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from Ka Hang Leoungk

Issue 100, December 2019, London

Hello! Can you believe this is issue #100 of the Pointspace Newsletter?

When I first started writing this in August 2011, this milestone seemed so far away but nine years later and here we are. I hope you enjoy reading this every month as much as I enjoy writing it.

This week on my way to my 7:45 Pilates class, I saw the most glorious sunrise. It really seemed like an oil painting with all the gorgeous pinks and burnt orange and yellows and swirling purple.

This time of the year, we tend to focus on the dark and the hearth. Of being snuggled up indoors or meeting with friends and family for a heartwarming chat. We visualise the twinkly lights in shop windows and outdoors, see the reflections of faces in windows. We hear Christmas music everywhere and the sound of footsteps on wet fallen leaves.

But there is also the wonderful part of winter which is the crisp early mornings, the quietness before the city wakes up which is different to the silence of summer mornings. In the winter, it feels like you're the only one awake in the world at dawn. I love the hearty meals we can have and it doesn't feel too heavy: chicken stewed in carrots and potatoes and tomatoes with the lid on, with just a small amount of water as the moisture will do all the work (thanks for the tip, Deschu!). 

Many people have been caught out by coughs and colds already: protect yourself by washing your hands. If you do get sick, acupuncture will do wonders at the first signs of it, otherwise sage and elderflower infusion will help with the cough. And plenty of rest, sleep as much as you can.

Remember to stay hydrated during all this party season, whether you're going to indulging in alcohol or not. It will really make the next day feel much easier. 

I will be taking a break during Christmas break, with very limited availability on 27th so do get in touch if you need an appointment. I am back on Friday 3 January.

Have a very merry Christmas and a wonderful and healthy new year!! 


If you have been kind enough to refer someone to me - I want to say a big THANK YOU. That is the highest compliment and it's warmly appreciated every time.

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It has been so windy this week (my kids have lost two hats already, watching it blown away into the river) but one of my favourite things is walking in Greenwich Park while the wind blows. I end up looking extremely dishevelled but there is something quite right about trying to walk upright while the leaves swirl in dramatic formations and the wind howls through the trees. It is the closest you'll get to being in Avalon (or the forests in Lord of the Rings I imagine) while being in a distinctly urban area. 

Turns out, the Dutch have a name for this past-time of seeking out windy exercise: "uitwaaien".


Appointments in London

Every Wednesday and Friday (till late)
Contact me directly or call Reception 020 7379 7662.

Christmas season schedule:

  • 25 December - closed
  • 27 December - limited availability, do get in touch if you need an appointment
  • 1 January - closed
  • 3 January - regular hours resume
  Thank you for reading,
  Ka Hang-
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