the polls. 
No matter how you plan to vote, please make sure to cast your ballot on November 8!

Amended Infant Mortality Bill Passes Senate

Ohio ACEP applauds action on infant mortality and supports amendment to remove “cultural competency” requirement

Senate Bill 332, introduced by Sens. Shannon Jones (R – Springboro) and Charleta Tavares (D – Columbus) has been amended and passed by the Ohio Senate by a vote of 29-1. The bill would implement many of the... [Read more]

From National ACEP

ACEP Member Testifies Before House Judiciary Committee
ACEP member Dr. Eric Ketcham testified before the House Judiciary Regulatory Reform Subcommittee regarding the rising costs of certain opioid medications. Specifically, Dr. Ketcham discussed the role naloxone and buprenorphine play in providing care to opioid overdose and addiction patients. Check out the video below for more.

Ohio ACEP Government Affairs:

Bradley Raetzke, MD, FACEP
Co-Chair, Ohio ACEP Government Affairs
Matthew Sanders, DO, FACEP
Co-Chair, Ohio ACEP Government Affairs
Amanda Sines
Ohio ACEP Lobbyist
Government Advantage Group

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Ohio ACEP Announces Supported Supreme Court Candidates
From National ACEP
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