June 2016
The Little Incision with Lots of Options

The Little Incision With Many Options

Advice on choosing minimally invasive surgery 

Dr. Jamie Arruda explains why it’s a nice alternative to open surgery for hysterectomy, fibroid removal, endometriosis and gynecologic cancers.

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Do Kegels—During Sex

That’s right, during sex—and Kegels also can help improve women’s and men’s enjoyment of sexual intercourse. Throw in combating urinary incontinence and Kegels are a win-win.
Be a Kegel pro
OB/GYN & Family Planning

Watch Our Family Grow!

We love seeing the little miracles we helped bring into this world—it’s a big reason why we practice medicine. Have a baby photo you’d like to share? 
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Advanced Reproductive Medicine

Considering Gestational Surrogacy? 

Another woman carrying a pregnancy for you may present a minefield of potential problems, but Dr. Polotsky says a commercial arrangement sweeps away some possible dangers.
What you must know
Gynecologic Oncology 

The Big C (Cancer) & BC (Birth Control)

Researchers have long questioned the relationship between birth control and risks for breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Several studies show the results are mixed. 
Understand the risks
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