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February 2016

It's Time to BE the Change! 

WHOA... what a CRAZY couple of months it's been! I always mean that positively, by the way... even if it doesn't always FEEL that way for the ego! I've seen a LOT of changes continuing as we are best suited to stay with the flow... otherwise, it can be a really, REALLY rocky ride!

Many have been asking me what the "guiding force" is right now, energetically. I could make a whole bunch of drama and mind candy out of it - I could hold "activation" seminars, I could hand-feed you a whole bunch of clearings, healings, and psychic predictions that might shake your world. However, ultimately, that doesn't serve you in the highest and best way... especially not anymore.

Do the above help? Sometimes, absolutely... if one is so guided. However, what's really, REALLY being overlooked is truly what it means by "if one is so guided." 

We've spent an entire existence here in the separation-laden 3/4D pretending to be disempowered, that only some people are "special" - seers, healers, psychics of all kinds, priests, institutions - have the answers. However, that's been the game: To remember incarnate what we already know: We ALL have ALL the answers! We're ALL seers, healers, psychics, priests, institutions (I'll remind you here that we make all of those designations up ourselves)... because as I understand it, we ALL ultimately are a part of the same Divine Consciousness, whatever one wants to call it (God, Spirit, Source, the Universe, Creator, etc., etc., etc.). 

Things are ramping up to the nth degree; we are going through accelerated change like (I understand) nothing we've ever done before... because this time, the plan is for us to do it differently. 

I teach a lot of different classes; hold a lot of different workshops. I'm writing several books simultaneously, from the most foundational breakdown of all of this to the most "woo-woo" - and as we came into 2016, it was made clear to me that the focus, here and now, is to help everyone build their own foundation of centeredness, clarity, guidance, and trust in that guidance... coming from the inside.

Why is this?

We have SO many out here (myself included) with what I call so many different flavors of ice cream, to accommodate the masses in whatever flavor appeals to an individual's journey. Yet, I keep looking at the indulgence of information being provided, lost information being remembered (through the filters of many different individuals, what fun!), and the complete tsunami of information being pushed out to so many, that it has become very overwhelming to many... and many just eventually shut it all off.

It contributes to the chatter in the mind - the chatter of the ego (from where ALL chatter comes), and it's really easy to drown in it. In that case... what benefit does that provide? 

I understand that the basic foundation - for EVERYONE - is

  1. to remember that ALL of the answers come from within, and
  2. at the very, very foundation, remember how to quiet the mind/ego (as well as how to discern from the ego and higher consciousness - about which a surprising few are truly clear).

With all of the shinies out there, with all of the bells and simply takes the remembrance... a way to get there... and practice, to re-build the habit on that trust in our internal navigation system, which we generally so often shush in exchange for taking someone else's word for it!

The remembrance is, we create it - we can change it. EVERYTHING. All we need to tap into is the remembrance of our Divine Consciousness, of the unconditional love of that Consciousness, and that it's WITHIN us - ALL of us - and not just a select few.

AND - the most important part - is that it's truly SIMPLE to do this, with pure intention. In fact, that's the cleanest way to get there!

So, so many see the benefits of meditation; more and more are seeing the benefits of energy work. Yet, so many avoid putting themselves first because of the belief, "What can I do? I'd rather pay someone else to take care of it for me..."

(That's ego, by the way... and a great way to avoid looking too deeply within because the ego says, "I don't have the _______" - money, time, you name it... and we believe it, claiming victimhood because of the beliefs we hold that we're not capable, and others can do a better job at it than ourselves.)

So, why the simplicity? I cannot state its importance enough! If we have a firm foundation of trust and connection with higher consciousness ourselves, we can ALWAYS ask when information comes our way, "Is this MY Truth? Is this for MY highest and best good?" Then you know where to proceed from there.

I could go on (but I'll save it for the book! LOL)

Anyway, this is how and why the practice of Trinity Energy Progression came in to me in 2011; it's a national energy modality and spiritual practice that's now nationwide and even into Canada! Even MORE SO, starting this year, I'm offering a class called Self-Development via Divine Consciousness class that is the SELF-work part of that practice, combined with some other basic and important tidbits of energetic change and expansion, to allow you to GET THERE, as quickly and smoothly as possible... all of your own volition, with you taking the wheel.. AND with you having as much fun with it as possible (because yep... we're ALL allowed)!

Once you do that, you can ENJOY all of the information and remembrance coming to the surface all around us... because you are better equipped in remembering how to discern what's brought into your reality and for consideration!

So, I'm writing, and I'm teaching how to do all of this this year, from basic Meditation 101 types of classes and workshops to Self-Development via Divine Consciousness and Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner classes. If there's enough interest, I might consider a retreat to a high vibrational spot sometime this year, too! 

I have the first public Self-Development via Divine Consciousness class coming up quickly, ONLINE on the nights of February 8, 15, and 22, 7:30-9:30pm ET each night. The class is $225; all you need is a good Internet connection to join in! I've done a pilot and several run-throughs of this class, and it's POWERFUL.. for beginners and advanced practitioners of all kinds alike! Once you've taken it... there IS no limit to what you can do! I hope you can join me!

In the meantime, if you'd like one-on-one assistance to help you flow through what's holding you back - physically, mentally, spiritually, environmentally, emotionally - I'm more than glad to help you with a session or a few! Contact me, and we'll get you on the schedule.

I'm still reworking my Websites, and am very pleased with what's finally coming together... even though I'm seeing a lot of it behind the scenes. Hopefully, this month I'll have more to show you... but in the meantime, watch the Classes and Events page on the Website

I will have a LOT more for you in about a week, so stay tuned... and stay in the flow!

Much love,

Angela Coulter
Spiritual Alchemy, Ascension Guidance
Energy Healing Facilitation and Instruction
Originator, Trinity Energy Progression

I love this photo, taken of me at Horseshoe Bend in Paige, AZ in April 2015... perfect placement of the water, looks like it's coming out of my head! Flow, baby, flow!
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I might get around to a February update, but so far, this says it all (and it was just recorded withiin the past 2 weeks, anyway)! Want some more info on what I'm talking about here today? Click on the image above and watch!
In a crisis? Overwhelmed at times? A little assurance... and what this is all about.
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In doing a lot of evolving and refining of my offerings, want to know what YOU are most interested in, what I can offer you to help you leapfrog in your spiritual consciousness! In that, I've created a quick, anonymous online 10-question survey that I'm asking all to take five minutes to answer, so I know I’m providing what’s most relevant, in the best way possible! Thanks in advance for your input! 

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