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FILMING IN SOUTH SUDAN                                                            JULY 2014
After two intense weeks of filming in South Sudan, we returned back to Amsterdam with amazing, breathtaking and mostly heartbreaking film footage for our documentary ‘ A Haunting History’.

We followed our main character Anuol in the capital Juba, where he is trying to continue his work as a lawyer. Most of his clients left due to the outbreak of the war in December last year, so it has been a struggle for him to keep his head above the water.
We also travelled with Anuol and his cousin Peter to his birth town Bor, which was heavily destroyed in the recent violence. We followed them while they visited the once busy and lively market, which is now an empty ground. Houses of Anuol´s family members were burned down to the ground and many lost their lives. History has repeated itself for Anuol and his family, as he survived a massacre when he was a child in 1991. The same rebel leader responsible for the massacre back then now attacked Bor again with his troops, killing thousands.
On our last filming day we filmed the 3rd Independence Day. The government tried to celebrate it big, while 1,3 million people are displaced, fights are still continuing and South Soudan faces an extreme famine. So in our eyes not really time for a party!

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To be continued!
ilse & Femke van Velzen
Binnen Oranjestraat 17
1013HZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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