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Here's 20 ways, big and small, that the PechaKucha global community has helped make the world a better place in 2016 - and some great quotes that keep us doing what we are doing! Here's to a creative 2017 - remember PechaKucha is your stage!
After PechaKucha last Saturday at the Virginia Theatre, I watched ‘Saturday Night Live’ and found it dull and uninspired; I felt the 12 PechaKucha “All-Star” speakers, most local artists, were brighter, funnier and more clever than “SNL” writers and actors."
— Melissa Merli, PKN Champaign attendee


PechaKucha - A global community

69 new cities joined the PechaKucha global community in 2016. Now an amazing 958 cities around the world have a stage to show and share the passion and creativity which make their cities buzz. 2017 already looks like it will be an incredible year too as PechaKucha is poised to touch over 1,000 cities.
"I have waited 30 years for such an event to happen in Riyadh!"
— Anonymous, PKN Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


PechaKucha - A global archive

Each week at PechaKucha HQ we receive and upload over 50 presentions from city organisers all aound the world. In 2016 our online  'WATCH' archieve grew to an incredible 8,789 presentations which share amazing local creativity globally.
"You should be so proud to see how what you started and built is gaining more and more relevance every day all over the world - I am sure you would not have imagined all that to happen when you started off. But it is to your great credit that you gave organizers like me the trust and agency to develop PKN into a truly integral part of their city's unique cultural fabric.
Manoj P Kesavan, PKN Charlotte Organizer


PechaKucha - Defying War

Despite the continuing war in Yemen, organizers in Sana'a and Aden continue to hold events. PechaKucha Night Sana'a organizer Aymen Amer traversed two continents, endless red tape, and of all things, a war, to join us in Tokyo for the PechaKucha PowWow in March of this year. During his stay in Tokyo he received news of recognition from UNICEF for the contributions PechaKucha Night Sana'a have made to the city's creative community. Watch Aymen's compelling presentation "From the Ashes" about PechaKucha's phoenix rising in Sana'a.
"[PechaKucha] made me focus on every single picture, every single word and as a result I ended up with the most powerful ‘performance’ imaginable, full of emotion, memory, reflection, sorrow and joy."
—  Claira J., Coventry, UK 


Outshining Economic Crises

In the midst of mass inflation to Venezuela's currency, PechaKucha inspires PechaKucha Night Caracas deserves to be spotlighted for writing us saying that each presentation at their recent event has "become a shot of inspiration for a community that is overwhelmed with the difficult time that we are living ... after each event is a halo of hope, you can hear people saying to us 'yes we can'". 
A lot of times they are telling you about something that didn’t go well. It really is an emotional roller coaster because you get all kinds of stories from home life experiences to work and creative projects. I always leave feeling really full. It’s a rich experience because of that."
Nathan Margoni, PKN Benton Harbor attendee


Solidarity in PechaKucha

Charlotte and Seattle were amongst the many that stood in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement

Local architect, urban designer, and PechaKucha Night Charlotte City Organizer Manoj Kesavan, had his city shaken earlier this year by protests and unrest following a police shooting.

Manoj put out a call for the creative community to respond to the new realities, and was overwhelmed by the response. The event that followed reflected the seriousness and urgency of the situation, and brought together the most diverse lineup and audience to date -- not just for the city's PechaKucha Night, but for any cultural platform in the city. Read more about it here
“In a city where everything - including cultural venues - are highly segregated, and where trust between races/classes/communities is in short supply, we are humbled to be the safe and welcoming place for diversity and inclusion.”
— Manoj Kesavan, PKN Charlotte City Organiser


PechaKucha - keeping it succinct

In more good news from Charlotte, the PechaKucha 20x20 format found its way to their mayoral race as local candidates took to the stage showing their vision for Charlotte 20 images each, and 20 seconds to explain each one.

Organizers aimed to have the format attract younger voters to the race. In a political landscape polluted with rhetoric and talking points, PechaKucha came to the rescue to distill political messaging!

“There's no time for flowery language or long intros, it’s just straight to the point, and in the short attention span era we live in [PechaKucha] is a perfect way to connect with listeners. So if this is a way to get a few more people interested, it could make a big difference.”
PKN Charlotte Attendee


PechaKucha - helping resuscitate

“At the end, I want to stress… You, you can save someone’s life. You can save someone loved’s life.”

In honor of the International Restart a Heart Day, let us recall a great presentation by Jules Olsthoorn - Resuscitation A Basic Skill For All, from PechaKucha Night Maastricht Vol. 27th. Jules discussed Keep the Heartbeat Going, an organization dedicated to educating the public about CPR. The first six minutes after a heart attack is a crucial time, and it is imperative that one knows how to resuscitate a loved one should they ever be put in such a situation. A medical student in Maastricht, Jules spends most of his time at Taskforce QRS Maastricht, an organisation that promotes and facilitates resuscitation education in the Netherlands.

