Custom stats tool built by OkCupid, smart front-end error monitoring, team inbox for Twitter, and more.
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  • Logic Monitor (Performance Monitoring): SaaS-based data center monitoring services for physical, virtual and cloud-based IT infrastructures
  • Xplenty (Big Data as a Service): Code-free data integration, data transformation and ETL in the cloud
  • GoCardless (Payments): The UK's #1 for online Direct Debit
  • Respondly (Social Media Tools): Team Inbox for Email & Twitter, used by Stripe, Pocket, and Tapbots
  • Rollcall (Team Task Management): Automated status reports to simplify your standups
  • TestFairy (Mobile App Distribution): Android beta testing
  • Qbaka: Smart frontend error monitoring and analytics, JavaScript error tracking, used by Citrix
  • StatHat (Business Dashboards) : Track custom stats with one line of code, built by OkCupid and used by Timehop & Upworthy
  • Apache Mesos (Server Management): Develop and run resource-efficient distributed systems, used by Airbnb, Twitter, Netflix
  • Apache Aurora (Server Management): A service scheduler that runs on top of Mesos, originally developed by Twitter (and now used by Twitter)
  • Mesosphere (Server Management): Combine Your Servers Into One Big Computer, built for Mesos by former Airbnb and Twitter engineers. Also check out Elastic Apache Mesos by Mesosphere: Automated creation of Apache Mesos clusters on Amazon EC2
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  • PagerDutyCutting Response Time in Half while Increasing our Support Ticket Volume- PagerDuty explains the tools and processes they implemented to improve their support ticket response time. After setting an internal SLA of two hours for ticket responses, they used PagerDuty to escalate tickets if they weren't responded to, and hooked this into HipChat so tickets could be discussed. They then used Zendesk to measure customer satisfaction via email and used GoodData to build dashboards for these metrics (they even open-sourced the dashboard). They also mentioned that they use Olark for live chat and JIRA for communication between teams and filing bugs.

  • SoundCloudScaling Rails, Part I: Dealing with the Monolith SoundCloud now has 12 hours of music and sound uploaded every minute, and hundreds of millions of people using their platform every day. In this post, they explain how they scaled their monolithic Rails app; their codebase went from being a single Rails app backed by memcached and MySQL, to a microservices architecture written in Scala, Clojure, and JRuby. They ended up consuming their own Public API, just like 3rd party services, but with some important differences including an additional internal API. They also list out the components they've open sourced on their road to scaling the Rails app. 



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  • Google App EngineAn update on container support on Google Cloud Platform- App Engine users can now build and deploy Docker images in Managed VMs. Google also announced two open source tools: 1) Kubernetes, a container manager that deploys containers into a fleet of machines, provides health management and replication capabilities, and makes it easy for containers to connect to one another and the outside world. 2) cAdvisor, a tool that enables fine-grain statistics on resource usage for containers.- June 10

  • DropboxAnnouncing the Sync API and Datastore API version 3.0- For the Datastore API, there's additional metadata about datastores and records, and better error handling. The Sync API contains performance improvements including a configurable file-system cache size and batching of multiple file-system operations for faster upload.- June 10

  • StripeWeekly and monthly transfers- You can now choose to receive your funds in weekly or monthly batches. Unless you switch your transfer schedule in your dashboard, you’ll continue to get daily transfers as usual.- June 12

  • Amazon SNSSupport for Baidu Cloud Push (China), MPNS, and WNS- Amazon has enhanced SNS with support for Baidu Cloud Push in China, Microsoft Push Notification Service (MPNS) for Windows Phone 7 and higher, and Windows Push Notification Service (WNS) for Windows Store apps and Windows Phone 8.1 and higher. SNS already supports Apple Push Notification Service (APNS), Google Cloud Messaging for Android (GCM), and Amazon Device Messaging (ADM) services- June 12

  • Amazon S3Use Your own Encryption Keys with S3's Server-Side Encryption- Amazon has enhanced S3's support for server-side encryption by giving you the option to provide your own keys. You now have a choice -- you can use the existing server-side encryption model and let AWS manage your keys, or you can manage your own keys and benefit from all of the other advantages offered by server-side encryption.- June 12

  • HipChatIntroducing the new GitHub for HipChat add-on- The updated GitHub for HipChat add-on makes it easy to pipe in all of your GitHub notifications into one or more HipChat rooms, using GitHub’s rich set of webhooks. You can subscribe any room to as many repositories as you want and tailor the events for each room and repository.- June 12

  • TwilioIntroducing Twilio SMS on Toll-Free Numbers- All new and existing Twilio toll-free numbers are now equipped with messaging and voice capabilities. You can add SMS capability to your own toll-free number, without moving your voice service to Twilio, by hosting it on the Twilio platform, or port it in to use both Twilio SMS and Voice. With SMS enabled toll-free numbers your customers can get real-time support on the go via SMS- June 12

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