“Omega-3s occur naturally in food like fish, chicken and eggs, and plants to a lesser extent. Why do we need to get it from bread?” – Marion Nestle, Professor of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health at New York University, author of Food Politics 
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Now In Stock!  Hungry Mother Organics’ Local Pastured Eggs

Raised locally on the banks of the Carson River in Dayton, NV, their hens are fed certified organic (soy and corn free) feed with sprouted barley.  These happy, healthy hens roam and forage for fresh plants, grubs and other native species…assisting in a much higher omega 3 content and a rich yellow golden yolk, we’re confident you’ll taste a difference and no doubt they are nutritionally superior eggs! Look for them in the co-op’s refrigerated egg section.

Check out the 2015 Annual Report on our website here.

A reflection on 2015 from our Board President Earstin Whitten:

"We can never lose sight of why we are here in the first place.  The GBCFC exists to provide and source natural, organic local food and products within our community based on respect for social, economic, and environmental values."  Continue Reading here.

Fun fact about Earstin:  He is an incredible garlic grower and he brings his wife flowers at work once a week...without missing a beat.  Dream team, eh?


Icecycle Creamery's Hand Made Gourmet Ice Cream now carried at the co-op!

All of their unique handcrafted flavors are all made here in Reno from scratch. They use milk from Northern Nevada's Sandhill Dairy and use minimal ingredients; no eggs, no preservatives, starches or fillers. Just a pure classic one of a kind ice cream. They started their business with The Icecycle Bike and now have a shop serving up 16 different flavors of ice cream and also a deli featuring gourmet subs.  Check out their website here.



Basin and Range Organics (BAR_O), formed only six months ago, was just awarded its United States Department of Agriculture ‘Certificate’, as an “Accredited Certifying Agency” as of January 26, 2016.  Basin and Range Organics, organized as a non-profit organization, may begin granting ‘organic certification’ in four areas: Crops, Wild Crops, Livestock and Handling Operations per guidelines of the National Organics Program.”  Previously only two certification areas, “Crops and Handling,” were available in Nevada.  Basin and Range Organics formed after the Nevada Ag Council’s decision to drop the Nevada Department of Agriculture sponsored Organic Certification program.  Learn more here:  http://basinandrangeorganics.org/
Congratulations to my big sister and co-founder Nicole who was accepted with partial scholarship this year into the University of Vermont’s Food Hub Certificate Program!  Our Northern Nevada Food Hub is ready for the next level and we need your help.  If you are a farmer, rancher, food producer, restaurant owner, food systems lover or DROPP.coop wholesale customer and you want to help in the steering and development of Northern Nevada’s food hub then please get in touch.  We are looking to fill at least 30 spots on this quarterly advisory board.  Email amber@greatbasinfood.coop for more info and the tiny app.  Applicants accepted through February 29th.  First quarterly meeting will be at the end of March.

Shout out to Campbell’s soup, a company consistently ahead of their time in this great land of potential America… they just announced that they are supporting mandatory labeling of GMOs. 26 countries have already banned GMOs. 64 countries have mandatory labeling laws. This is our chance to be at the forefront of a massive global movement, rather than left behind. All we have to do is listen to our customers, our constituents, the people that are voicing their concerns loud and clear.  Thank you!

Closing at 6:30pm this Saturday February 20th so that we can party like its 1992 with our entire staff.  A $200K comeback last year deserves it's very own Bohemian Rhapsody.

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