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Celebrate the launch of this beautiful cookbook: “NevadaGrown A Year in Local Food”
Saturday, Dec. 12, 10am - 4pm
Reno Provisions, 100 N. Sierra St., Reno.

Free wine and coffee, Recipe demos and samples, Cookbook available for $19.95, Local produce giveaway and raffle prizes, 20% off coupon for Reno Provisions with cookbook purchase, 150 recipes from farmers, ranchers, professional chefs, and home chefs & a portion of the proceeds benefits NevadaGrown.

Who is nervous about the recent WHO study on processed meats?

As many of you have heard, the World Health Organization just came out with a report definitively linking processed and red meat to cancer. In fact, meat is now in the same category as cigarettes as a potential carcinogen.  

Our job here at your local food co-op is to provide everyone with the best possible food choices, so let's take a deeper look at this report. In fact, this report is not particularly new - it's just that the WHO has called extra attention to it. For a while we've known that cured meats are carcinogenic. Few people, if any, associate bacon with health.  Read more HERE.
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