Found out which mobile prototyping tool is used by Apple, Dropbox, Facebook, Groupon, Stripe, and Twitter
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12 Tools & Services Just Added


  • Jest (Javascript Testing Framework): Painless JavaScript Unit Testing, created by Facebook, just released
  • Codeanywhere (Cloud IDE): Online code editor, available on iOS, Android and more. Integrates with GitHub and Dropbox
  • VisualOps (Server Configuration and Automation): Visual DevOps Automation for Amazon Web Services
  • ZeroPush (Mobile Push Messaging): Simple Apple Push Notifications for Developers
  • Framer (Interactive Mockups): Turn static mockups into prototypes with animation & interaction, used by Apple, Dropbox, Facebook, Groupon, Stripe, and Twitter
  • mention (Social Media Tools): Real-time social media monitoring, used by Intercom
Special Highlight: SaaS for Stripe

Do you use Stripe? Check out these services that help you get more from Stripe without the added effort
  • Baremetrics: SaaS Analytics for Stripe, used by thoughtbot and Buffer
  • HookFeed: Daily/Weekly Analytics and Notifications for your Stripe account, used by Runscope and
  • Quaderno: Invoicing for Stripe
  • Stunning: Stunning stops SaaS app churn by ensuring that billing information is always current for your Stripe customers
  • LineLytics: Reporting and analytics for Stripe applications.
  • Pay Pad: The only mobile Stripe app with real-time analytics
  • EmailHooks: Dynamic Email Templates for Stripe Events
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  • Google AnalyticsIntroducing Content Grouping in the Behavior Flow- Content Groupings let you group pages and content into a logical structure that reflects how you think about your site. Now, you can select Content Groupings in the Behavior Flow to see how visitors flow through Content Groupings that you have defined.- May 12

  • Google Cloud SQLMySQL 5.6 now available in Cloud SQL: full text search, geospatial queries and online schema changes- Google has added instances running MySQL 5.6, which includes new features such as geospatial distance queries, full text indexing in InnoDB tables, online schema changes, and a bunch of performance improvements.- May 12

  • FirebaseIntroducing Firebase Hosting- Firebase has eliminated the need for server-side code and allowed apps to deliver data changes in realtime. With Firebase Hosting, users no longer need to find their own solution for hosting assets (HTML, JavaScript, images, etc.). Key features include: CDN-backed global content delivery, automatic SSL certificate provisioning, support for non-SNI devices, custom (and even naked) domain support, one-command deploy, and one-click rollback. Have you tried Firebase Hosting? Be the first to tell other developers about your experience with it.- May 13

  • MailgunThe official Mailgun Ruby Gem is here- Mailgun has added Ruby to the list of official Mailgun SDKs. Just like their PHP SDK, they’ve included some utilities like Message Builder, Batch Sending and Opt-in Hander to simplify common development tasks.- May 13

  • AWS CloudTrailAWS CloudTrail Expands Again - More Locations and Services- AWS CloudTrail records the API calls made in your AWS account and publishes the resulting log files to an Amazon S3 bucket in JSON format, with optional notification to an Amazon SNS topic each time a file is published. They've now added support for the Simple Workflow Service and are also making CloudTrail available in three additional AWS Regions: US West (Northern California), Asia Pacific (Sydney), EU (Ireland).- May 13

  • HerokuIntroducing Heroku Connect: Connecting Clouds and Customers- Heroku has announced the general availability of Salesforce1 Heroku Connect. This new Heroku product is a synchronization service, conceptually similar to Dropbox or iCloud, that synchronizes data between a Salesforce deployment and a Heroku Postgres database.- May 13

  • DropboxAnnouncing Dropbox webhooks- Dropbox webhooks are a way for server-side apps to get real-time notifications about file changes in Dropbox. Client-side applications have already been able to get low-latency notifications via longpoll_delta or the built-in notifications in the Sync API. Webhooks give this same ability to server-side apps, eliminating the need for polling.- May 14

  • Amazon EC2The New AWS TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) Calculator- The TCO calculator provides reasonable estimates of costs for on-premises/colocation infrastructure and equivalent AWS services based on the information you provide. It also provides a comprehensive & detailed cost breakdown report (which you can download or store in Amazon S3 for sharing with others) and an FAQ that explains the assumptions and the methodology behind the calculations.- May 14

  • OpenshiftAnnouncing OpenShift Enterprise 2.1- In addition to fixing a number of bugs and implementing some key requests for enhancement, this release is focused on increasing functionality in 8 important areas: New Content, Central and Consolidated Logging, Metric Gathering, Zones and Regions, Placement Policy Extensibility, External Team Integration, Node Watchman, Offline Developer Productivity.- May 15

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