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You know how we keep talking about how awesome the presenters on Kink Academy are? Part of that pride comes from the body of literary work that has been created by instructors. One of our first presenters is Cecilia Tan, whose work has won enough awards to fill an entire page! Danarama, the Leather Yenta, Lee Harrington, Mollena Williams, Lee and Mollena together, Dan and Dawn…you could easily spend an entire year with a book club just reading stuff by Kink Academy authors. Here are four of our favorites, and why we think you should read their books and watch their videos:


Enough to Make You Blush - by Princess Kali

enoughtomakeyoublush…teaches you how to embrace the moments of embarrassment and pleasure to deepen scenes and relationships. Her candid and humorous true stories are the perfect compliment to the necessary safety information you must have to make erotic humiliation spark for you. She provides you with plenty of deliciously devious ideas, creative verbal assaults, subtle public play and hot displays of embarrassment and erotic shame that will leave you squirming in your seat.
For years Princess Kali has been presenting to audiences ranging from home kinksters to SXSW attendees, and you get a glimpse of what that’s like in clips like her Role Playing class or The Fun of Spanking. Her passion and expertise in humiliation play comes out in her discussions with Thrash. The book is a great resource whether you are into this kind of play or not, because it helps you understand the how and why of a huge part of the kink scene.

jujunThumbThe Sex Mages Series - by Graydancer

“The strength that Graydancer gives the womyn in this story is on par with how I feel womyn should be in erotica. Submissive is not stupid nor is it weak and Graydancer’s story illustrates this beautifully.”- Ms. Behavin, Foxy Veronica’s Peach Pies “I couldn’t stop reading this book! Graydancer seduces us down an erotic rabbit hole…a suspenseful and gratifying combination.” – Rita Seagrave
Graydancer wrote his first two novels Nawashi and Jujun based on his actual experiences in the Chicago and New York kink scenes, and the spin-off Kumir is a re-telling of a classic tale with a BDSM twist (think “Lost Girl” meets “Sons of Anarchy”). While he’s talked about everything from self-suspension to vulnerability on the site, Gray’s fiction takes the gloves off and puts a magical flavor to the practice of kink.

Decoding Your Kink - by Galen Fous (aka “Dakadom”)

DecodingYourKink…offers ground-breaking insight into the emerging global renaissance of sexual exploration, particularly in the realm of Kink. The book includes guidelines to decode an array of Kink fantasies and access the ecstatic sexual depths inherent in your wildest sexual desires. You will learn techniques to negotiate honestly for what you desire, create profound trust and intimacy between partners, and resolve old shame, trauma and fear about your authentic sexuality.
Galen’s work on Kink Academy includes several thoughtful and deep videos about the true archetypal nature of kink roles. “The Shadow Side of the Submissive” and “The Shadows of the Dominant” are like prequels to Decoding Your Kink, but don’t miss the excellent analysis in “The Difference between D/s and BDSM”, which clarifies some of the ways in which these two lifestyles have critical differences.

Daddy: A Memoir - by Madison Young

Daddy…a brave, honest, fresh book that delves into the meat of being a sex worker in a kinky relationship. What truly makes her memoir stand out is that she pulls the universal qualities of her work and relationship to the forefront and doesn't rely on the salacious details of her sex life to entertain the reader. While it would be easy for someone who has had her life to simply razzle dazzle the reader with kinky tidbits, she gives us a mask-free look into her life. One does not have to be kinky to relate to or appreciate her story. - Amazon Review
As an elemental force in the sex-positive culture wars, Madison’s work stands out with integrity. This grounded outlook comes out in her videos on “the Zen Submissive”, where she talks about the personal path in both physical and mental terms. At the same time she brings practical applications of her skills through a variety of videos on fellatio, starting with An Introduction to Oral Pleasure.


Sweet & Rough: Queer Kink Erotica - by Sinclair Sexsmith

Sweet, sensual adoration and dirty, rough sex meet in this anthology of queer smut penned by Top Sex Blogger Sinclair Sexsmith. The complete collection includes sixteen of Sinclair’s best queer erotica short stories, full of dapper dates, femmes in pretty dresses, flogging, bondage, flirting on the subway, bold moves, and (of course) strap-ons. From ongoing lovers to one-night stands, the kinky queer butch top protagonist delivers heart and dominance, over and over.

Dominant philosophy and raw power are the mix you find in Sinclair's Kink Academy videos. You can start with "Ideas for Sexy Protocols" and then go further into "How to Make Pragmatic Protocols Hot." and beyond. They also created an entire "Submissive Playground E-Course" that can deepen the abilities and connections for any power exchange enthusiast. Combine that with the literate smut here in "Sweet and Rough" and you've got the makings of a complete kinky library.

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While Amazon links are provided for most books out of convenience, we also strongly support you purchasing your books from the instructors directly or through sex-positive independent store such as:

Another author we LOVE here at the Kink Academy is Alison Tyler. While she's not into sex education, her editing and writing have provided many hours of enjoyment.

Alison also writes a very active blog with snippets of her works-in-progress, provocative questions, funny stories, and more.

Check her out at !

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