"I always find it inspiring to hear people speak about their passions. After a PechaKucha Night you always leave wiser than before."
Joyce Hijdra, PKN Eindhoven City Organizer 


Jen Arbo - Citizen of the Year

Our own hero PechaKucha Night New Westminster committee member, Jen Arbo was recognized and interviewed in the New Westminster Record as the city's Citizen of the Year, and we at PechaKucha HQ couldn't be more proud of her. Check out the full interview here.
"Laugh your heart out, cry your eyes out, have your imagination sparked, creativity inspired, and breath taken away, all in one amazing PechaKucha Night!"
Brian Scott Peterson, PechaKucha HQ Tokyo


PechaKucha - helping rebuild cities

"Tonight our attempt is to take you through the 17 PechaKucha Nights after the quakes and how they reflect the social rebuild of our city."

In The Resurrection of Christchurch from PKN Tokyo's Vol. 134 Pow Wow SpecialPechaKucha Night Christchurch Organisers Netta Egoz and Erica Austin used the 17 PKNs since the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes as a means to document the social rebuild of the city. The events continue to move from temporary buildings to pop up public spaces and finally back to permanent buildings as the city reopens and rebuilds. Each event showcases a different venue, designer, photographer, and the speakers often talk about their ideas for a better city which are now collated under the Inspire Christchurch channel!
"I find [PechaKucha Nights] to be inspirational and motivational! And for me, they seem to broaden my sense of communion with kindred spirits...What a great idea!"
Anonymous, PKN London attendee


PechaKucha - building bridges

"We hopes whoever becomes president builds more bridges instead of walls [because] we are sister cities, divided only by the river."

In Building Bridges, Not Walls at the US - Mexico Border, PechaKucha Night El Paso City Organizers (and acclaimed architects) William Helm and Edgar Lopez described the symbiotic relationship of the sister cities of El Paso and Juarez. The two cities have come together to use the PechaKucha conversation to bridge across the border. 20 x 20 x 2 cities = building bridges not walls.
"I’m like the little girl who loves surprises, but they can be hard to come by. However, last week’s PechaKucha Night El Paso at the El Paso Community Foundation was full of surprises. Each of the 11 presentations knocked my dog-chewed socks off."
Cindy Graff Cohen,  El Paso


PechaKucha - Remembers

"He was introducing the Ziggy Stardust persona. It was obvious to everybody that it was going to be absolutely massive. I remember being aware that I was witnessing something special, the emergence of a star."

In The Pictures in the Hallway, from PechaKucha Night Derby Vol. 3Doug Smith shared an absolutely amazing PechaKucha about photos taken in London 40 years ago, of rock legends of a phenomenal era of music. Photos of Bowie, Eno, Dury, and others now gracing his hallway in Derby, an ultimately cool testament of Smith's love for music. 
"Last night we attended a liberating event right in my hometown of Batavia. In some ways, it was the opposite of the Internet. You had no choice but to listen and watch as each version of truth unfolded. All of us need diversity in our experience. If we don’t get it, even the things we love can become arduous or mundane."
Christopher Cudworth, PKN Batavia attendee


PechaKucha - inspiring & connecting 

PKN Tokyo connected our PechaKucha teams in Kumamoto, Japan and Quito Ecuador for two live presentations and conversations in April. Both areas were struggling in the wake of powerful earthquakes only days apart. Set up within the first month of the earthquake, it was one of the most inspirational moments of the year to connect the two cities in their time of need. Watch Earthquake at the Equator and Tremors from Kumamoto both live streamed at PKN Tokyo 135
"We are glad to inform you that the city of San Salvador is all in! The mayor has agreed to sponsor all 4 events through the culture affairs office! YEAY!!! they are providing public spaces and all logistics for us to be able to make a great PechaKucha Night. This has been the best news yet!"
PKN San Salvador City Organiser


Helping overcome atrocity

PKN Orlando Organiser, the soft-spoken but ever charismatic Eddie Selover found his city Orlando being called “'home' to the latest record-breaking atrocity."
"That’s wrong," he said "Orlando is home to millions of wonderful people, home to a thriving arts community, home to a renaissance of culture and inclusivity. That’s what it was yesterday, and that’s what it will still be tomorrow." Thank you Eddie for all the you do to bring the spirit of PechaKucha to Orlando and for being part of it's inclusive culture of creativity.

