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HOOP is almost one year old and moving into top gear! Local HOOP Committees and Biowaste Clubs are up and running in our Lighthouse Cities and Regions, while our Circular Investors Board will meet for a second time to advance circular investments in Europe. Meanwhile we can't wait to celebrate our first birthday by hosting all HOOP partners in Murcia next month. Read on to see how you can get involved in the project!

Gemma Castejón Martínez, Director, CETENMA

Get to know HOOP at #EURegionsWeek

Tuesday 12 October

We will be hosting a one hour visual experience during the 19th European Week of Regions and Cities. Our Lighthouse Cities and Regions will be on hand, together with members of our Network of Cities and Regions, to tell inspiring stories of their urban biowaste and wastewater projects, and the bio-based products that will be made. The session “Bringing the urban bioeconomy to the people” is free to join and will take place on Tuesday 12 October from 17:30-18:30 CET.

Visit the event website for more details and to register!

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Did you know?

Shifting to bio-based products and processes will help reduce Europe's dependency on oil, coal and gas and help meet its ambitious environmental, societal, industrial and climate policy targets for 2050.

The shift could save up to 2.5 billion tons of CO2 equivalent per year by 2030 and help accelerate the transition to a green and circular economy.

- Source: European Commission

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Our fellow Horizon 2020 project WaysTUP! aims to establish new value chains for urban bio-waste. The project will display a range of new products produced from urban bio-waste to bio-based processes starting from different feedstocks, including fish and meat waste, spent coffee grounds, household source-separated bio-waste, and used cooking oils.

The project is expected to produce a behavioural change in citizens and local communities, improving and changing longstanding perceptions of urban bio-waste during its implementation.

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Boosting circular investment
Investors are now looking at bioeconomy projects as an opportunity to diversify portfolios and meet their sustainability goals. However the perceived risks and funding needs of these projects can vary a lot as projects have different requirements, levels of development or degrees of innovation. Having this in mind we established the HOOP Circular Investors Board (CIB) bringing together leading sustainable investors to advise us on the development of novel business models and de-risking strategies for our bioeconomy projects.
The CIB includes different organisations from Venture Capital to infrastructure funds including the lending arm of the European Union, the European Investment Bank. You can see the current list of entities on our website.

The CIB meets twice a year to discuss relevant industry topics. The next meeting will happen on 6 October and will focus on the impacts of the Green Deal and EU Taxonomy framework. If you are an investor looking for opportunities in circular economy join us!
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Our Biowaste Clubs are go!

To ensure that the needs and interests of all actors are taken into account, local stakeholder boards steer and monitor all engagement activities in the HOOP Lighthouse Cities and Regions.

In our so-called 'Biowaste Clubs', the participants develop and implement shared visions for their circular cities/regions. September has seen the first Biowaste Club meetings in Bergen (pictured) and Greater Porto.

To find out more about the Biowaste Clubs and how you can get involved please contact us!

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Eating insects - the way to go
Yesterday was an exciting day in Murcia as Pablo González - award winning chef and owner of “Cabaña Buenavista”, a two Michelin Stars restaurant in Murcia - presented a series of recipes using insect-derived products. 

The initiative was arranged in the framework of VALUEWASTE, a Horizon 2020 project coordinated by CETENMA, which, in cooperation with the City of Murcia, has created a pilot plant for the conversion of urban biowaste into protein via insect rearing (black soldier fly).

In the eight videos, the Murcian chef has prepared different recipes using a high protein insect flour, supplied by the Murcian company Entomo Agroindustrial. These recipes are sure to build people's appetite for more insect-based food in the future! 
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Europe’s Urban Bioeconomy Vision
The EU Bioeconomy Strategy sees cities becoming major circular bioeconomy hubs, where biowaste is a feedstock for safe and sustainable bio-based products. The graphic above visualises the urban bioeconomy concept. Here biowaste and wastewater are considered a resource and converted into products such as bio-fertilisers and bio-plastics. As a result they remain in the flow of materials – known as urban metabolism – following the principle of circular economy.
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Do you have an urban bioeconomy story to share? The circular economy is now the name of the game! Send us your inspiring stories.


6-7 October 2021
Vienna, Austria

EFIB 2021
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11-14 Oct 2021

19th European Week of Regions and Cities
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Membership is free of charge, and grants you access to information on innovative urban bioeconomy solutions and allows you to engage in knowledge sharing activities with partners around Europe.
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The HOOP project supports 8 lighthouse cities and regions in developing large-scale urban circular bioeconomy initiatives that will focus on recovering valuable resources from urban biowaste and wastewater to make bio-based products. 
The HOOP project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N°101000836.
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