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Answered Prayer! and other Updates

Thank you so much for your prayers for our meeting last week!  Several of you indicated - either by reply email or by Facebook comment - that you would be praying for the meeting and its outcome.  We were encouraged that you were willing to join us in prayer for that event.

Here are three things we'll cover in this e-Newsletter:

  • Report on the CHE meeting last week
  • MissionConnect Invitation
  • Update on winter ministry activities

CHE Information Meeting (Feb. 20)


The meeting met and exceeded our hopes, and we thank God for a fruitful time!  Last Wednesday, twenty people from different regions of Eastern Slovakia gathered in Levoča to learn more about Community Health Evangelism (CHE).  You were probably asking, "What is CHE?"  This is a good time to tell you more about it, and why we're so excited about it.

CHE is not so much a program as it is an approach to mission and helping poor communities.  It's a Christian approach - but it's not about simply planting churches.  CHE believes God desires every person and every community to experience life that is full of meaning and hope.  

CHE sees poverty as a series of relationships that are broken - a person's relationship with themselves, with God, with their community and with their environment.  According to CHE, the answer to poverty is not money. Instead, the answer is in healing these relationships - with self, with God, with the community and with the environment.  Then each person, family and community can discover that they have the ability to work together to meet their own needs.

The Feb. 20 meeting was intended to introduce participants to the ideas of CHE.  Those who are interested in learning more - and possibly starting a CHE program here in Slovakia - will have an opportunity to attend a training session on April 10-15.  We are prayerful that through this meeting - and further conversations - God will spark interest in others here in Slovakia who want to join us in this approach.  Only God knows what's ahead, but we're excited to be a part of bringing CHE to Slovakia.  THANK YOU for your prayers - please continue to pray that God's will and work would be done here.

Come Serve With Us!

MissionConnect Trip - June 24 - July 2

A few weeks ago we included an invitation in our newsletter, and we'd like to extend that invitation once again - please come join us this June/July and help us serve among the Roma people!  We'll spend time serving and learning together, and together we'll see what amazing things God can do!  Here are some details:

DATES:  June 24 to July 2 (not including travel)
LOCATION: Serving in Kosice area and Eastern Slovakia
ACTIVITIES:  Can include (but not limited to) having English conversations, planning and leading childrens activities, Bible studies, celebrating year-end parties at local schools.  There is a possibility to visit Auschwitz at the close of our trip.
COST:  Around $2000, which will include airfare and all on-the-ground expenses

We have heard some interest, but so far we have no firm commitments - please pray with us about the group who will come, and ask God whether YOU might be a part!

Update on Regular Ministries

Our regular ministry activities have continued through the Christmas and New Year seasons.  Pictures tell the stories better than words, so we created a gallery with some pictures from the last few weeks.  Click on the image below, or go to the following site:

Please Pray...

...for many Roma families in poverty during this cold winter - there have already been several deaths and injuries due to the cold.

...for God's ongoing work here, including those who might become involved with CHE.

...for the graduating students at the Roma high school in Kezmarok, who will be taking graduation exams in the weeks ahead.
...for our many partners here who work with Roma in Slovakia, for encouragement and energy for their work.

...for God to draw people to our MissionConnect team in May-June.

...for a spring/summer schedule with travel to two conferences, a team meeting, and at least three visiting mission teams.
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