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A Message from the Alumni Association
Good Afternoon Friends and Penn State Turfgrass Alumni Association:

Little did I know I would be appointed president of the Turfgrass Alumni Association, but here’s a little background on the way this all happened!

Nearly fifty years ago, Dr. Joe Duich, Frank Dobie (1960), and Tom Burrows (1960) hatched an idea on a paper napkin that is now the Penn State Turfgrass Alumni Association and its intricate bylaws, (above is a subtle re-enactment from 2007).

Originally, the three Wiseman desired an informal group of Penn State Turf grads to share experiences, travels, turf business, or, more importantly, encourage camaraderie and keep in touch with each other. This loose fraternity attempts to meet each year at the GCSAA sponsored Golf Industry Show. In accordance with these finely crafted bylaws, replacement for the retiring officer(s) have been selected by present officers from the alumni at large. I have been named president by default, after offering my help after the meeting in San Antonio.

If you will indulge me, please allow the following lines to keep you informed about the goings on, as it pertains to this informal and important group.

In one effort to keep Dr. Joe’s legacy alive, a scholarship fund has been created for deserving Penn State Turfgrass students. At present, the fund is being administered by the Musser Foundation. If so inclined, please contact Frank Dobie (1960), Matt Shaffer (1974), Mark Kuhns (1977), or Jeff Markow (1985).

Also, speaking of Dr. Joe, if you have any special stories or photos you’d like to share, please forward them to Marsh Benson (1982) or Darren Davis (1991). Knowing Marsh and Darren, this will turn out to be a great testimony to all the lives Dr. Joe has touched.

I will do my best to keep you informed through short messages throughout the year. In the meantime, if I can answer any questions, or, if you have any suggestions for our annual get-together, please don’t hesitate to contact me at (636) 448-0699.

Mike Vogt (1978) 
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