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Remarkable Rwanda: A visit to the ‘Switzerland of Africa’

Every now and then a destination takes you by surprise and your preconceived opinions and expectations are turned on their head. Rwanda is orderly and astonishingly tidy and clean. Rwandans are polite, engaging and excellent communicators. Of course, the trip is really all about the gorillas...or is it? If bona fide cultural interaction and immersion, jungle forest hikes to view other primates, visits to terraced tea and coffee plantations and ‘forgiveness tourism' are on your bucket list, Rwanda delivers - in fact, it over-delivers.

Three reasons you should go, and three reasons I will return, to Rwanda:

1. The Gorillas

You can read about them, watch videography of them, and view photographs of them (and there ARE some stellar shots), but nothing quite prepares you for how moving it is to be among the gorillas. They are stunningly animated, curious, engaging and KIND. The rule of thumb is to remain seven meters away from them but that is rapidly, and frequently, broken by them as they approach to pound their chests in front of you, inspect your person, and roll around in search of more food. The trek through deep rainforest to find your gorilla family, and the time you spend observing and interacting with them, is highly emotive and has the added benefit of directly funding one of the great conservation success stories of our lifetimes.
2. Jungle/Rainforest Treks
Rainforest walks on the slopes of volcanoes present a wide variety of habitats including bamboo forests, steep ravines and gorges and showcase an array of corresponding fauna and flora. Chimpanzees and a multitude of monkey species call these jungles home and the indigenous birdlife is unparalleled. Nature trails and hikes are excellent challenges for active lovers of the outdoors.
3. Rwandans and Rwandan Life
Rwanda is densely populated so you always find yourself in close proximity to a local who is keen to engage. Rural life is largely based on subsistence farming and a visit to a tea and coffee planation is a must. City or town markets offer the opportunity to visit food and arts and crafts markets.  Kigali is home to the Genocide Museum, an educational shrine to the 1994 tragedy. A visit to the museum is both instructive and impactful, providing a lesson in what humanity can do to itself and just as importantly, how it can heal. 

Please heed these final words: Rwanda is about to metamorphosize -
the time to visit is soon.  

In the meantime, travel well…travel often...and travel with us!

Best regards, Darren
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