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Our Holiday Letter and 2016 Review

• The arrival of our next generation and new vanguard of travel
   explorers, Charlie ‘The Chooch’ Humphreys, made my year.
   His arrival certainly has renewed my focus on family travel!
• Our family relocated to Duxbury, Massachusetts… we South
   Africans are colonizing just as the Pilgrims did all those
   years ago….
• Travel Sommelier launched exciting new product in Rwanda
   and Uganda that is centered around Gorilla trekking, but offers
   so much more.
• We experienced robust TS growth…our core market, the African
   continent, is very much in vogue and while I realize that a rising
   tide floats all boats, our success is in large part to you…first
   time, repeat and referral business. My gratitude for this support
   is as broad as it is deep and I strive constantly to repay your faith.
   Thank you, in so many ways!

As fantastic as 2016 was, 2017 is now front and center and the first exciting development is Madagascar. I am heading to the island for three weeks in January to lift the lid on all that is exceptional about the island. After my return, we have a series of events planned - a full calendar of travel presentations, wine and food events, etc. - and will keep you updated.

All that is left is to wish you the very best for the holiday season: intimacy, family, friendship, gratitude, health…and more.

In the meantime, travel well, travel often…and travel with us!

Best regards, Darren

Family Travel: A Renewed Focus
There could be nothing like the arrival of a little boy to focus me in laser-like fashion on family and multi-generational Safari travel. The options are staggering: junior ranger programs, classes for making traditional arts and crafts, cooking school (Bushveld pizza and patisserie!)…all educational and immersive. The key question is age appropriateness and the best fit between a particular lodge/platform with a family’s particular dynamic and we are very happy to advise. I think that our knowledge of options, direct connections to suppliers and the ability to curate several experiences into one itinerary will elevate any family adventure!

Travel Sommelier has a new ‘home’
As of December 2016 we have relocated to the picturesque coastal town of Duxbury, MA. Please feel free to visit our offices, there is always a map to survey and a fine glass of wine available. In the spirit of ‘home is where the heart is’, and the reality that our business is conducted irrespective of our physical location, we are as much in Massachusetts as we  are in Connecticut, New York or anywhere in the USA for that matter! Here are the new digs, quintessential New England!

We will be launching Madagascar in full-fledged fashion right away and I can’t wait. I have not been this excited about a destination in a very long time. This will be my second trip to the world’s 4th largest island which has fauna and flora that exists nowhere else in the world (80% of species are endemic). The island is unspoiled and is the vanguard for travelers looking for the next frontier: wide avenues of vast Boabab trees; marine reserves that redefine pristine oceanic culture above and below the surface; monolithic mountain ranges shrouded in virgin rainforest; the awe inspiring Tsingy; an excellent food culture, a legacy of the French colonial era; and 100+ species of Lemur. My first stop is Miavana, pictured below…I will keep you posted from afar!
For more information on any of the items above or other travel requests please contact:
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Darren Humphreys
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