Be Water Smart: Our lives are continuously becoming more ‘smart’ so, it makes sense that we get smart about water too. A new report by World Bank says water scarcity exacerbated by climate change could cost some regions as much as 6% of their GDP. With this in mind we sat down with UK’s Defra to talk about the GBP2.3 billion spend in flood defence. In China we take a closer look at an answer to urban flood risk: sponge cities. For urban areas not covered by China’s central systems, Ecosoftt share an alternate solution: the Water SMART Blue Building standard while Lien Aid introduces a new model in rural village water management. Also, get smart about water safety with Dr. Dryden, the inventor of the AFM® filter which can lower costs & bacteria and find out what actions and habits you can change to make a difference with the Founder  of The Purpose Business Group. Finally, don't miss out on the chance to stay cool this summer by getting on top of water tech at the Singapore International Water Week and the BlueTech China Awards in Shanghai.
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Be Water Smart: Our lives are continuously becoming more ‘smart’ thanks to next gen tech. So it makes sense that we get smart about water too, especially when water scarcity is exacerbated by climate change. A new report by the World Bank says the mismanagement of this could cost some countries as much as 6% of their GDP.

With this in mind, we sat down with Anne Freeman, Deputy Director at UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, to talk about the GBP2.3 billion spend in flood defence. In China, floods cost the nation close to RMB2 trillion in 2000 - 2014 and with urban areas prone to flood risk, we take a closer look at the current popular answer: sponge cities.

Meanwhile, Ecosoftt’s Stanley Samuel & Marcus Lin share how their Water SMART Blue Building standard can be a solution to urban areas not covered by China’s central systems. As for rural areas in China, Lien Aid’s Ivanna Tan introduces a new model in village water management.

Much worry over water pollution means we also need to get smart about water safety. Dr. Howard Dryden tells us how the up-cycled glass AFM® filter he invented can lower costs and bacteria for municipal and industrial use. We can also be water smart ourselves. Patricia Dwyer of The Purpose Business Group reminds us that our habits & actions, however small, can make a difference. 

Another good place to start to get smart about water is at the Singapore International Water Week in July 2016, where you can rub shoulders with industry players and share the latest in business, science & tech innovations.  Also, don't miss out on the BlueTech China Awards for water solutions in Shanghai in June 2016.

UK Flood Threat: Defra Taking Action
Freeman, coastal erosion policy lead at the UK's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, talks to CWR about the UK's greatest threat & the GBP2.3 billion spend in flood defence
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Sponge Cities: An Answer To Floods
Floods have cost China close to RMB2 trn between 2000-2014. Today, with 641 cities prone to flood risk the govt is piloting sponge cities. Do they work? How much do they cost? CWR reviews
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Water SMART Blue Buildings For Sustainable Urbanisation
Complete coverage of centralized water & sewage systems may never be possible in China, so what can one do? Ecosoftt's Samuel & Lin share a water smart alternative
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A New Model In Village Water Management
Water projects in China suffer from sustainability issues. Tan from Lien Aid on how their Village Water Management programme overcomes these, delivering clean & sustainable water to more than 72,000 rural villagers
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Changing Filters: The Benefits of AFM vs Sand
Sand filters are the primary means of treatment but there are stability issues. Dr Dryden, inventor of the up-cycled AFM® filter tells us how his filter can lead to lower costs & bacteria and a longer life
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Water: Habits & Actions
What are you water habits? Even giving up chocolate for one week can positively impact our waters as Dwyer, Founder & Director of The Purpose Business Group, tells us. See what other changes you can make
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Singapore International Water Week 2016 - Register Now!
SIWW is a biennial event that gathers stakeholders from the global water industry to share best practices, showcase the latest technologies and tap business opportunities. Put this in your calendar!
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Government CWR Supported Events Reports Interest
  • China signs Paris Agreement along with 174 countries
  • Nationwide soil pollution survey
  • Nationwide inspection of the enforcement of water law launched with focus investment in irrigation savings tech & farmland water conservation
  • China is working on tiered agri water pricing to reward water savers
  • Chinese agribusinesses to hold inaugural "match-making" event in New Zealand
  • China to invest RMB4.7trn in transport infrastructure projects in 2016-2018; waterways included
  • Hebei: Steel firms' illegal expansion called out by the MEP
  • Corporate green bond issuance could triple, reaching USD28bn in 2016 if China market takes off as expected
  • Fake chemical 'jellyfish' seized by Chinese police
  • AIIB potential asset portfolio investment estimated at USD1.5bn in first year; first financing goes to Pakistan for Silk Road
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  • Growing concern over groundwater pollution due to recent stats released 
  • Changzhou: close to 500 students ill as their school was built on pesticide polluted site; school has been relocated
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