SAVE THE DATE!  2016 Annual GBCFC Seedling Sale is Saturday May 28th from 9am - 1pm right in front of the co-op!
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Since February, the top four $ grossing items in the fridge department are all local!!!
(Cafe Deluxe hand rolls, Palomino Valley eggs, Hungry Mother Eggs, Folk Kombucha).

DROPP Locally Sourced Highlights!  
Our local food hub & a department of GBCFC

Check out this great article from the Reno Gazette Journal:  5 Ways to Use Asparagus
River School Farm is harvesting loads of tender spring sorrel. This is a great addition to soups and as garnish.
Fresh asparagus from Lattin Farms is at it's peak! This won't be available much longer. Take advantage of this bounty!

Made locally and now available at the co-op.
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Co-op Creative Team does it again!

Check out our newest training video brought you by our 'Kids in the Urban Sprawl' creative team.  Dane Haman, David Benke, Julian Jacobs & Amber Sallaberry captured the essence of what it means to be a Person In Charge (PIC) manager at the co-op.  Special 'Thrash' cameo scenes not to be missed!  #shredit #osha #gbcfc #coop #kidsintheurbansprawl #onthejobtraining

Click the image to view the video or go here:
Growing at 22% YOY (year over year) and profitable in Quarter 1 for the first time ever!  As a member-owner of the co-op check out the Quarter 1 2016 Financials below:

Hopefully y'all have heard the great news that Nevada has it's very own private organic certifier!  Basin Range Organics (BAR_O) is a 501c3 non-profit.  The next step in their success is to help fund one of Nevada's most knowledgeable young farmers on their way to the organic livestock certification training this May!  Can you help

Please make a tax deductible donation to help get Daniel Holley (Holley Family Farms) out to this necessary training.  This program will cost roughly $5,000.  The co-op will be pitching in the first $500 towards this cause...please join in and help get him there!  $20, $50, $100...anything helps to get Nevada closer to having local certified organic beef, lamb, pork and poultry inspector! Click the link above or here to donate today!

Basin and Range Organics (BAR_O), formed only six months ago, was just awarded its United States Department of Agriculture ‘Certificate’, as an “Accredited Certifying Agency” as of January 26, 2016.  Basin and Range Organics, organized as a non-profit organization, may begin granting ‘organic certification’ in four areas: Crops, Wild Crops, Livestock and Handling Operations per guidelines of the National Organics Program.”  Previously only two certification areas, “Crops and Handling,” were available in Nevada.  Basin and Range Organics formed after the Nevada Ag Council’s decision to drop the Nevada Department of Agriculture sponsored Organic Certification program.  Learn more here:

One of the reasons that I LOVE working at the co-op is waking up to emails like the one below from our Jacob Nachel, our Local Food & Sustainability Manager:

Re:  let's talk about GMOs!

Hey everyone,

New news in the news! General Mills, Mars, Kellogg, and ConAgra have all changed sides and will begin labeling their products as"contain GMO ingredients" when necessary. 

The common assumption is this: the Vermont law is likely going to go into affect, now that the DARK act was voted down, and these companies find it to be cheaper to comply nationally rather than create two different packages to comply only in the state of Vermont. Make sense? It's a good, cynical response - the companies don't actually care about GMO, they are still entirely in support of GMO ingredients, but they're putting it on their labels simply because it's the easiest, cheapest option, thanks to new legislation.

OR. There's my assumption. Which, unfortunately, is even more cynical. I think that they're embracing it because they see popular appeal in that move, and they've realized that out of all the hippie-back-to-the-earth-organic-dirt-licking ideas out there, GMO free is the easiest to comply with while still performing chemical-based, fossil fuel heavy, industrial agriculture. So when we ask them to make better, more natural food, they reply, "Wait, all you want us to do is use different seeds, but we can still use fertilizers, pesticides, cheap illegal labor, massive machinery, and tons of government subsidies geared towards corn and soy production? SIGN ME UP!"

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