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Five online predictions for 2016



Looking at 2016, our online lives will continue to evolve and improve. My online predictions for next year include the increasing impact of internet TV on traditional broadcast television and the way in which new living spaces incorporate an online lifestyle.

1. Online living

New lifestyle developments such as Waterfall City that mix work and living spaces, increasingly incorporate an online lifestyle. Fibre connections to homes and offices are built into these areas to enable a range of online tools that require fast network access. Internet TV, security and gaming take on a real time dimension with built-in fast access.

2. Voice assistants

Running your home will increasingly become voice-based via digital assistants such as Amazon’s Echo. Internet TV remotes for players such as Apple TV, Roku and Fire TV will all be voice-activated for convenient searching of entertainment. Security and other lifestyle management systems will be directed through these intelligent digital devices.




The year of more

More to do in 2016



As we hurtle to the end of the year the word that sums up 2015 for me is more. More work, more clients, more pressure, more, more, more... We’ve grown our business, we’ve grown our agency and we’re blessed with an awesome team of individuals who just “click” and manage to create magic with sometimes insane deadlines.

A case in point is when earlier this month – during the busiest time of the year for us – a project client emailed on Thursday afternoon to ask us to help with creating an important content asset, for presentation on the Monday at an international event in Paris. We shuffled job bags around and delivered to brief on Friday, well in time. Happy client, happy us :)

It did mean we had to push new business out, but as the old idiom goes, “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”.

This month we were honoured that SmartRand was named as one of six international finalists in a prestigious Matchi fin tech challenge for Liberty Group SA.



Barloworld Equipment EMSolutions

EMSolutions consists of five levels of support offered by Barloworld Equipment to maintain your Cat® equipment. Twisted Toast created an iPad eBook and interactive PDF with five embedded videos used by Barloworld Equipment sales staff to showcase these equipment maintenance solutions to their clients.

Wildswinkel veilings launch

Dear Louis, Kim and team
We want to say a special thank you for the work you have done for us these past weeks. The team at Wildswinkel is still on cloud 9 after the successful hosting of our very first auction and the launch of Wildswinkel Veilings earlier this week. Neither of these events could have had the impact that it did was it not for our partnership with The Toast!
It is a pleasure to work with a team who collectively and individually have such a wealth of experience in a wide range of technical and creative fields and always says “Yes! We’ll make a plan” no matter the task.
Thank you for your commitment to deliver on tight deadlines, never compromising on quality or creativity. We can always rely on you to do our brand justice, to come up with both creative and practical solutions and to do that within record time. And to top it off, you always provide service with a smile!
We look forward to the next round!
From all of us at Wildswinkel

Waterfall City PwC Tower time lapse video

Watch the PwC Tower rise up from the ground to 26 storeys high. Twisted Toast produced a time lapse video to showcase this remarkable process



Newtown Junction

Alten and Zahn Hulme with Louis Eksteen at the launch of Atterbury’s Newtown Junction WORK | SHOP | NEW | TOWN inner-city creative retail concept

Atterbury year-end party

Top: Karin Dercksen, Kim Browne, Leonie du Preez and Louis Eksteen. Bottom: Kim and Louis with Louis van der Watt and Zahn Hulme

Barloworld Equipment BIG DIG event

Kim Browne and Louis Eksteen from Twisted Toast with Palesa Ramodibe and Louisa Mhlongo from Barloworld Equipment
Twisted Toast managed to dig deep!

Mingling with suppliers

Celebrating almost five years as our primary print supplier. Thanks Wally Pienaar for making the impossible, possible on a weekly basis!


#OpParis (Operation Paris) is the name of the cyberwar campaign declared by the online Hacktivist group Anonymous in order to help with hunting out and shutting down social media accounts and websites affiliated with the Islamic State militant group (ISIS). According to Anonymous they took down more than 5 500 ISIS affiliated accounts within 24 hours of #OpParis) with a final result of more than 46 000 ISIS-affiliated Twitter accounts with an average of 1 000 followers each.

Spokesperson for the group, Alex Poucher stated that their hacking acumen “might be better than any world government’s tools to combat ISIS online”. Anonymous says they will “unite humanity,” telling ISIS to “expect massive cyber-attacks”. Source
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