"I loooove that people in our community and beyond have heard of PechaKucha now as well. Even if they’ve never been to one, everyone says, “I must go to the next one!”
Ninni Rosen-Tarrant, PKN Dunsborough City Organizer


A PechaKucha Phenonomen

A funny thing happened somewhere along the line. People started making posters for their events, they sent them to us, and the creativity and originality blew us away. We started publishing them on our website, then more and more came in. We set up a tumbler blog for them and some simple guides and the rest is history. Today PechaKucha posters are truly phenomenal. We received over 400 amazing posters in 2016 and you can check out all the creativity here.
"If the book club scones are dry and you’re sick of Nancy droning on about Jane Eyre, it might be time to get your fix somewhere else. Like PechaKucha Night."
Rebecca Barry Hill, PKN Auckland


Supporting women in leadership

The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall began the Royal tour in Oman this year with an introduction to PechaKucha Muscat Organizer Sara Fida. Their visit's aim was to promote the U.K.'s partnerships in the region in key areas such as supporting women in leadership and creating youth opportunities. We trust Sara was an invaluable asset to their Royal Highnesses's efforts. Way to go Sara! 
"The beauty of PechaKucha Night lies in the tension between the chaos of a full-blown party and the politeness of an art school crit, with the snappy pace holding it all together."
PechaKucha Nights and Beer: a Sober Guide to Better Presentations


February was huge

February was our busiest month with an amazing 121events! And the PechaKucha Calendar has been overflowing throughout year bringing this 2016 total to a whopping 1139 PechaKucha Nights around the world. With an average of 10 presenters at every PechaKucha Night, that means that around 10,000 people have taken to the stage to present 200,000 images. Now that is huge!
"The problem: How do you get a bunch of visual visionaries – many of them isolated, introverted, self-employed people who tend to hunch all day behind their computers – out into meatspace, communicating, drinking, networking? The solution: Give them a format, a structure, a parlor game, a chance to talk about their current interests and listen to others doing the same."
Daniel Pink - Wired Magazine 


Bringing the World Together

The 2nd annual PechaKucha PowWow in Tokyo in March brought together city organizers from all over the world in Tokyo for a long weekend to share their city's creativity and discuss the future of PechaKucha. It is always humbling to hear the difference that PechaKucha is making around the world. The countdown has already stared to our 3rd PowWow in March!
"Your story and the millions of stories you have helped the world share with each other is such a visible symbol of what design can be, of the many forms design leadership can take, and how as designers, we thrive within the community. That you and your team have fostered such a beautiful global design community is such a deeply inspiring accomplishment!"
Ana Maria Pinto da Silva, PKN Seattle City Organizer 


PechaKucha - let's celebrate!

Many PechaKucha cities hit major milestones this year. Prague celebrated it's 50th volume by holding a brilliant kids PechaKucha Night! Budapest held their 50th Volume last month on boat, adding that for their 100th volume, they aim to hold the event on an plane - so fasten your belts for that one! Other cities celebrating their fantastic 50's were Auckland, Brussels and Gothenburg. 
"It’s about connecting, presenting your idea. It’s a place to gather and share,"
Mary Maraghy, PKN Jacksonville


Happy 10th Birthday

PechaKucha was born in Tokyo in 2003 but did not start to go international until 2006, so this year many cities celebrated their 10th anniversary as PechaKucha Cities. It is huge milestone and proves PechaKucha is now a key part of many communities. Happy 10th Birthday Berlin, Bogota, Glasgow, Groningen, Helsinki, Lagos, London, Melbourne, New York, Rotterdam, San Francisco, Shanghai, Stockholm and Sydney!!
"As we all know, give a microphone to a designer and you might be trapped for hours! The key to PechaKucha is its patented system for avoiding this fate."
— Attendee, PechaKucha at Design Indaba


Finally - Simply, Thank you.

Without you, our PechaKucha supporters around the world, none of this would be possible. It is your energy and spirit that keeps PechaKucha alive and kicking and making positive change happen.

A huge thank you goes out to the 10,000 presenters that took the PechaKucha challenge this year around the world. You inspired, delighted and above all made a difference in your community! 

Each PechaKucha Night takes a hurculean effort to produce and host. It is alll done on a volunteer basis and without our amazing PechaKucha City organizers none of this amazing local creativity would find a stage, let alone get recorded and uploaded to a archive which is viewable globally - Thank you.

Thanks go out to our global friends Autodesk, Peatix and Mailchimp who take some of the final burden off this project.

Thank you to everyone at PechaKucha HQ who tend to this wonderful city movement personally, city by city.

Finally thank you to Klein Dytham architecture who let us get away with this fantastic global project and cover the significant short fall in funding. That's a huge hint, BTW, if your are a large multinational company with a CSR budget that wants to help make a difference in 958 cites around the world.

The sun has set on 2016, its been an amazing year for PechaKucha. Let's make 2017 another amazing year for all of us !

Astrid & Mark, PechaKucha Night Founders
Mariko, Johnny and Brian, PechaKucha HQ 
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